Thursday, December 31, 2009

Something New For the New Year?

I was about to get in the shower, when I realized that because I haven't worn makeup in a week and haven't even touched my makeup, I have not tried the idea I had for makeup tonight! I go bold and try the look that is oh so perfect in my head, or do I play it safe so I actually make it out of the house BEFORE midnight??  LOL!  I just can't figure it out! 

What did you guys decide on wearing, makeup wise or clothing wise??  Are you sticking to your norm, are you going all studded and sparkly, or are you sporting your team colors for bowl games??  Let me know what you guys decided and if you have pics...shoot me the link or email them to me at  I would love to post some of you guys' 2010 New Year's creations in one of my next posts!!!  Make sure the photos are clean and you tell me about your look a bit so I can include a little explaination for your fellow readers!  And, if you don't want to take pics and send them, just let me know in the comments below (before the end of the day, so you get another entry into the contest) what look you decided to go for for this evening out!!! 

I would LOVE to get some photos, but understand that a great deal of us don't like to show face and that is totally cool!  If you just want to share your look with me and don't want it posted on the blog here or on my YouTube page, please let me know in the email!!!  I know you will ALL be as beautiful or handsome as ever, no matter what you wear on your face or don't! 

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and fun night out, or in!  Today is the last day of this quarters comment giveaway, so make sure all your comment entries are in to qualify!!  I will have the drawing for the winner VERY soon!  Yay!!!  MORE GIFTS!!!  WOOHOO!

Have a great one you guys!  Loves ya!  Laura

Miss You Guys!!!

Needless to say, Christmas has come and gone.  It was, well, interesting to say the least.  There were super great points and super NOT great points.  We had fun, but I am glad it is over.  I was just exhausted!  But, last week was NO match for this week!

I was supposed to be off all week this week.  I had planned to film and post on YouTube and here, sell some stuff on eBay and really get caught up and get the first of the year started with a bang on all my networking sites for you guys!  My, how that SO did NOT happen!

Last week, on Monday, I was asked to work Wednesday in shipping (today).  I agreed.  Besides, just one day and I really don't mind shipping.  It def isn't my desk job, but it can be fun with the people that work out there.  We had a great deal of orders drop and had to get it all out before the end of the month to be able to reach our quota for the month AND year.  THIS was the important part!

I agree to the Wednesday, then Tuesday was added and Monday added at 530pm on December 23rd!  Well, these days were meant specifically for assembling.......I HATE ASSEMBLY!!!  I don't have the patience for it...and it showed.  The only thing that saved me there was the fact that I didn't have to wear makeup and the women that were there working with me are a freakin riot!  Don't you just love it when you work with killer people that you know you can count on, no matter what, to keep you in a stellar mood!?  It is wonderful. 

Well, I may have made it through, but I am def feeling the effects of bustin it all week!  So, this is where I have been.  I feel just awful for it too!  Now, my mother informs me that we have all these people, COMING TO STAY, tomorrow night for the new year and no one is allowed on cells or computers.  Well, yeah, that's just not going to I 7 or 27?? 

Really, I am trying to work up some plans but, where I live, the only places to go are always so packed you can't move and that is just miserable to me!  I would rather sit, safely, at home with my champagne and ring in the new year! 

So, since I live in the most NOT cool NYE town in the world, I would LOVE to hear what you guys are doing so I can live vicariously through you!  LOL!  Let me know what super killer events happen where you are OR where you are going to catch some fun!  I SO wish I could go to the Widespread Panic show, Phish show, OR the Lady Gaga show!  Now, ANY one of those evenings would be one to remember!  LOL!

***Don't forget!!!!!  TODAY, JANUARY 31, 2009, is the last day of this quarters blog giveaway period!!!  Make sure to comment and get all your entries in you want so you can participate!!!  Only comments made on the posts in this quarter are elligible and you can comment as many times for more chances to win!  I will post the winner within the week, so make sure to come back and check in to see if you win!  If you don't win this time, keep commenting!!!  You may win next quarter's prize!!!  WOOHOO!!!!***



Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas EVE Everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas EVE!  I am wrapping, cooking, cleaning, and getting ready for Santa...simply put...running around like a MAD woman!  LOL!  For those of you that get to kick back and relax on your day off, relax a bit for me!  For all you parents out there doing what I am doing...Im sorry...we should start earlier next year!  LOL!  AND, for all of you traveling today and reading this on your phone...BE SAFE! 

If I don't get to post tomorrow...I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and get what you hoped for!  I am just ready for the look on my daughters face when she see's what Santa brings!  PRICELESS!!

Oh, and get ready YouTube subs....I am going to have a vid coming so you guys can post a response of what you got from Santa too!  I LOVE to see what everyone asked for and received!  It is SO much fun!  NOW....FINGERS CROSSED that I get my new camera to film that vid on!!!  LOL!

LOVE YOU ALL...thank you and I will talk to you soon!  :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Okay, so I don't know if I have posted about this for you guys yet.  If I have, I am going to post it again!  NYX still has a killer sale going on!  You can get cheap chrome shadows, glitter, lipsticks, glitter sets, even foundation for super prices!  I wish I would have remembered to tell you guys this earlier in the month because this is perfect for gift giving! 

They have the products listed with sale prices individually, as well as in sets!  I beleive I may pick up the glitter set for some of my character looks I have planned!  I odn't have a great selection of cosmetic glitters, so that set would be perfect for me!  Heck, I may even pick up two sets to give one as a comment contest giveaway prize!  You just never know!

So, make sure to go check out the NYX Sale Items on their sale page! I dont' think you will be disappointed with what you find there! I know I wasn't!  Let me know what you think and if you end up purchasing anything!!!  I would LOVE to know!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Drum roll please....I FINALLY GOT YOUR PRIZE FOR THE GIVEAWAY THIS QUARTER!  YAY!!  I know it took me forever, but I have a VERY good reason why!  One of the prizes, no matter where I went, or how many times, the store that carries it didn't have the thing!  It felt like I was on a wild goose chase!  LOL!  But, that is all over now and I have already started planning the prize for next quarter's giveaway so there are no more issues like this again!  LOL! 

Click to view the Prize Video  on YouTube!

SO, without further are the prizes for our lucky winner!!!  OH...if you haven't already read my post of BLOG CONTEST/GIVEAWAY RULES, please do so now!!!  If you do not follow the rules, your comments will not be entered.  :( 


First and foremost, I have 2 Bare Minerals products.  The first is Bare Radiance.  It is a lovely product that gives the skin a beautiful, bronze glow.  Personally, I view the Radiances by Bare Minerals to be sort of similar to MAC MSF's.  I know they are totally different products, but this may give those of you that have not used these BE products a bit of an idea.  This is a .57g jar.  The other jar of BE I have for you is the First Class blush.  If any of you watched my Novemeber Favs video on YouTube or if you read the post here regarding my Nov favs, then you saw that this blush was one of the ones I rediscovered this month and fell in love with!  When I first got it, I didn't much use it, but since the color is somewhat on the warm side, it has been just perfect for this season!  I hope our winner enjoys these as much as I do!

Next, the prize that gave me the most troubles, was the Sonia Kashuck Blending Sponge!  I was going to order the more expensive, Beauty Blender, version of this from Sephora tomorrow, but...low and behold when I went to Target tonight, christmas shopping, I FOUND IT!  I was very amazed to see that they had completely stocked the cosmetics section!  (Even had MORE ELF products on the shelves...going back for some of those!)  Guys, I really love this sponge and as long as you care for it properly, it will last you a while!  Even if it doesn't, it is only $10 compared to the Beauty Blender which is twice that amount! 

The third & final prize is from one of my FAV hair care companies! I have been playing around alot with my hair lately and have tried MANY different things, so I wanted to give a hair prize. My issue with this was the fact that not everyone has the same type of hair, so I wanted to get something that I LOVE and that would work for everyone!  This is the Healthy Sexy Hair (Full Size) Set of Pumpkin Rehydrating Shampoo & Conditioner.  These products have many stellar Vitamins to care for your hair, UV protectants for chemically or non-chemically treated hair, and many other ways to keep your hair looking hydrated and beautiful!  Even if you don't have dry hair, I personally like to use a rehydrating shampoo/conditioner on the weekends when I am giving my hair a break from overbearing products & styling!  It's nice to pamper your hair every once in a while!

I know this isn't much, but I wanted to get you guys some things that I absolutely love!  Plus, these were purchased with my own money and right here at the holidays, we all know that is tight!  LOL! 

This contest/giveaway will be ending on the 31st of December (2009).  I will then number all of the comment entries, starting with the first open post, and enter them into a randomizer.  That will, then, give me the winner!  I will post a video on YouTube and a post here as well that announces the winner.  I expect the winner to contact me within 2 weeks time, otherwise, the prize will be given to the next randomizer number. 

The first quarter comment contest will begin with any posts starting after January 1st and will continue on any and all posts until March 31st.  Then, the same events will take place...every quarter!  There will always be new prizes and as I get more followers and subscribers on YouTube, I will begin to give 2 & 3 prize winner, great stuff!  Remember, the more you comment, the better your chances of winning!

Monday, December 21, 2009

New Coupon Codes!

Make sure to check out the sidebar here, in my Coupon Chief Wizard!  I posted some new KILLER coupon codes for you guys including FREE OVERNIGHT shipping from MAC and FREE 10 day samples of Bare Minerals Foundation with your order from Sephora!  Just click on the code you are interested in using and go from there! 

Most places are offering Free shipping upgrades so your packages arrive just in time for the make sure to take advantage!

Love you guys!!  Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 14, 2009

What Did You Ask For?

I know there are many other celebrations during the holidays, besides Christmas. I can certainly appreciate each and every one of them. So, please know when I am talking about Christmas or the holidays, know that I mean every holiday around this time! I am showing no prejudice by saying Christmas…but that is what I celebrate, so it is sort of what I will lean more towards talking about. I apologize if that offends anyone. I certainly mean no harm.

That being said…I would LOVE to know what you all would like for Christmas! What have you asked for from your loved ones, Santa, or what are you planning to simply get for yourself! Yes, it is the holidays and it is better to give rather than receive, BUT every year, there is always something that I put off buying because I can hardly justify it in most cases. If I don’t buy this something for myself prior to the holiday, I will take some of the cash I get for Christmas and pick it up. Generally, Christmas money pays off some sort of debt or bill, but I always try to allocate some cash for something that I may have asked for that I didn’t get. If you are like that…I want to know about it!

You can post your list here in the comments section if you would like! I will also be doing a video on my YouTube page asking for video responses of your “Gift List” (which is what we will call it so we can cover all of the holidays! I would love to know what you all have asked for and it is a great way to tell your loved ones what you would like as well!

So, what are you waiting for?? Get to listin’!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Can Only Pick How Many (Nov Favs)?

I really didn't do any shopping this month, but I did by one thing that I fell in love with (and would repurchase anyday) and, also, rediscovered some things.  I ended up talking in this vid a great deal more than usual...sorry about that!  I think it is because I just haven't filmed in a while!  LOL!  Anyway, so I had to cut some things out of the vid, but I will post them here!  On to my favs!

CHI Keratin Mist - This is a leave-in strengthening treatment that is full of proteins that will do their thing on your hair from the inside out!  All you do is spray some on wet hair and style as ususal.  The mist will not only strengthen, but condition your hair, leaving it silky and smooth through styling.  I just love ti too!  I purchased it at the beginning of the month and I have seen a difference from day one.  I even use it on my daughters hair prior to a blow out.  I suggest this product to anyone that really styles the hell out of their hair and is looking for added protection.

NYX Jumbo Shadow Pencil in Milk - Everyone knows about these shadow sticks.  If you don't, boy are you missing out!  This is the first color I purchased and I will continue to purchase it until the day I stop wearing makeup!  I use it after my UDPP & prior to shadow to brighten up areas I will be applying lighter colors.  I have used it as a cheek highlight as well with an MSF over it, to set.  I use this just about every day.  Really, all of these pencils would be on my favs list if I had that much time!

Rimmel Spark It Up! Gleaming Eye Darkening Pendil in 610 Tiger's Eye - Woah!  Talk about a product that suprised the crap outta me!  This pencil is super smooth and pretty soft making it very versitile for the eye.  I love to apply it to my lower lash line and smudge!  It provides a sticky base so I have used it as a base for shadows to deepen colors and give a metallic finish to an otherwise boring shadow.  You can see in the swatch photo that it has a bronze/gold finish to it.

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in Light - I LOVED this concealer when I got it, but stopped using it so much in the summer, because it was just too much on my face.  I picked it back up again to conceal my under eye area, rather than my Erase Paste, because I have been going to bed earlier these days.  Now, don't get me wrong, my Erase Paste is still my all time fav, but this works for every day use.  It leaves a smooth, powder-like finish on my skin that I just love and blends VERY easily!

MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer in NC20 - Yep, it face got SUPER mad and broke out like CRAZY this month for some reason!  (I attribute it to stress and my lack of H2O consumption this month!)  Anyway, I apply this with a Sigma 224...any fluffy dome shaped brush will do the trick for remarkable application.  I like it because it never looks cakey, even by the end of the day and I can cover break-outs with little or no effort at all!  If you have issues with break outs, you should really try it.  Get an NC shade so you can neutralize the red in the spots though.  Following application, set by stamping over some translucent powder.  Then, be mindful of those areas when applying your all over setting powder, or in my case, Bare Minerals Foundation.

MAC Pearl Cream Color Base - This will be my go to highlighter for the rest of my life, just so you know!  LOL!  Set it with.....

Bare Minerals Flawless Radiance - This creamy, beige-gold highlighter is BEAUTIFUL!!!  I hope you can see the effect on the left side of my hand in the photo.  I think this would be a great addition for anyone's collection.  It is versitile in that you can utilize it as not only a cheek highlight, brow high light but it is really pretty applied wet as a lid color or mixed in clear gloss for an interesting lip gloss.  :)  I LOVE this stuff!  I gotta find some more for cheap! 

Bare Minerals Blush in First Class - This has sat in my drawer for a while.  This was one of the colors I had in my stock in my eBay store.  (I do have a few left.)  Well, I pulled this one out the other day when I did yet another one of my neutral looks and it turned out to be the perfect blush to go with browns!  It has just a little shimmer to it and is a muted brownish rose color.  I REALLY love it!  It is the swatch above the Rimmel pencil in the swatch photo.  I think I am going to take 2 jars and press a pan of it so it is more portable.  I really do like the color and I think it would look great on just about anyone!

Well, I think that just about covers it for this month!  If you have any questions about these products, just let me know!  Also, if you are interested in any of the BE products that I have, just let me know and I will publish a post with some photos of what I have left.  All of the jars are $5 each.  I am thinking of putting a few lots on eBay with some MU bags.  They would make PERFECT xmas gifts since they are all BN!  :)

If you guys would like to see the video version of my favs, you can check it out HERE.

Thanks for coming by again today!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blogger Rant! WTH??

So, I really dig you, Blogspot/Blogger!  But...why the hell are you not working for me lately??  Every time I pull up my site, this gadget or that gadget isn't working.  It isn't me on my YouTube vid bar, my followers aren't displayed loud and proud at the top of my page, my adsense is not there and countless other things are going wrong!  I cannot leave comments on my posts, much less any one else's!  I mean, I would really like to show my love to other people I love to read and tell KoKo, yes, you do deserve it and CMK2 & toshiam...dang, you guys are some of the best commenters in the WORLD!  I really wish the kinks would get worked out around here!  I love how easy this site is, but if it doens't start wokring for me soon, I will have to move and I REALLY don't want to do that after all I have gone through to get this page where I wanted it! 

Well, anyhow...that is my rant.  I am pretty angry about not being able to use this easily, and I am not the only one!  Tell me your rant about blogger/blogspot and what hasn't been working for you here or on other's blogs (or your own of course)!  I am tired of feeling like it is just ME that the site hates!  LOL!

Loves you guys!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I don't know what is up with Blogspot lately, or if it is my lame computer, but I haven't been able to make comments on ANY blog!  So, just so you guys know, I AM reading all of your comments and responses will come as soon as the comment page decides to load on my computer!  Sorry guys and thanks for coming by and commenting!  I'm editing some new YT vids, so make sure to go check those out!  :)  Loves ya!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Throwin Some Love Their Way!

I had a thought, how wonderful it would be to show some love to some AWESOME people that have blogs I love!  Some of these people have supported me, some have not, but I still love reading and keeping in touch with their blogs!  Not all of them are about makeup, but that doesn't make them any less interesting to read!

I believe I will share one blogger with you maybe once a week or at least every other week, so you can maybe check out some new material as well as give them some new foot traffic!  Personally, I LOVE to see new faces travel through my blog and I know these people will as well!  Some of them are HUGE bloggers and YouTubers, some are little, like me!  Either way, I love what they put out there and I would love to share with you why!

The first blogger I want to share with you guys is a sweetheart!  I met her first on the Forum.  We started chatting about the best way to conceal under eye circles.  I of course use nothing but Benefit's Erase Paste when I really need to conceal after a night of sleeplessness!  We chatted for a while on this subject and then I started to see her gorgeous face on the "Show Your Face" thread on that site and saw her unbelieveable talent!  This girl REALLY has a gift, you guys!!  Her name is KoKo aka Special-K!

She started blogging and doing videos shortly after we became web friends, and I was SO happy to see that!  Her posts are so great and she puts up some phenomenal looks!!!  I have a few photos here that are just some of my favorites of some of her work.  If you only speak English, you will have to translate her page, but that is not an issue since she has a translator right there for you!  Some days, I don't have to translate it to know what she is talking about since she posts a lot of super great photos to illustrate each entry!

She is such a beautiful woman and has an eye for this art!  I, personally, feel that she will go far in this profession if she persues it!  Make sure to go check out her blog and click to follow!  She posts great stuff, often and that is what I like to see out of bloggers!  I hope you enjoy her blog as much as I do!

KoKo, I want you to know how much I love reading your blog honey!  I just wanted to let anyone that passed through my page to know about you!  I think you are just fabulous and you deserve all the followers you get!  You talent is amazing so just keep on doing what you do and keep on learning!  The sky really is the limit for you!  :)  Loves ya honey!  Take care and I will talk to you soon!  :)

Like I said before, I am going to be "featuring", I guess you could say, a new blogger every week or two for you guys to check out.  They may not all be about makeup, but interesting still!  If you guys have someone that you would like me to feature, email me and I will happily feature them!  Make sure you tell me why you like their blog or website so much and why you think everyone else should read what they have to say!  I would love to add some new blogs to my list as well!

Thanks for coming by you guys!  I hope this post was helpful!  Take care and have a great day!  See you all later!

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Dazzling Holiday Look Courtesy of Sephora...

Here are the holidays ladies and gents!  You know, it seems the older I get, the quicker they come!  When I was a kid, it seemed like it would take a lifetime before Christmas or my birthday would roll around.  Now, when I wish it would take forever, it doesn't!  I mean, where did this year go?  Does anyone else feel that way...or is it just me!?  Well, can't stop it now, so I will just get to the point of this post!  :)

I have told you all about my loss of inspiration and I am sure you are all tired to death of hearing about it.  Well, I have been sitting down every night and playing with color, of all things!  LOL!  I have even changed up my neutral day time looks to be a little more fun and exciting!  Yes, you can make browns look amazingly interesting with a little extra effort!  LOL!

Since this tragic time fell upon me, I have scoured the net daily searching and saving pics that I love and that seem, at the time, to inspire me.  Bad thing about it, I am always somewhere that I can't just break out the brushes and get to work!  Anyway...I went to Sephora online today since I got a Beauty Insider coupon and started looking around their site at products and pics.  I ended up in their "Get the Look" section and the holiday looks they have are simply amazing!  I know these were all in the Holiday 09 book, but mine never showed up, so this will just have to do!

Our of all those looks, this one has to have been my fav!  I LOVE the glitter and glimmer, especially on the lips!  I don't know what it is about glittery looks, but I just love them!  I especially love this one because it is a combination of pinks and purples.  I think this has to be one of the most inspiring photos I have seen in a while along the lines of holiday looks!  I am going home tonight and trying it on for size!  I will film and hopefully, all turns out well and you will see it on my YouTube channel!

I did get a look filmed this weekend between my cleaning frenzy trying to get the smoke smell out of the house from the small kitchen fire I frig set last week!  Sorry, guys, but that was top priority!  I know I have been severely MIA and I am GOING to make it all up to you soon!  If I could get back in the grove of doing new and different looks everyday, I could at least post pics here...but, yeah, we all see how quickly THAT is going to happen!  LOL!

Well, hopefully, these pics inspire you guys to do somehting great!  If you do a look like this, email it to and I will do a post of followers looks!!!  That can always turn into another giveaway, you never know!  :)  Loves ya!

A Question, You Say??

Want to know something about me??

If there are any questions you would like to ask about me or of me, just click the link above and ask me!  I won't know who the questions come from, but that they were asked!  Feel free to ask me about things other than beauty and makeup, but just keep it clean.  I will not honor a rude question with an answer and will not stoop to answering any questions that are off color.  Just keep it clean and I will keep the site going.

Go to the site and sign up for your own Formspring account and get to know the people that visit your blog or website too!!

Check for a gadget in the side bar later on with the link so you can ask questions any time they come to you!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Did you miss out too??

I have been pretty bummed since I missed out on the majority of the limited edition items I longed for from MAC.  I had SO badly wanted the majority of the Style Black collection and the liners from the "MAC" collection...even a few Style Warriors items!  But, I suppose that is how LE items go, they only produce/release so many for sale on a first come, first serve basis.  If you get them...KILLER, if you don't...BOO for you!  Well, like many of you, I am on a strict budget when it comes to makeup.  The majority of stuff I get these days are from me selling my stash or swapping with people.  Just because I am on a budget, doesn't mean I can't look!!

So, last night, I was browsing around the net and decided to hit Nordstrom's MAC site just to see if they had any exclusives I didn't know about.  I got there to find, they still had the Kohl Power Pencils in of those products I REALLY wanted but missed out on!  Well, that got me to thinking, if they had this product, what other ones did they have that I didn't get??  Well, I found TONS of products that I thought I would end up paying big bucks for in a couple of months when people that bought 5 back ups decide they really don't need that many of one item! 

Low and behold, I am NOT going to have to deal with these crazy women that go to the counter/store and buy 7 of one eye shadow, 4 quads, and 9 lip sticks in the same color because they just LOVE the color and HAVE to be able to have access to it for the rest of their lives.  They never think that they will NEVER use all that product because their vanities are like mine and are full of a million and ONE other items longing for use!!!!!!!!  Okay...sorry for that rant and sorry if you are one of those women/men that do go to the counter and do that!  LOL!  I DON'T BLAME YOU!  I would probably do the same exact thing if I had the cash to do so!  Hell, I can't even pick up ONE item on a whim most weeks!  LOL!  What really gets me about people doing this is that when they decide that they DONT need that many tubes of lipstick in the same color and it is time to sell/swap, they mark the price up to $10-$20 over retail!  I know it is discontinued you guys, but really...I don't want a liner that is going to cost me $30 when I can most likely get something similar in another brand!

So......what this post was getting at before my crazy views got in the way, was that Nordstrom and all of these other department stores that house MAC counters, get these same products!  Just because you local counter doesn't have something, doesn't mean that the online store doesn't as well!!  GO CHECK OUT THESE SITES!!!  You will probably get just about everything you have been looking for!  Nordstrom still had collections all the way back to Makeup Art and there were not many colors sold out of the most popular things!

There you go!  Go shop and find all the things you have been wanting OR you could be the savior of Christmas and get your best girlfriend that eye shadow that she just barely missed out on getting and was so sad about!  :)  Just a thought!

**Dillards MAC Counter online is another place you could go look.  However, most people will go here when their local counter is sold out.  There are, I believe, more Dillard's than Nordstrom stores in the US.  They didn't have as great of choices on the LE items.

***Keep in mind when shopping at Nordstrom online, you will have to pay shipping.  There was a code for free shipping over $100, which can be pretty easy to do when buying MAC!  I was going to only get two of the Kohl Power pencils and the shipping was going to be $8.  That IS one thing to consider!  Just an FYI!

Friday, December 4, 2009

More Coupon Codes!

You know I like to keep you guys in the here ya go!

The codes below are for!

LOYAL: Free Mini Makeup Kit with your order!
EH50SB: 50% OFF ALL Studio and Bath Products!

Use these coupon codes at Benefit Online for some more major savings!

BBUCKS10: Gives you $10 off a $50 purchase
25BBUCKS: Gives you $25 off a $100 purchase

As always, on this site, you get free shipping on orders over $50 and FREE SAMPLES in your package!  TOTALLY worth ordering with this company!  Also, every day in December they will be hosting Gift Me Gorgeous where there will be special offers on gifts, shipping deals, and tips and tricks for you to check out!  Go to the link above to check out the calendar of events!

(Now if only they were still selling the F.Y.Eye, I would be in heaven! Ugh...I am still angry about that one and wondering what they were thinking discontinuing the product! If any of you guys know anything about it, please let me know!)

These codes will certainly come in handy right here at the holidays! Perfect for rounding up stocking stuffers!

Also, make sure you check out MAC Cosmetics Online to get free shipping on any order!

Coastal Scents is also having a clearance sale where you can find $10 brush kits, $1.95 lip glosses and more!

As always, if I see or hear of any great sales or gift ideas, I will let you guys know!

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I know, I know...this layout is kinda boring, but it is the only thing I could get to work and work properly. The other layouts did not have the nav bar at the top and to me, that makes it a lot more difficult to follow a blog you want to keep up with. I suppose, keeping things simple, will make you life, and mine, a lot easier! Maybe later on down the line, I will decide to spend the cash and have someone design a really killer blog for me! (thanks for the name toshiam, btw!)

Alright, now that all the crazy stuff is over, things are going to get back to normal around here! I have a lot to tell you guys and stuff to show you and review! So, get ready to get back movin along properly!

Thanks for everyone being so patient with me while I figured this stuff out! I really appreciate it! I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will be back with you shortly!

Much love always!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Alright everyone...I am SO trying to get this silly blog back in order, but I am having a tough time! All I wanted was to find a layout that reflected what the blog was about and sort of my personality. Something pretty to look at and user friendly...needless to say, it has become a bigger hassle than I thought! LOL!

I am really not the worlds greatest with computers and technology and I would kill to have someone design a layout (and do just for me and my readers. Since these things cost money and well, its Christmas folks, that just isn't an option right now!

So, if you guys see a different layout everyday, or find issues with the page gadgets not working, never fear...please know I am working to get everything in order! :) I am about to give up and just use one of the simple blogger layouts for now until I can get someone to design a logo or a layout for me. So, if any of you know a great graphic designer that works for reasonable amounts, let me know! I would love to check out their work and possibly utilize their services in the future!

I will be filming tonight...FINALLY! I have you guys' comment goodies to show and announcements about the giveaway to tell that are too much to write! I will make sure to post the vid here, but as always...I love seeing you guys on my channel too!!!

Thanks to everyone for your patience! Once I get this page all sorted out, we will get back into normal posts and I will get responses to all your comments posted as well!!

Much love always you guys!!! Talk to you again SOON