Monday, January 11, 2010

What Are You Thinking Benefit??

F.Y...Eye Primer no more?? REALLY? Now, personally, I think that is the WORST move Benefit could have made! I mean, this primer is phenomenal and gives UDPP a run for its money in my opinion. I think the only thing that kept it from taking the top spot regarding eye primers is the fact that it retailed for $5 more than UDPP.

I emailed Benefit today asking what the big deal was...obviously being nice...and I did receive a response this evening! (Suprise, suprise, a company that is on the ball when it comes to their customers inquiries! LOL!) BUT, the only thing they said was that it was discontinued and that they do offer Lemon Aid as their primer. Have you TRIED Lemon Aid? I mean, it serves a great purpost on me with the bluing on the inner portion of my eyes, but as a primer, UNDER shadow...I give it a big THUMBS DOWN! I had nothing but creasing the day i tried using it under my shadow and the staying power was, well, LAME.

I just don't understand why a company that has a real winner on it's hands discontinues it! Argh...BUT, you can still find it online. I just Googled Benefit F.Y.Eye Primer and found a good amount of options at online stores that buy up discontinued items as well as places like Belk (a department store for any of you guys that don't have one around). The prices ave ranged anywhere between $17 and $22. So, if you have the opportunity to get your hands on this stuff...grab it! I am going to buy up a few while they are still available!!! I will go back to UDPP when I absolutely HAVE to!

What do you think??


Arezu said...

Really? They're DC this?! I've never even got the opportunity to try this yet!

toshiam said...

I wish they weren't discontinuing it. I was wanting to try it. Hopefully I will be able to catch a couple online before they are gone.

CMK2 said...

I have never used it... But it seems like more and more the stuff we start getting use to using they seem to like to discontinue it.. I so hate when company's do that crap!!! Go figure right

Laura said...

DEF go figure! I have heard so many rumors about this product saying they are reformulating and bringing it back and some saying it is gone forever! If you are interested in trying it, you can google it and find it on some websites. BUT, I would get it while the gettin is good! Also, some counters may still have it. I was just bummed that they didn't ever put it on the Benefit website as being on sale/ just flat out disappeared!