Monday, July 27, 2009

Hershey - Our New Puppy!

This is our new puppy! His name is Sir Hershell or Hershey for short! He is a full blooded Havanese with championship you know he is just going to get even prettier! (Should I say that about a male dog!? LOL!) He came home Saturday and it just like having a baby in the house again and I love it! The people that bred him worked with him a great deal already so he is getting the pottying outside thing pretty good! (Thank the Lord!) These dogs are very smart and aim to please so we are going to teach him tricks and take him to obedience training as soon as he is old enough! He is already a spoiled mess! His "room" is bigger than mine was when I was little, but he is so worth it!

We are all rotating puppy duty right now...and of course, I get the late nights! He is so sweet when he gets up about 1130pm though...wanting to run around outside in the pitch black, thinking it is morning and time to play! Hahaha! He is so freaking adorable! I love it! :)

I know this is SO NOT makeup/beauty related...but I HAVE to share these things! This is a big deal with us since our Yorkie passed away a week and a half ago. (I know it was soon to get another one, but the house was SO quiet and we were all still talking to him like he was still there!) We just couldn't take it anymore! he is! The new addition! (He has some pretty big paws to fill!)

I posted a YouTube vid of some film I took of him this weekend! You can check that out here if you are interested --->

Later guys!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We got a new puppy & I posted new vids!

We got a new puppy yesterday! Woohoo! I will create a post all about him later on for you guys! Plus, I am putting together a vid of him too! He is so freakin cute! LOL!

I posted 2 new vids on YouTube yesterday and today! So...go to my channel and check them out! One is a vlog ov updates to let you guys why I have been away!

Love you guys! <3

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Great Plush

Make sure to go check out my bro's vids on! Show him some love by rating/commenting/subbing/viewing his vids! Also...go to and vote for him to play in this contest! You can read all about it at! He is going to be posting a vid with all the info next and I am going to make one as well for your viewing pleasure! Lets spread the love from our community to his!!! He is spreading the word and the love for us! Thanks guys!

More reviews coming soon! :) Peace, out and much love!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reveiw: Dove Skin Vitalizer

I did a full YouTube review and demonstration on this product! You can see the video by clicking here Make sure to Rate, Comment, & Subscribe! (If you didn’t already know, I will have a contest coming soon for all my active subs! Yay!)

I picked this product up at WalMart after finding a coupon in the paper for $3.75 off!! In addition to this coupon, I found another coupon to get the refills for the vitalizer $1 off! The total purchase on these two items was around $10!! Woohoo! (Oh, and the batteries ARE included in this deal!) I was initially going to get the Neutrogena Wave, per some fellow MUGs suggestions/requests, but couldn’t pass up this deal! (I do plan to get the Wave to compare the two, however.)

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! The Dove Skin Vitalizer is a vibrating, massaging facial cleaning device that is like some of the other products of the same on the market today. Of course, I would KILL to be able to afford the Clairsonic, but just don’t see that in my immediate future…or my future at all for that matter! LOL! I will continue to ask for It for Christmas and my birthday, but that is my only hope since I remain on a strict beauty budget!

Back to the product, sorry! Needless to say, I think this is a killer product, especially for the price! Without the coupons, the Vitalizer is $9.97 and the refills are $3.47 at Wal-Mart. The gadget itself comes with 6 refill pillows and the refill pack includes 14. The pillows are dual sided, one side being a gentle cleansing texture while the other is a gentle exfoliator. Great thing about it is…you CAN use it every day if you would like or just include it in your “deep cleaning” days!
The morning after I used the Vitalizer for the first time, I woke up and my skin was SUPER soft and any signs of breakout/redness had been reduced! (This is what sold me!) The gentle, one speed, vibrating motion is almost addictive! I could wash my face for hours with this thing! I find it relaxes and calms me right before bed making it a perfect addition to my nighttime skincare routine. I use it just about every morning as well, since it is completely waterproof/shower safe!

Like I said, I will get the Neturogena Wave to compare the two products, but I feel that they are separate products that will stand alone, possibly. After all, Neutrogena targets people with acne-prone, combination skin while Dove sells its products with its claims of being super gentle, which they are! I am still drawn to the Wave since there are a variety of refill pads available for different skin types and since I am prone to breakouts…still…I would love to have it on hand during the worst time of the month! LOL! I will, however, reach for my Dove Skin Vitalizer any time I want a great feeling, clean face!

Make sure to go check out this product if it is in your beauty budget!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Reviews, Reviews, & more Reviews!

I want to say sorry...again! I am working on a lot of reviews right now but have been put down by a terrible ear infection. I did go to the doc yesterday so today I do feel a bit better! I am hoping to be able to stay awake past 9 pm to be able to work on some vids for my YouTube channel and get some photos/swatches/reviews up on here for you guys! I have a couple of items that I believe are missing out on some much needed credit!

As always, if you have some items you would like to see reviewed or any looks you would like to see carried out...let me know and I would be more than happy to do them for you! Maybe I will stop being sick so I can get back into the swing of things! LOL!

I AM going to be working on a look for my sister in law...well soon to be...for her wedding. Hopefully, she will let me do her makeup, but if not, maybe the look will inspire some of you for your special day! This will more than likely be my next look keep an eye open for that!

Feel free to contact me anytime and make sure to sub to my YT channel! I would love to release contest info and would certainly love to reach a great deal of people with my vids! My goal is to get partner by the end of the year...don't know if it will really happen, but we can all have hopes and dreams...right???

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Review: Almay Smart Balance/Smart Shade Makeup/Foundation

I purchased this product in the “color” light/medium. However, it really doesn’t come out as a color at all!! (You can see what I mean in my YouTube video review of this product here ---

I purchased this product at WalMart for a little over $10. (I received a free Smart Shade Concealer with it as well.) I had been scoping this out for a while, seeing the commercials claim to match perfectly to your skin tone and balance out skin for people with combination skin…perfect for me! (They do make a formulation without the “balance” part in it.) Numerous times, I have walked past this item and did not purchase it. I was very scared it would be crap and I had spent this money for nothing. (After all, I can get a MAC shadow for the same price! Lol) Reluctantly, I purchased it this time.

I have been back and forth with my opinion on this product! At first, I ABSOLUTELY HATED IT! I tried so many different application methods and finally gave up after about 4 days of not getting decent results! Only when a sub suggested it, did I give it a try again. (Besides, it had been a while since my last try, I really wanted to provide a fair review!) This time, I was going to skip all the normal application techniques (brush/sponge) and went right for applying with my fingers. I found if I began the product in my hand, I ended up with a better result in the end.
It may sound silly, but I apply 2 layers of this product….very sparingly, mind you. Day one, I only applied one layer, and my complexion ended up being splotchy. Day two, adding the second layer made all the difference in the world as far as appearance goes. I never really had a terrible time with oilyness/greasiness (except in the norm t-zone…a great product would do away with this issue….especially one that claims to help balance out the oily/dry spots of your skin!) By day four of using this product, my skin had broken out. Nothing majorly bad, but bad enough to keep me off YouTube for a while! Argh…this is not what I want to deal with!

I may use this product until it is gone, then again, I may not. I may just kick it down to my girlfriend that has wanted to try it. I had high hopes for this foundation and I was sadly let down. Now, if you are looking for a light coverage, you may have better results than me. I just thought for sure that it would help balance my skin as claimed. The “regular” formula may work better. If you have this formula and have had different/similar results, PLEASE LET US KNOW in the comments below!!! I love to compare notes with people and different opinions generally make a difference as well!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wet 'N Wild Tinted Moisturizer - Review MUG Requested

This review was suggested by allura on the Makeup Geek Forum: Thanks for the suggestion! I hope it helps!!
I thought it was okay. Nothing that I got extremely excited about…except the price! $3.25 @ Walgreens. I tried it over my moisturizer & put some MSF natural over it for a no makeup makeup look that I was going for. I did this because the consistency feels awful dry and I didn’t want it to dry uneven on my skin. This “moisturizer” felt more like a foundation rather than a moisturizer, which was a drawback personally. The application was pretty simple…I used my fingers one day and my SK blending sponge the second day. Both techniques seemed to work well. However, I found the blending sponge gave a more even application and I didn’t have any dark areas around my hairline and eye brows. This is what I hate most about tinted moisturizers. If they are too dark or extremely pigmented, they seem to settle in these areas on my face and look like crap!

The first day, when I applied this product over my foundation, I found that around lunchtime, my face felt extremely greasy and thought that maybe it was just a bit much. I used some blot paper and a little powder, but even an hour later I had the same issues. So, the next day, I decided not to use my daily moisturizer and simply apply the tinted moisturizer on its own, with the blending sponge. It didn’t seem to have gone on uneven and I was pretty pleased with how my skin looked once it had dried. This day, I didn’t end up with a super greasy feeling by lunch, but…I ended up having to get out of my office and run some errands in the 95 degree heat. I checked my makeup after being out for around 45 min and it still didn’t look too bad. I do have an oily t-zone so minus that area…I remained pleased with the product.

I wouldn’t say this is the number one tinted moisturizer on the market, but it does a decent job for the price. I wouldn’t absolutely have to have this particular one, when it ran out, but I will say that if you are on a strict beauty budget, this is a product that would fit well into your budget. If you find the consistency a bit too thick, or the color too dark (they only have three shades), add a bit of your own moisturizer or some highlighting lotion (without oil). This technique will help with blending the tint making it match a bit better! I do have a YT vid on why I use this technique and what I do, go check it out!

Now, for some reason today when I used this moisturizer, I loved it to be honest! I don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that I did my brown sugar scrub last night before bed. The mornings after I use this scrub, my face is super hydrated and smooth. I believe this is why I had the best results with this product today! I didn’t have to use ANY foundation to even out my skin tone-just my MSF Natural over it. I was pretty pumped about that! I will continue to use this product, maybe just the days that I am not having as many skin issues though! LOL!!!

If you have tried this product and feel differently, the same, or you would just to put your two cents in, leave a comment below! You can also check out the full review on this product as well as the drugstore haul that started it all here-----à (Haul) (Full Video Review Coming Soon!!)
(I did try to take a swatch pic and couldn't get it to show up! Sorry guys!! I will do swatches in the vid so check back to see that!)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blog Reviews

I have a lot of drugstore product reveiws that I will be posting here & on YouTube soon! ( I wanted to give you guys an idea on why I do the reviews on both spaces!

Here on my blog, I will of course post pictures and keep the review as short and sweet as possible! I feel that this will give my followers/prospective followers, a quick reference when thinking of purchasing these products! You can easily search my blog, as well as the web, from the Google search in the sidebar or toolbar above, to quickly locate a product you are wondering about! I will always make sure there are tags attached to each blog! Swatch photos will always be posted here as well, also for those wanting a quick reference!

Now, on YouTube, I will more than likely go into greater detail (of course) on these videos. I will of course show the product, any swatches, and you will more than likely get to see it on my face.

I will always try out these products for a few days in a variety of different ways as well. I don't think you should decide on a product the first day...every item deserves a chance (says my bank account!)! I love doing reviews...especially when they are requested! I feel requests make me really take notice because I want to provide the person requesting with the best information that I can! I would hate for someone to waste money or not get something just because of me!

This is also why I ask you to leave your comments and your experiences with similar products below or on the YT video!!! Of course, something I hate, somone else may like!! So, please....LET US KNOW!!! DON'T BE SHY!!! :)

So, I have finished with a few of the first posts, so check back soon as I just have to produce photos and they will be posted!!! This first round will be some drugstore products that my fellow MUGs and the recent sale at Walgreens help me come up with! Let me know in the comments below, via email (, twitter (, or by messaging/commenting on the review vids on YouTube ( what drugstore/highend products you would like to see reviewed that you haven't!! I would love to be your personal product tester!

Thanks for coming by today you guys! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haulin, Haulin, Haulin

So....I went over to Walgreens yesterday per a lot of fellow MUGs advice! Seems they had a great deal of items on sale/clearance! I wish I would have had enough money to get everything that I truly wanted! LOL....always happens that way! Some of the products on super sale were Revlon Colorstay, HIP Paints, Sally Hansen, and Tons More! Loreal also has a new lipstick out as well as a new liqid liner (Stiletto!). I picked up as much as I could but still had wants! (What else is new?!?) I had some drugstore review requests on MUG and got some of those items in addition to the ones I just wanted.

So, this is just a heads up that I will be doing a haul video, hopefully this afternoon. I am wearing some of the products today so I can get some reviews together! Photos are coming soon as well!

I am super pumped about getting back into drugstore brands! I have been attached to my counter/highend items for so long, I really didn't truly know what was out there! I have learned a lot along the way and enjoy everyone that has been a huge part of steering me in the right direction as to what the real women out there are interested in seeing! Thanks to all of you fellow MUGs, blog followers, Tweets, & Subs!!!

I also want to take the time to THANK YOU LADIES THAT ARE FOLLOWING MY BLOG! You guys have been very nice and I hope that I can help you out with reviews, photos and whatever else you would like to see or hear me talk about! Comment or email me for requests, interests, or general comments! ( I love to hear anything you guys would like to say!!!

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Covergirl Exact Lights Mascara Review

The Cover Girl Exactlights Waterproof Mascara is great! I love the formulation...glides on without clumping and creates longer, fuller lashes in an instant that look absolutely amazing! When I applied this morning, I really looked at them and my lashes looked VERY naturally long!

I also got in the pool after coating my lashes a million times and still had NO problems! I swam under water, stayed out for a few hours even and no issues what so ever! I was very impressed with this mascara! I would def buy it again!

To see my full review on this product, please check out on YouTube...!

And as always...questions or comments are always welcome here, on YouTube, or via my!

Have a wicked awesome day guys!! More videos and blogs coming soon!!!!

Bare Minerals Face Fashion Wild Spirit Collection

Love this look! If you haven't seen it, go check it out on YouTube! I will get some swatches posted soon and I am working on pulling a good photo out of the video for you guys! Come back soon and see for yourself! Now...on to the products list!!!
BE Face Fashion Wild Spirit Kit - Includes Metallic Lavendar Shadow (shimmery silver/lavendar), Plush Purple Shadow (matte rich purple), Smokey Sequins Liner Shadow (matte black with purple reflects), Vintage Peach Blush (gorgeous shimmery peach), & Jessica Buxom Lipgloss (Coppery Pink)
Urban Decay Primer Potion (original)
BE Ice Queen Eye Quickie (white with a blue duo chrome-color changing shadow)
MAC e/s - Carbon (Matte blackest black)
MAC Eye Kohl - Smolder (blackest black)
Benefit Boi-ing Concealer
Cover Girl Exact Lights Mascara
Various Brushes by Sigma, Bare Minerals, Lowe Cornelle, MAC, & Studio Tools
Foundation: MAC Mineralized Satinfinish NC20, MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural, MAC Select Coverup NC20
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