Thursday, January 28, 2010

YAY For Benefit!

Yes, Benefit has totally redeemed themselves with me! 

I got an email from Sephora today about a Free Laura Mercier Smooth Focus Shine Control Powder sample with purchase, which looks very nice!  But this isn't what we are talking about is the product I discovered when I scrolled down through that email!  Benefit has a NEW EYE PRIMER!  Could this be why they discontinued my beloved F.Y...Eye?? 

The new product is called Stay, Don't Stray.  This is a primer for all around the eye meant for concealers and shadows...super cool!  I think this is a GREAT idea!  I don't know about the rest of you, but generally by the middle of the day, my under eye concealer is gone and my dark circles have reared their ugly head!  LOL...really, its NOT funny!

Reading about the product on Sephora's website, it says that it is a lightweight formula that will brighten the eye area, hydrate, and blend seamlessly to keep your eye makeup in place.  It comes in a universal nude shade, sort of like UDPP.  It says that it is packed full of vitamins and it paraben-free.

Of course, I scrolled down to check out cusomter reviews!  There seemed to be mixed emotions about the product.  But, the only cons I really found were about the pump packaging, not the product itself.  Reviews said that it dispensed too much product, however, it is rather easy to control a pump package just by using a lighter touch!

Everyone said it was crease resistant, but the formula seemed to dry rather quickly so you had to work fast to blend.  One person said she could put this all around her eye area and have no need for shadows or concealers it worked so well.  Overall, I feel that more people loved this product than not!

So, I am going to order it next week along with the Bare Escentuals Lashliner that I have been dying to try!  Of course, I will want to get free shipping, so I need some suggestions of another product I should get and review..;.any suggestions?  Anything that you guys saw, got and loved...or anything that you would like to see a review on???  Just let me know in the comments below!  ALSO...have any of you guys tried this??????

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Just Can't Live Without It...Seriously

At the beginning of December, I got extremely stressed out what with all the festivities and all the things that had to be done for Christmas.  I don't see how some people can be totally carefree at holiday time!  Stress generally shows on me in more ways than one...acne being the MAJOR sign.  This is what happened in December. 

In our mall, they set up an automated kiosk.  I saw it when I was out shopping a few weeks prior to my skin "come-apart".  I was SO sick of my skin looking horrible, which in turn ALWAYS makes your makeup look horrible, that I took the last $40 I had in my pocket that week and hit that little kiosk in the mall.  I just got the basic, 30-day kit which set me back $30.  (Hey, at least I still had some money for gas!  LOL!)  It was a small price to pay compared to the multiple drugstore products I had been trying at $6-$10 each bottle! 

As you probably guessed, by the post title, it worked like a charm with a few tiny exceptions.  I really wish I would have taken before and after pics!  My skin was by no means perfect, but it looked a hell of a lot better than it had, which was great!  Just in time for Christmas time filming and photos!  For the entire month of December, my skin was not a worry for me.  My makeup was always flawless looking, no dryness or chapping to worry with even with the cold temps, and most of all, my confidence level was through the roof!

Now, all that has gone downhill.  After the financial hit my bank account took from Christmas, I have not had the money to just order the Proactiv Kit Online and set up auto-delivery for it.  So, I have been without my top beauty product for about 10 days now and it REALLY shows.  The first day after using one of the products I had shoved asside to make room for Proactiv, I noticed a DISTINCT difference!  Today is worst than all the previous days combined.  One entire side of my face is completely broken out from nose to ear, eye to chin.  The product that I started using when the Proactiv ran out was one, that I forgot, dried out my skin, which was why I had originally discontinued its use!  You guessed right again, my ENTIRE face is dry as a bone no matter how much or how great of a moisturizer I use!  Which, right again, makes my makeup cake up and flake off.  I honestly can't believe how bad this is now!  It all causes me to have a hard time looking people in the eye at work and with such a face to face job, I can't escape face time with people!  I am 28 years old and I have worse acne now than I did when I was a teen! 

At first, my mother said it was because I was wearing makeup again, but after hearing the steps I take to remove and the fact that I let my face rest on the weekends she changed her tune.  We are in agreement that it is in fact stress related, well, and the fact that I DON'T drink enough water!  (Terrible, I know!)  The fact that my skin IS so bad, stresses me out even more and kicks my confidence in the gut! 

So, tomorrow, I am biting the bullet and ordering the Proactiv Plus Deluxe System and putting it on auto-delivery so I don't have to deal with this anymore!  I used Proactiv in college and had great results the more and more I used it.  Then, I wasn't methodical about when and how often I used it either.  I just used it here and there and still got killer results.  I just know when I am using it month after month, I will be able to get my skin back in great shape and just have to worry about what the hell I am going to do about these wrinkles!  To me, that is a welcomed issue to deal with!

This time, no matter how embarrassed I am, I am going to take before and after photos.  Some with makeup and some without, so you can see just what I have been talking about.  I will also do a monthly review on my results including photos.  I will work to do these reviews/updates on the same day every month to acurately track progress.  I would have to say that I reccommend this product for anyone that has been battling acne like I have my entire life.  Even if it is something new for you.  Proactiv is not a fad, it really does work for most people that use it.  They do have different sized kits and some that cost less.  I figure I am doing this as something great for myself and my confidence so I am going to splurge and work the $30-$35 in per month and not complain!  Next pay check, I will be getting the Proactiv Makeup Set that includes the foundation, loose powder, and concealer!

Have any of you guys used Proactiv or have you/are you battling with these same issues?  Tell us your story below and what you have done to deal with it!

Oooo, I may have to give a Proativ 30-Day set as a comment contest/giveaway prize!!!  COMMENT to get your name in the hat for quarterly drawings for great prizes!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Short Vlog: Salon Day/Haircut...Finally!

HEY YOU GUYS!!! I finally stopped talking about how bad I needed it and GOT MY HAIR CUT!!! I made a vid this time since so many people asked for it last time!! It isn't a dramatic change...but my stylist was in a hurry (go figure)!

I was trying to choose from photos and couldn't pick on one either! Let me know which photo you guys like best so when I go back next month, I can get a NEW style!

Love you guys!

Beauty Tips From Glamour!

I picked up the latest issue of Glamour Magaizne only because Katy Perry was on the front.  I LOVE her!  I think she is so beautiful and different!  Her style is over the top in most instances, but gorgeous!  However, I am not talking about Kay, I am talking about the magazine...back on point.

I had steered away from this magazine once I got in my 20's and started falling in love with InStyle Magazine.  Personally, I feel InStyle is much better when it comes to fashion, beauty tips, and new products.  Glamour has definitely captured my attention this month...well, mainly their website

I originally went to the website to check out a one week cleanse and follow-up diet article that was in this months issue.  (I am really looking forward to trying it!  If you are interested in doing the same, you can visit for information on the cleanse & diet and how to sign up to start!  I will keep you guys posted on when I start and my progress!)  I was stopped dead in my tracks when the words "MAKEUP TIPS" caught my eye!  Why wouldn't I go explore!?  LOL!  Right now, they have about 60+ makeup tips on their blog.   Not only makeup tips, but fashion, hair, nails, and anything else beauty related!  It is awesome!

I don't know if these are things that have come up in their issues or if they are all just random postings for the site only.  You know, I really don't care!  I sat up until 2am this morning reading post after post and I really did learn some new things!  PLUS, there are phenomenal pictures attached to each of them of stars!  I am always looking for inspirational makeup photos of stars, but generally cannot find shots that show the makeup well enough for me to be able to replicate it properly.  Here, you will come across full face photos and even some that are close up shots of eyes only on the makeup portion and even multiple view shots on the hair portion of the 'blog'.  (These are the photos I love!)  I plan to present some of my favorite tips/tricks for you guys in some of my videos and even here for you guys to enjoy without spending hours to find them! 

Going to this site really drove it home that even after I have gone through a magazine, cover to cover, there is ALWAYS going to be a ton more on thier site!  I am going to have to go explore Instyle's site more now!  LOL!

So, if you are interested, make sure to go check out the Glamour Blog on their website,  I KNOW you will learn at least ONE thing after leaving!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Audrey Kitching...What A Makeup Inspiration Is She??

I am just now learning about this gorgeous, pink haired chick.  She is obviously pretty edgy.  Put in YouTube terms, a comparisson would bring me to think of MonroeMisfitMakeup!  Personally, this is the type of beauty that should be strutting the runways!

I honestly don't completely know who she is.  Her face was brought up on Glamour Magazine's website in the makeup tips section.  When I Googled her name, it said she is a "Model, Hairdresser, and 'Scenequeen'".  She dated Travis Richter and Brenden Urie and is working on a project called Trashy Life with, friend, Zui Suicide.  Zui is one of the models for the suicide girls.  The Urban Dictionary also said she was on MTV's True Life??  Honestly, I don't know...just repeating what I have read quickly this morning.  If any of you guys know about her and the things she has done, PLEASE let me know! 

I personally think that she is iconic!  Her hair is ALWAYS different and her makeup spectacular!  I am going to do some further study on her makeup and try out a look of hers sometime in the near future!  In the meantime, I am going to figure out exactly who she is!

CMK2:  I know you are into the Suicide Girls introduced me to you know who she is and what she is all about??  Personally, I think this chick should have her own line of SOMETHING!!!  LOL!

Monday, January 18, 2010

How to Customize your MAC and Coastal Scents Palettes!!

This is a super killer idea from HilsHeavenScents on YouTube. ( And she is right, it will bring new life to your palettes that are scratched or crummy looking! Make sure to visit and rate!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Glamour Doll Eyes Swatches & First Impression

Glamour Doll Eyes had a $1 sample sale before Christmas, so I decided to partake in the opportunity to try these phenomenal shadows I have heard SO much about! I was super pumped to get the package in the mail, I was opening the envelope while I was walking the dog! LOL! I ordered 11 colors and she sent to additional samples for a total of 13 new and unusual colors to try!

Now, I know, you say…”These came before Christmas??” Yes, I know, I am a little behind on all the things I have planned, but working to get everything out there to you guys quickly! (The whole video camera thing was a set back!) But, I sat down tonight and did swatches for you guys. I apologize for not having color swatches in daylight. If I get some spare time tomorrow, I will hook some up for you guys to see! BUT, these photos are pretty accurate depictions of the colors. I will do my absolute best to describe them, but these colors are SO complex I may leave something out of the descriptions! LOL…this is why I know I am going to LOVE Glamour Doll Eyes!

*The top swatches in the photos are all applied dry, over a primer and the bottom swatch is applied wet, using MAC Mixing Medium, over a primer.

Summer Skies – This was the first color I tried, in a going out look and I got TONS of complements on that makeup! (I am going to try and recreate it for YouTube.) This is a deep plum color with TONS of multi-hued shimmers in it.

Trend Setter – The green glitter in this color makes for a fantastic accent. The deep green undertone gives you the option to use this in your crease or on your lid for a punch of fun in your look!

Grease Lightening – I was unsure about this one at first, but I am now in love! It really looks like grease! LOL…but in a good way! The gold shimmers add interest but the charcoal grey undertone makes it

Lovers Lane – BRAVO for this color! It is terribly difficult to find such a deep, scarlet shimmer color that is actually opaque. Wet or dry, this color applies gorgeous and even. The shimmer is not overpowering so the pigmentation is the star.

Katie’s Storm – I like this one wet better than dry personally. Dry, it would be fine layered over a matte shade or maybe even used as a highlight. I like the fact that it is a grey with shimmer and not just a straight light silver.

Makin’ A Scene – I LOVE this one! Again, you could layer this, sheer, over another color (paint, shadow stick, etc) or apply it wet for a bold statement color in a fun, going out look!

Flashdance! – This was a color sent in addition to the ones I ordered and I am in love with it! It is a VERY different blue and sort of reminds me of the oh, so clear ocean water in the tropics!

Olivia Green – I am wondering about this one. It is a matte, green. I don’t know if I would, personally, use it on its own, or if I would mix it with another color. First impression for me, I don’t like it, but I am sure once I play around with it a bit more, I will begin to love it more. I think it would be great applied wet on a person with a darker skin tone or ethnic skin tones.

Gold Digger – Another color sent in addition to my original order and I love it too! I am favoring golds, tans, and browns lately, so I know I will run out of this one FAST! Not much to describe besides the fact that it is very pigmented and applies easily.

Immature – Woo!!! This one is different for sure! It is a gorgeous green with multi hued glimmers. I can’t wait to play around with this one!

Skinny Jeans – SUPER different color! The look doesn’t change much when it is applied wet, so that is super cool. I love that the glimmers are a great deal lighter than the base of the color. I think it makes it all the more interesting!

Shamrock – What more can you say about this one? I think it totally reminds me of a Leprechaun!

Jealousy – Green with envy for sure! It looks a little like Trendsetter to me, but the glimmers are more yellow/gold than green.

I will be working on some looks using these colors for you guys! I know there are tons of look videos out there using them and you all probably know all about these shadows. If you don’t, you should! Make sure to visit Glamour Doll Eyes and buy up some to try for yourself! The products are great and well worth the money you spend on them! Vanessa really thinks outside of the box when she creates these colors and I am looking forward to getting my hands on the new colors she is releasing!

Have you guys tried any of these shadows??  What are your favorites from GDE??

Friday, January 15, 2010

NYX Cosmetics $1 Sale...Starts TODAY!

Although I have no clue what is on sale because they won't be posting it until 9:30 AM PST, i wanted to make sure you all knew!  When NYX has sales, they are generally pretty stellar!  I am just a little bummed that the day I go to purchase the sale pack of glitters they had for $17, it had been removed to make room for this sale!  Fingers crossed that some glitters are a part of this sale!!  LOL!

Make sure to go check out what the SALE is about this morning and if you decide to make any purchases from this phenomenal company, let me know! 

Hope you guys have fun shopping too!!!  :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Benefit Sale-abration...Going On Now

And for a short time only!  Go to Benefit Cosmetics Online Store, click Buh-Byes on the top navigation bar, and there you will find TONS of items that are being discontinuted that are SUPER on sale!  Lipsticks for $9, kits for $20, eyeliner for $15...the possibilities are endless and phenomenal for anyone that adores Benefit products like I do!

Yes, generally their stuff is pretty high priced, but if you begin shopping for thier stuff online and forgo spending a fortune in the store, you can really save some cash!  With FREE shipping on $50+ orders, coupon codes that are issued, Benefit Beauty Bucks, and sales like these, you can get some of these great products for really cheap! 

Make sure to go check out the sale!  I don't think you will be sorry!

Let me know if any of you guys decide to get anything!  You know I love to hear about what you buy!

Much love always and happy shopping!

Monday, January 11, 2010

What Are You Thinking Benefit??

F.Y...Eye Primer no more?? REALLY? Now, personally, I think that is the WORST move Benefit could have made! I mean, this primer is phenomenal and gives UDPP a run for its money in my opinion. I think the only thing that kept it from taking the top spot regarding eye primers is the fact that it retailed for $5 more than UDPP.

I emailed Benefit today asking what the big deal was...obviously being nice...and I did receive a response this evening! (Suprise, suprise, a company that is on the ball when it comes to their customers inquiries! LOL!) BUT, the only thing they said was that it was discontinued and that they do offer Lemon Aid as their primer. Have you TRIED Lemon Aid? I mean, it serves a great purpost on me with the bluing on the inner portion of my eyes, but as a primer, UNDER shadow...I give it a big THUMBS DOWN! I had nothing but creasing the day i tried using it under my shadow and the staying power was, well, LAME.

I just don't understand why a company that has a real winner on it's hands discontinues it! Argh...BUT, you can still find it online. I just Googled Benefit F.Y.Eye Primer and found a good amount of options at online stores that buy up discontinued items as well as places like Belk (a department store for any of you guys that don't have one around). The prices ave ranged anywhere between $17 and $22. So, if you have the opportunity to get your hands on this stuff...grab it! I am going to buy up a few while they are still available!!! I will go back to UDPP when I absolutely HAVE to!

What do you think??

10 FREE Products From ELF for 2010!

I got this coupon code and had to share since it was already entered at Coupon Chief.  (Bummer!)  If you are interested in getting your own Coupon Chief gadget or if you are interested in my remarks about this money saving website, make sure to check out my post about the site.  Anyway...lets get on to the goods!

I especially wanted to share this code with you guys because if you are anything like me, you LOVE FREE STUFF and ELF has some killer FREE stuff for you now!  With any $20 purchase from the site, you can enter the code 2010 at checkout to receive these TEN products with your purchase!  I have listed them all here and also posted the photo from my email for you guys!  :)

1. ELF Eyelash Curler - I have one of these and it is phenomenal!  It is easy on your lashes and doesn't pull your lids!  It seems as if it is going to hold up pretty well regardless if I am tough on it or not!  It was well worth the buck I paid for it!  LOL!

2. Eyelid Primer - I have heard nothing but great things about this product and everyone should own some sort of primer for their lids!  If you have never used one, oh, what a difference they make!

3. Eye Color in Drama - If you are on a budget, ELF shadows are great to use!  They are well pigmented and go on smooth! 

4. Dramatic False Lashes - Their lashes are comperable to Revlon Lashes in my opinion.

5. Eye Shadow Brush - Even though I have yet to get myself some of their brushes, I have a plan to grab up some and do some reviews on them.  I have heard some fantastic things about the ELF brushes...especially the price!

6. Glitter Liquid Eyeliner - Who doesn't love glitter??  LOL!

7. Black Brightening Eyeliner - A product I have yet to try, or heard a review it will be cool to get to try it for free!

8. Smudge Eye Sponge - Sometimes these little guys work better than a smudge my opinion a bit harder to clean, but something great to try out!

9. Regular & Waterproof Mascara - This is a double ended product which makes it great for MUA's or a great item for the everyday girl to throw in her bag!  Two products in one!

10. Black Liquid Eyeliner - Another ELF product I have been meaning to try!  Although I don't wear liquid eyeliner that much myself, I LOVE putting it on other people!  I think it is SO gorgous and if what I have heard about this one is is a great addition to your makeup bag!

So, there you have it...10 $1 items for FREE with the coupon code 2010 used at checkout.  AND, with all the great prices on ELF stuff there are, it is something that is hard to pass up!  You can get an entire box of products from this site for next to nothing and satisfy your need for new products without spending a lot!  Plus, ELF is a great place for the everyday woman or girls just getting into makeup to shop!  The choices are endless and their studio line will make you feel like a Pro yourself!

I hope you guys have a chance to utilize this code!  I know I am going to considering the package includes a great deal of items I have been meaning to try for a while! 

If you do happen to order, let us know what you got below!  Then, when everything arrives, let us know what you thougth of the products I have yet to try above!  If you don't want to write it here, email your review to me and I will happily post fact, I would LOVE to post it! 

Happy shopping you guys!  Now, GO....SAVE some $$$$!!!

Huge Savings with

I tell ya, since discovering this website, I have been more than pleased with the results.  Coupon Chief has on more than one occassion been able to knock a few dollars off my online purchases whether the savings be in the form of percentages off or shipping savings, this site makes it more worth while to shop online!

Most people choose to shop online because of how convenient it is, well, now my reasoning is the savings!  Everyday I get emails from different sites with coupon codes I am able to use to save a few dollars on my purchases but now that I have involved myself with Coupon Chief, I have can save beyond the companies I have email subscriptions to.

For instance, the other day I was making a purchase from Target online for my company.  I was just about to click confirm check-out when I remembered how much Coupon Chief has saved me in the past with one little search.  So, I went to the site, entered into the search box and bam...I got a coupon code for 10% off and free shipping on my entire purchase!  Saving money on purchases always earns me a few brownie points with the bossman, so that was a plus as well!

Getting involved is easy too!  All you do is go to the Coupon Chief website, create a log in and profile, and you are ready to start saving!  I generally don't promote sites like this, always wondering if they are legit, but this one is!  Now, businesses do enter their own coupon codes and users can enter them as well.  The more YOU enter, the more you can make!  Make, you can earn a percentage of each purchase that utilizes the coupon codes you enter on this site, thus in turn giving you more money to shop with in the future!  And, we all know that is important for us makeup addicts!  LOL! 

This site is tremendously easy to use and I LOVE participating in it!  As you can see in the sidebar here of my blog, you can create your own gadget full of the coupon codes you enter!  This gadget will automatically update with each code you enter.  I thought it would be a great way for me to share all the coupon codes with you guys that once took up an entire blog post!  All you do is click on the code you want to use and you are directed to that site and ready to save!

There are a few catches such as if you don't enter an expiration date on the code you enter, it will remain on your list of entered codes, which means that all codes you click on may have already expired.  I have found a great deal of the sites that issue coupon codes don't attach an expiration to them, making it difficult to know exactly when they are going to expire.  Also, any one coupon code can only be entered once.  You may acquire a code, try to enter it and it already be entered into the site.  My suggestion, make sure you get over there to enter your find quickly!  That way, you are able to reap the benefits of the codes being on your blog or webpage.

Personally, I have yet to make any money from the codes I have posted through Coupon Chief, but that is not why I post them.  I post them so everyone can use them, especailly you guys!  I don't have to make money at this and if you guys begin to have a hard time utilizing the codes posted in my gadget, just let me know and I will help you!  You are all always welcome to contact me via email anytime you would like to ask any questions you need!  That is why I am here of course!

I hope you guys at least go and check out the site!  I think you will enjoy it if you are one that shops online on a regular basis!  I know it will aid you in saving tons of cash in the long run!  If you have any issues using the site, or need a nudge in the right direction just let me know!  Just make sure you create a log in id so you can reap the rewards of posting your codes online as well!  :)

Thanks for coming by today you guys!  I really appreciate all the love and support you guys show me!  Much love to you all! 

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm Accepted! Beauty Blog Love Link!

I was just accepted to be a part of this wonderful blog!  This, to me, is a wonderful way to share the love in a positive manner and to find new beauty blogs!  See below for a post from BBLL which is the intro to the blog!  There are already tons of great beauty bloggers already involved that you may not know about!  These people are very informative with their blogs and are very educated when it comes to beauty!  So, make sure to check out BBLL and see below for the intro post!  I will be posting soon, how you too can get involved in this wonderful website or you can go to the blog and check it out yourself!  You can click the icon link in the sidebar here in my blog any day, any time!

Love you guys!

An Introduction from Beauty Blog Love Link

As a beauty blogger, the single most frustrating thing that I'm faced with when it comes to communities is commitment. I'm not in this for money or fame; I don't want legal contracts or advertisers... I just want a network of independent bloggers who, like me, are doing it out of love! This was the idea behind Beauty Blog Link Love, and I hope that it can live up to your expectations.

BBLL is open to any beauty editors who have been blogging for at least six months and update with beauty-related material three times a week or more, or who have been blogging for at least four months and update with beauty-related posts five times a week or more. It will be kept contract- and advertisement-free* and serves the sole function of increasing traffic between blogs. If you would like to become part of the BBLL community, please see this post for instructions on how to join.

The current projection for Beauty Blog Link Love is to release a Link Love post every other Saturday. Once you've been accepted into the community you'll be added to the mailing list, so you'll receive an email asking for links every other Tuesday. You have until midnight Thursday to submit your links, and the finalized Link Love will be in your inboxes by Friday night.

So here's the disclaimer: we're not responsible for anything said or done in blogs that are part of the BBLL community, nor do we hold rights over any of it. All we're here to do is create Link Love posts every few weeks!

*by this we mean that BBLL itself will be free of ads (hence the fact that we're still on Blogger.) However, this does not necessarily apply to blogs within the BBLL network, though many of our bloggers do keep their blogs ad-free as well!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Giveaway Results Posted NOW!

I filmed the drawing last week but because of my camera and editing issues, was unable to edit and post until today.  I have finally figured out that I am just going to have to film lower quality until I can get some new editing software to utilize.  Ah well, such is life.  Nothing is ever perfect, I just hope you guys forgive me for less that great quality for now! 

BUT, enough of my rambling!  Lets just get on to the results!  If you haven't yet viewed this vid on YouTube, then make sure to check out the video for winner results!

Congratulations to the winner!!!  Please contact me via email or YouTube Messaging with your information and I will ship your prizes out to you!  I am so pumped that you won!  You have been nothing but supportive through all the ups and downs of my blog this past quarter and I really appreciate all your kind words and uplifting notes!  You are a great subscriber and I appreciate you!  I hope this gift shows you just a little bit of that thanks!

NOW...all you guys make sure to sub and comment so you can get in some of this gift action!  All you have to do is follow here and on YouTube, comment, & get ready to win with little or no effort!  I will be posting other contests on YouTube soon, so make sure to check back often!

Thanks to everyone that has and is supporting me!  You guys mean SO much to me and I appreciate everything you do and have done for me! 

Love you all!

Friday, January 8, 2010

About My Other Love...Twilight

Many of you know I am one of the MANY grown women that is absolutely in love with the Twilight books and movies.  So much so that I have an app on my Google home page that posts a different quote from the book daily.  I thought, because most of these quotes are GREAT that I would start posting some of them for you guys here.  :)  I know, some of you may find this silly, but those of you that love this series as much as I do, will most likely find it fun!  :)  I am going to work on adding a gadget in the side bar that I will be posting these to as to not take up actual blog post space!  You know me, I generally only post one thing a day!  LOL! 

So, make sure to check out some of the new gadgets I have added and will be adding.  Most of them will involve makeup and beauty and some will just be for fun!  I am going to update now, so stay tuned for more!

OH!!!  ONE MORE THING!  My fav YouTuber, Beauty Blogger, Nat Neagle will be on BlogTV every Thrusday night at 9pm (eastern time, I believe)!  Make sure to check out Nat's Post announcing this new schedule!  She will be hosting giveaways and all sorts of new fun stuff on these airings, so make sure to tune in and take part!  If you create a BlogTV account, it will mean you can join rooms faster and make an account...its easy and super fun!  I will be starting BlogTV as well sometime this year!  I think it is super fun and a very easy way to ask your fav guru's questions!  :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Still Working on It...

I am going to be doing some filming tonight so I can actually post a YouTube video for you guys!  It has been 2 weeks since my last post there and I am mortified considering one of my New Years' resolutions was to post more often, at least twice a week on YouTube!  But, I suppose I get a pass considering the editing software I have won't support the MP4's that my new camera films in.  Even when I convert the files to AVI, they look all crazy like a widescreen movie compressed to fit a square screen.  But, I will have new software soon enough!  Had my check been a bit better this week...I would have it now!  LOL!

Anyway, i guess this post is just going to be an update of sorts.  Things have been very busy at work this week playing catch up from the holidays, so I really haven't had time to plan out blogs lately.  I apolgoize for that.  I do have some reviews, swatches and such coming soon.  In fact, I am going to work on swatches tonight of some new shadows I got last week!  I am also going to work to put together a look using this new stuff!

I have been tossing around the idea of doing project 10 pan, but everytime I think about seriously doing it, I see pictures of all the new MAC collections coming out!  LOL!  Not that I can really afford to get a bunch of it, but it is nice to dream!  :)

I do have the winner of the giveaway chosen!  It is on a vid...that is stuck on my camera!  That is why I am working diligently, day and night, to figure out how to get it into moviemaker to post for you guys!  Rather than just post a name, I filmed me entering everything into so you guys see, for the first time, with me the winner!  Hopefully, that will be posted by the end of the week, as planned, so I can get the prize sent out!  Just remember to keep commenting!  The MORE you comment, the more chances you get to WIN!!!  The prize this quarter is going to be GREAT!  I will be filming that vid as soon as I have all the components to it!  Yay!  I would LOVE this one!  :)

I would like to ask you guys a question, though!  I started to do an entire post about this, but thought just a mention here would be good enough!  I would like to know what you guys' new years' resolutions are!  :)  Just whatever you have thought about!  Most years, I have a hard time coming up with resolutions...not this year tho!  Let me know!

Let me just say too, thank you all for your support last year!  I really appreciate all the love that I have received since I started my channel and blog!  It really makes me feel great that I am helping some people along when learning this art!  I LOVE doing this more than you guys know and hope that you all are having as much fun as I am!  I can't wait to share all the new things I have planned and get a contest rolling for you all on YouTube as well!!  yay!  So, get ready...2010 is going to be great here at Vanity's Edge! 

Love you guys!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Follow-Up To Nat's Cyber Bullies Post

I just came to my blog to catch up on everyone's writings today and came across a post from one of my most beloved YouTuber's and Beauty Bloggers, Nat Neagle.  Nat's Cyber Bullies Post blew me away in more ways than one.  To discover that people, last night, were going over to Toni's (tknokitten) BlogTV and signing on, anonymously, just to bash her was baffling!  I agree with Nat when she says, "what is wrong with people?!"  I mean, seriously, I see all these horrible comments and terrible things these people say and I am shocked!  I am sure their mother's, father's, friends, ect, knew what they were doing!  Do these people find what they are writing, doing, saying funny?  Because, I SURE DON'T! 

I, like Nat, consider a great deal of the wonderful people on YouTube, BlogTV, and Bloggers to be my web friends and don't take kindly to the constant bashing these people take!  I, myself, have not been in front of the camera long enough to  feel the wrath of all these little trolls out there, but I have come across a handful of out of place comments on some of my videos.  You know, if I didn't have confidence in myself, or if I didn't think I could take harsh comments, because SOMEONE is always going to say something, I wouldn't be making these videos.  Neither would all of these other people that do it.  You silly trolls don't hurt our feelings, I guess we are all just wondering why the hell you do it?! 

Last night, when I was watching some YouTube, I came across xteener's video she made of a New Year's look.  Some jerk said something about her nostrils being uneven or looking odd, something like that, and that she needed to have that checked out!  What the crap?  Is that REALLY necessary?  I, like a few other of xteeners subs, stood up for her, and commented back to this jerk.  Obviously, there have been no replies from this wad (that doesn't even have a video OR a photo of him/herself up on their page) today when I signed on.  I simply asked the question, "What do you get out of picking on people on the net?"

Oh, if only we could tap into the minds of these people.  My personal thoughts are that they are jealous, bored, and can't get dates, so they spend their time picking on those they want or want to be, but can't have or will never be because of their ridgid outlook on life in general.  I couldn't understand bullies when I was in school, so I don't know why I think I would be able to understand them now.

So, to all you bullies out there that may stumble across this post, BACK OFF!  These women & men, myself included, work VERY hard to produce these videos, blogs, and blogtv spots for the people that truly want to learn and have fun.  We don't do it for you or for those of your kind.  I LOVE making videos and posting here on my blog.  I want to share my knowledge however small with the wonderful people that support me.  I will continue to stand up for those of my web friends as well.  These people are SO wonderful and they DON'T deserve your jerky attitudes!

TO NAT:  Thank you for writing this post.  I hate to see that you were promted however.  I don't feel that this should even have to be discussed!  You are one of the most kind, strong, and phenomenal people I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know!  I have learned and continue to learn from you daily.  I love ya girl!

TO TONI:  I know these jerk off's won't get you down and I personally hate to think that we have to share the air they breathe...maybe that is harsh, but what they do on a daily basis to one person or another, is above and beyond harsh!  You are a wonderful woman and I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos and being involved with the projects you put forth for us!  You have been and always will be one of my favorite guru's and I thank you!

Rant, Rant, Rant...BUT It's Still Cool!

What the CRAP!?  I got this new KILLER mini camcorder from my wonderful parents for Christmas...exactly what I wanted...the Sony Webbie HD.  I LOVE this thing!  It is so small, I can throw it in my purse with my camera too!  I do have a few things to rant about, if you didn't pick that up from the title of the post! 

First of all, the zoom is buggin me out a bit.  It works okay and it may just be me trying to get used to the thing, but it takes a minute to autofocus and tends to get a bit blurry if you zoom too close to things.  I had hoped for it to be better than it really is, but I guess for the price, it is okay.  This is just a starter camcorder of sorts.  I have my eye on my "big daddy"  camcorder that I will start saving for and maybe be able to get in a few years!  LOL!

It was pretty easy to figure out for the most part.  I was VERY happy about that.  BUT...and this is a BIG but....I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO UPLOAD THE VIDEOS TO MY COMPUTER TO EDIT!!  UGH....I am SO NOT technologically inclined.  I filmed 5 videos today for YouTube, since I have been slacking something fierce throughout the holidays!  I even filmed the giveaway/contest winner and wanted to edit and upload it tonight for you guys!  Well, I can't get the dang film off the camera! 

There was this silly software CD that came with it, so I went through and installed it and read through the guide.  I followed directions to a T and still, NOTHING!  I am on the verge of throwing my computer out the window...when I thought..."I will vent to my bloggers, get it out, and try again!"  LOL...hope you guys don't mind! 

SO, if any of you guys have this cute little camera and have any tips for uploading and editing using the oh so lame MovieMaker software, let me know!  I WOULD have my Adobe editing software right now if I hadn't had to put my car in the shop on New Years Eve and drop $350 on fixing it!  What the crap??  Well, at least the heat works now and we won't have to rely on blankets to keep us warm on these 16 degree mornings we are having! 

What are some of your technology from Christmas woes??  This has been just ONE of mine!  We won't talk about the MP3 player I got my daughter, the computer games Santa got for her that won't work without online registration (she is six, she doesn't need internet!), or the computer that keeps screwing up "all by itsself" according to my wonderful daughter!  LOL!  Maybe I should think twice about technology for Christmas next year!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to the New Year!

I am pumped 2010 has now begun!  The holidays are over and I can get things back to normal!  I am looking forward to presenting a great deal of new things for you guys here and on my YouTube channel.  As you all know, yesterday was the end of the first quarterly giveaway on my blog, so I wanted to give you guys a bit of info regarding that to get us started this new year!

Tomorrow, I am going to begin working on numbering all the comments that were posted, starting with the first post I made that was eligible for comment entries.  I will compile this list and then utilize to produce a random winner!  Once I have the winner, I will post here and upload a winner video to YouTube.  Additional information will be included in those posts for the winner.  Please remember, if you don't win this go around, keep trying!  There will be one of these giveaways every quarter!  I would love to do a monthly giveaway, but if I did that, the prizes would be smaller.  I would rather be able to give a bigger, better prize 4 times a year, rather than just a little prize once a month.  Since I am the sole sponsor and contributor to these giveaways, I unfortunatly can't drop tons of cash on all the millions of prizes I WISH I could give!  Plus, this will give room to have some YouTube video contests as well!

I did have some viewers ask me to enter them or if they could just type enter me to be entered.  I do have a blog post that include the rules, but I want the comment entries to always be relavent.  Any comment that is irrelevant to the post will not be considered.  I only find this fair to the people that come everyday to read my posts and enjoy being active in my blog.  I don't expect a book for a comment, but "enter me" isn't what I am looking for either.  I hope you guys understand what I am going for with this!  :)

So since last quarters' giveaway ended yesterday, TODAY was the first day of this periods giveaway!  I am deeming this the Q1 2010 giveaway...makes it a little!  This will end in three (3) months, in March and we will follow the same timeline in every giveaway after!  Easy cheesy!  But, if you do have any questions, just email me at

So, start commenting now to get your entries started!  The more you comment, the more you are entered!  I will be picking up the prizes soon!  I believe, as of now, one of them is going to be the CHI Keratin Mist since so many of my subs seemed to show interest in the product that was one of my November favs!  I will announce the prizes as soon asI get them all gathered!

Thanks to everyone that has participated, subscribed and has started to get involved here and on my YouTube channel!  I really appreciate and am thankful for each and every one of you guys!  I look forward to all of the new stuff that I will be presenting for you guys!  Talk to you more soon!!!