Saturday, July 18, 2009

Review: Almay Smart Balance/Smart Shade Makeup/Foundation

I purchased this product in the “color” light/medium. However, it really doesn’t come out as a color at all!! (You can see what I mean in my YouTube video review of this product here ---

I purchased this product at WalMart for a little over $10. (I received a free Smart Shade Concealer with it as well.) I had been scoping this out for a while, seeing the commercials claim to match perfectly to your skin tone and balance out skin for people with combination skin…perfect for me! (They do make a formulation without the “balance” part in it.) Numerous times, I have walked past this item and did not purchase it. I was very scared it would be crap and I had spent this money for nothing. (After all, I can get a MAC shadow for the same price! Lol) Reluctantly, I purchased it this time.

I have been back and forth with my opinion on this product! At first, I ABSOLUTELY HATED IT! I tried so many different application methods and finally gave up after about 4 days of not getting decent results! Only when a sub suggested it, did I give it a try again. (Besides, it had been a while since my last try, I really wanted to provide a fair review!) This time, I was going to skip all the normal application techniques (brush/sponge) and went right for applying with my fingers. I found if I began the product in my hand, I ended up with a better result in the end.
It may sound silly, but I apply 2 layers of this product….very sparingly, mind you. Day one, I only applied one layer, and my complexion ended up being splotchy. Day two, adding the second layer made all the difference in the world as far as appearance goes. I never really had a terrible time with oilyness/greasiness (except in the norm t-zone…a great product would do away with this issue….especially one that claims to help balance out the oily/dry spots of your skin!) By day four of using this product, my skin had broken out. Nothing majorly bad, but bad enough to keep me off YouTube for a while! Argh…this is not what I want to deal with!

I may use this product until it is gone, then again, I may not. I may just kick it down to my girlfriend that has wanted to try it. I had high hopes for this foundation and I was sadly let down. Now, if you are looking for a light coverage, you may have better results than me. I just thought for sure that it would help balance my skin as claimed. The “regular” formula may work better. If you have this formula and have had different/similar results, PLEASE LET US KNOW in the comments below!!! I love to compare notes with people and different opinions generally make a difference as well!

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