Friday, July 30, 2010

Yet Another Update...

It feels like I have been gone for years at this point and I apologize to all of you!  I finally got moved but being unpacked and totally settled is a totally different story!  We got our daughters room remodeled and she got to move in and we just finished gutting the guest room before we decided to head to the inlaws for the weekend.  We can't decide what internet service to go with quite yet and that really doesn't matter considering our computer is down.  However....all of these things are in the works and hopefully will happen very soon so I can get back going with my blog and YouTube pages. 
I don't have a set place to do my filming so I have not created anything new either.  I only get to use the computer when we visit family so I will always try and get online to update you guys when I can.  I know I am being totally lame to all of you that are being so patient and staying with me through this.  I keep telling my husband that I probably wouldn't be so stressed out if I could just be able to get back in the swing with all my websites!  LOL!  I rarely get to do my makeup anymore!  Our air conditioner went out about a week ago so I have not even thought about pulling anything out since it is SO hot!  The temp in the house is about 5 degrees higher than it is outside!  The outdoor temps are running between 95 and 105 daily with heat indexes around 110.  It is miserable.  I have to make sure to at least check my makeup daily to make sure it doesn't melt.  My husband cleared out an area in the mini fridge, that we use for parties, for me to put my makeup if need be.  (He is the BEST!)
Again, you guys, I am really sorry that I have gone missing for so long this time, but know I am checking messages as often as I can and will continue to do so until we have the net and a computer up and running.  And as soon as our connection is up, I will be here to update and to stay!
Thank you ALL for being here and waiting for me!  I have so many things planned and can't wait to share them with you!  Talk to you all very soon...I hope!