Thursday, December 31, 2009

Miss You Guys!!!

Needless to say, Christmas has come and gone.  It was, well, interesting to say the least.  There were super great points and super NOT great points.  We had fun, but I am glad it is over.  I was just exhausted!  But, last week was NO match for this week!

I was supposed to be off all week this week.  I had planned to film and post on YouTube and here, sell some stuff on eBay and really get caught up and get the first of the year started with a bang on all my networking sites for you guys!  My, how that SO did NOT happen!

Last week, on Monday, I was asked to work Wednesday in shipping (today).  I agreed.  Besides, just one day and I really don't mind shipping.  It def isn't my desk job, but it can be fun with the people that work out there.  We had a great deal of orders drop and had to get it all out before the end of the month to be able to reach our quota for the month AND year.  THIS was the important part!

I agree to the Wednesday, then Tuesday was added and Monday added at 530pm on December 23rd!  Well, these days were meant specifically for assembling.......I HATE ASSEMBLY!!!  I don't have the patience for it...and it showed.  The only thing that saved me there was the fact that I didn't have to wear makeup and the women that were there working with me are a freakin riot!  Don't you just love it when you work with killer people that you know you can count on, no matter what, to keep you in a stellar mood!?  It is wonderful. 

Well, I may have made it through, but I am def feeling the effects of bustin it all week!  So, this is where I have been.  I feel just awful for it too!  Now, my mother informs me that we have all these people, COMING TO STAY, tomorrow night for the new year and no one is allowed on cells or computers.  Well, yeah, that's just not going to I 7 or 27?? 

Really, I am trying to work up some plans but, where I live, the only places to go are always so packed you can't move and that is just miserable to me!  I would rather sit, safely, at home with my champagne and ring in the new year! 

So, since I live in the most NOT cool NYE town in the world, I would LOVE to hear what you guys are doing so I can live vicariously through you!  LOL!  Let me know what super killer events happen where you are OR where you are going to catch some fun!  I SO wish I could go to the Widespread Panic show, Phish show, OR the Lady Gaga show!  Now, ANY one of those evenings would be one to remember!  LOL!

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toshiam said...

I feel you on not doing anything. We aren't doing anything either. We couldn't find a sitter for our daughter tonight. Not much happens where I live either. We usually go to a friend's house for NYE. This year we are just sitting at home. Hope you have a Happy New Year!