Sunday, May 23, 2010

NOTD: Essie Resort Collection Part 2

Here is the second color in the Essie Resort Collection that I purchased.  This is Splash of Grenadine which is, like the other colors in the collection, very creamy.  It is a pink with purple undertones that would glow against tan skin.  (Sorry, my fair skin does NOT do this color justice!)  Even though I have a lighter complexion, the color still worked well for me. 

I got a great life out of the formulation, again, wearing 2 coats over China Glaze Base Coat and finishing with my normal 2 coats of Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat.  On the fifth day, I did get some chipping and wear on the tips, but for me, that is GREAT!  I am very hard on my nails taking even a fresh (home) manicure into the garden or working on the remodel.  I know it is a sin, but life goes on even after "new" nails.

I can't say it enough, Essie polishes are really starting to grow on me and the fact that they offer their collections in the mini bottles makes my life complete!  I am patiently waiting for the Summer collection that is coming in June (according to the sales associate at my local Trade Secret).  I have seen swatches in Allure and Glamour and cannot wait to share them here! 

If you didn't catch the first post in this four part series, click this link to check it out!  Stay tuned for the next two parts to this series coming in the next 2 weeks!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NOTD: Essie Resort Collection Part 1

Another nail of the day for you guys!  I saw the Essie Resort Collection of polishes in my copy of InStyle Magazine and knew I HAD to have them.  I thought they were going to be like others that I had, but they are in fact nothing like anything in my collection!  I picked them up at Trade Secret ($12.50 for the kit) in my local mall this weekend.  I was pumped to see that they had the collection in mini's since I prefer to buy sets in the small bottles because it is doubtful that I will make it to the end of a bottle before the stuff dries up and is replaced by a much more beloved color I get!  This way, I get to try all the shades for the price of one or two full sized bottles.

The first swatch out of the new Essie kit (above, it's pretty messy but I wanted a shot before I totally screwed up the color while working in the yard) is the color "Lapis of Luxury".  It is a creamy sky blue (which the photo makes it look a bit brighter than it really is, I'm sorry!).  The first day I wore it out, I got multiple comments from women saying, "Now, that is a blue I could wear!".  I personally think it would look great on toes as well!  As for the formula, I have always felt that Essie polishes are a bit thin for my liking.  I like to be able to slap on one coat and be able to go out if I have to before applying the second coat and you just can't do that with most of this brands polishes.  I like them, don't get me wrong, but most of the time, I have to apply 2 or more coats to get a nice, opaque coverage like I prefer.  The above swatch is one coat of China Glaze Base Coat, 2 coats Essie "Lapis of Luxury", and 2 coats Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat. There are 3 other colors in the kit and I will be doing NOTD on them soon!  Which color would you like to see next??!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Great Markdowns @ CVS

Saturday afternoon, my daughter and I went into CVS to pick up some sodas that were on special this week.  I hadn't PLANNED on going NEAR the beauty wall, but a bright neon sign caught my attention so, of course, I HAD to go over and check it out!  The store had marked down some of their most phenomenal (and expensive, I might add) beauty products from every brand.  I believe they do this at the end of every spring season, but I was taken aback at some of the items I found.  Of course, I didn't purchase everything I wanted to, but since I am currently unemployed from what my family deems a "normal job", impulse shopping in high dollar amounts is pretty much out for me.  However, I knew that I could get away with a few things since the markdowns were for 50% & 75% off! 

Every brand had SOMETHING on clearance including Rimmel, Wet N Wild, Revlon, Sally Hansen, name it!  There were mascaras, eye shadow palettes, nail polish, I mean it was endless the bargains laid out before me.  This was very difficult for me, if you know me, since I am the queen of sale shopping!  I passed over H.I.P. shadow sticks and pigments, kohl pencils, summer polishes, and shadows I had been wanting to try for ages and only took home two items.  I know, I know, I was a good girl, I should be proud and hold my head up high! 

I generally begin in most places at the polishes and CVS carries Seche Vite, which I needed more top coat anyway so that was a necessary buy.  They had marked every Seche Vite product down to 50% off which made base coats $3.50 and the quick dry top coat that I needed $4.50.  This price is cheaper than I would have been able to get it at Sally's with my Beauty Club Card.  I should've got TWO!

I also picked up a Loreal Infallable of those items I have been wanting to try for ages, but the $12 price tag kept me from doing so.  I'm sorry, I just don't spend that kind of cash on drugstore products and NEVER WILL.  More power to those of you that do, but if I know I can spend $2 on a MAC l/s, than I am going that route.  But, I got this one for 75% off which made it about $3!  Yeah, I can live with that.  AND it turns out it is GREAT!  The color really lasts and the conditioning top coat doesn't give you glassy lips which I really  prefer with my no makeup makeup looks on the weekends.  I picked this l/s up in the color Walnut, number 87, which I swatched for you below!  (I know its not the greatest pic, but of course the color swatch is on the right and the coditioning top coat is on the left.  The top coat looks super shiney in the pic but it really isn't.  It does have a little shimmer, but not too much so any age group will look great wearing it and be comfortable!)  I am in love with this color and the formula is great, in my opinion.  I also like the packaging in that you have  a built in mirror for on the go touch ups and both tubes each have a cozy spot chance to lose either in the black hole of your bag!  LOL!  But, I still won't pay $12 for it (sorry Loreal, that's just a little rich for my blood considering this is a DRUGSTORE).  I WILL pick up more if I see them on clearance or on BOGO though.

My suggestion to you guys if you dig the drugstore makeup selection, is to check out your local CVS and see if they have the same markdowns going on right now!  The prices are only good while the products last, which won't be long!  They are also running some buy one, get on 1/2 off sales this week so make sure to check out their weekly ad online and let us know what YOU come home with in the comments below!

Monday, May 10, 2010

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Friday, May 7, 2010

It's Time...

Now that my job is ending, I figure it is time to make amends with all my lovely followers and subscribers here and on YouTube.  I know I have been MIA because of the no computer thing and I really hate it!  Between work and home, I just have not had the drive in the evenings to do makeup or loaf around on YouTube like I used to.  I have been hitting the sack at around 9 or 10 every night and it just has not felt right.

Since my layoff, today being my last day at work, I have thought that I really must consume myself with projects so as to not get bored, thus causing insanity!  I got a planner and I plan (no pun ever bad) to use it!  I have lists of videos I am going to be making and blog posts in the works.  I hope and plan to get online each and every day to get some sort of work out there for you guys to enjoy since I have slight access to a computer for job hunting.

I had planned a trip to the nearest CCO to create another tour video and that just won't be happening probably for a VERY long time.  The CCO that I speak of is in Nashville, TN and I am sure you have all heard and seen the photos of the terrible flooding in that city.  The flooding took over the Opry Mills Outlet Mall which was the home of the CCO.  The water is starting to receed, but it will be a VERY long time before they are open for business again.  I hope to be able to plan a trip south after the oil spill is contained a bit and the diesel smell is out fo the air in Mobil to be able to visit that outlet mall and CCO for a tour.  Until then, I do have some fun and exciting things planned.

Since I don't have a job and unemployment is not guaranteed, I will have to hold off on giveaways...however badly I don't want to.  I may have a few things stockpiled that I can do a small giveaway with but purchasing new items is not in my near future.  I don't even know if my situation will allow me to purchase for reviews, but I will certainly do my best so I can inform you guys of the new products out there.

So, this is a small update for you all.  I plan to do a Vlog this weekend to really update you about things coming up so make sure to stay tuned for that.  I will resume nail swatches here soon and some reviews that I don't plan to create videos for.  Plus, the battle of the primers will be a huge undertaking since I will actually have time to devote each day to this.  If you have suggestions on "match-ups" or a primer you would like to see in the battle, let me know in the comments below or email me!  I will release the list of primers I have already planned to include within the next couple of days as well as the rating system i will go by!  Any suggestions are always welcome!

Thanks again for all of your patience and I cannot WAIT to get back into the swing of things!  I am super stoked and I am not going to let my current situation get my down!  I am going to use my time wisely and keep myself busy with all of you!  :)

Much love always - xoxo - Laura

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Try Mario Badescu Products for Free!

After perusing thru some old posts at xsparkage's blog, I found the killer offer to receive FREE SAMPLES of Mario Badescu products...NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!  Best thing about it, it is quick and simple. 

Just go over to the registration or consultation page on and fill out your information and questionaire.  Make SURE you fill out the consultation questionaire for your specified list of products suggested.  You will see the types of products they reccommend for your skin issues and will have the opportunity to purchase them quickly and easily from one page. 

Not ready to commit?  Afraid yet another treatment won't work for you?  WAIT!  You will receive an email into your inbox within a couple of days of filling out the registration and questionaire.  The email will give you a link to receive your complementary package of samples that are compiled directly from the list of your suggested products!  Mine are on their way to me now!

Where as I KNOW we all like free stuff and LOVE to try before we buy, I am going to purchase a few of the items that were suggested to me.  I am really having a hard time with break outs, it is just down right embarrassing.  My Proactiv is working well, but my acne is tougher than it can fight I do believe.  (I am still waiting on my Severe Acne kit from them, so I have not given up completely on Proactiv yet!)  However, rather than using some of their spot treatments and such, I am going to get the Mario Badescu Drying Cream, Drying Lotion, Buffering Lotion and Drying Mask.  Probably to start, the best way for me to go is going to be the Acne Repair Kit which includes the Drying Lotion, Buffering Lotion, and Drying Cream for only $49 which also includes a Mario Badescu tote!  And, if my Proactiv ends up no longer doing the trick, I will most likely discontinue its use and try the acne washes on this site.

I know what you are thinking...the products are SO expensive and the packages are super high priced!  Well, this is how I look at it...No, I don't have tons of money and I am surely not made of money.  However, this, to me, is a small price to pay (especially in comparisson to a dermatologist and prescriptions) for confidence.  If you have never had acne (even the smallest little attack), you won't know what I am talking about.  There is something about a clear face that makes me hold my head higher, have more eye contact when talking to people and my overall confidence level is through the roof when my skin is clear! 

Not to mention, generally, the higher priced items last a great deal longer because you don't have to use as much as often.  Three of my 5 bottles of Proactiv generally last 2 months and the other two bottles last upwards of 3 months!  That is $70 for 2-3 months generally.  Well, I know I have spend at least that in one month of rooting through drugstore products that claim to work miracles!  Yes, you pay a little more for these products, but in the end...the results speak volumes!

So, I figured since I have heard such rave reviews about this line (not only from xsparkage), I would just give it a whirl!  I will be doing full reviews on each product that I receive after a good bit of time of using them, that is.  If you are interested in this line, go register on their site and fill out that questionaire for your free trial run of 5 products!  If nothing else, you will have a better knowledge of the brand!

Let me know what you guys think about this line of products!  Do you currently use Mario Badescu Products?  Are you in the market to buy some?  Are you going to participate in the Free Sample Offer?  Let me know you thoughts and opinions in the comments below and I will let you all know how this endeavour turns out for me in a future post!