Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wet 'N Wild Tinted Moisturizer - Review MUG Requested

This review was suggested by allura on the Makeup Geek Forum: Thanks for the suggestion! I hope it helps!!
I thought it was okay. Nothing that I got extremely excited about…except the price! $3.25 @ Walgreens. I tried it over my moisturizer & put some MSF natural over it for a no makeup makeup look that I was going for. I did this because the consistency feels awful dry and I didn’t want it to dry uneven on my skin. This “moisturizer” felt more like a foundation rather than a moisturizer, which was a drawback personally. The application was pretty simple…I used my fingers one day and my SK blending sponge the second day. Both techniques seemed to work well. However, I found the blending sponge gave a more even application and I didn’t have any dark areas around my hairline and eye brows. This is what I hate most about tinted moisturizers. If they are too dark or extremely pigmented, they seem to settle in these areas on my face and look like crap!

The first day, when I applied this product over my foundation, I found that around lunchtime, my face felt extremely greasy and thought that maybe it was just a bit much. I used some blot paper and a little powder, but even an hour later I had the same issues. So, the next day, I decided not to use my daily moisturizer and simply apply the tinted moisturizer on its own, with the blending sponge. It didn’t seem to have gone on uneven and I was pretty pleased with how my skin looked once it had dried. This day, I didn’t end up with a super greasy feeling by lunch, but…I ended up having to get out of my office and run some errands in the 95 degree heat. I checked my makeup after being out for around 45 min and it still didn’t look too bad. I do have an oily t-zone so minus that area…I remained pleased with the product.

I wouldn’t say this is the number one tinted moisturizer on the market, but it does a decent job for the price. I wouldn’t absolutely have to have this particular one, when it ran out, but I will say that if you are on a strict beauty budget, this is a product that would fit well into your budget. If you find the consistency a bit too thick, or the color too dark (they only have three shades), add a bit of your own moisturizer or some highlighting lotion (without oil). This technique will help with blending the tint making it match a bit better! I do have a YT vid on why I use this technique and what I do, go check it out!

Now, for some reason today when I used this moisturizer, I loved it to be honest! I don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that I did my brown sugar scrub last night before bed. The mornings after I use this scrub, my face is super hydrated and smooth. I believe this is why I had the best results with this product today! I didn’t have to use ANY foundation to even out my skin tone-just my MSF Natural over it. I was pretty pumped about that! I will continue to use this product, maybe just the days that I am not having as many skin issues though! LOL!!!

If you have tried this product and feel differently, the same, or you would just to put your two cents in, leave a comment below! You can also check out the full review on this product as well as the drugstore haul that started it all here-----à (Haul) (Full Video Review Coming Soon!!)
(I did try to take a swatch pic and couldn't get it to show up! Sorry guys!! I will do swatches in the vid so check back to see that!)


ƸӜƷ Ƥėąċħē§§ ƸӜƷ said...

I bought this stuff back in the early Spring from for like $2. Honestly, I hated it. It was thick & sticky, felt really dry on my face. I left a review about it on drugstores site...even thou it was only $2, to me it was a total waste of money. I have always felt "tinted moisturizer" should be what it's name says. A tint to the moisturizer, something very sheer, just a hint of color to even out the skin tone. So far, I have yet to ever find any such is either to drying, to dark, to heavy...everything but, what it should be. So...the search continues (sigh)

Vanitys_Edge said...

I agree totally...I really have to lay on a thick layer of regular moisturizer to make this work right...I don't completely hate it, but feel it is very foundation-ey. If you know what I mean. Tinted moisturizers are really NOT what they say they are and I wish too that i could find one that is what it is supposed to be!