Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas EVE Everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas EVE!  I am wrapping, cooking, cleaning, and getting ready for Santa...simply put...running around like a MAD woman!  LOL!  For those of you that get to kick back and relax on your day off, relax a bit for me!  For all you parents out there doing what I am doing...Im sorry...we should start earlier next year!  LOL!  AND, for all of you traveling today and reading this on your phone...BE SAFE! 

If I don't get to post tomorrow...I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and get what you hoped for!  I am just ready for the look on my daughters face when she see's what Santa brings!  PRICELESS!!

Oh, and get ready YouTube subs....I am going to have a vid coming so you guys can post a response of what you got from Santa too!  I LOVE to see what everyone asked for and received!  It is SO much fun!  NOW....FINGERS CROSSED that I get my new camera to film that vid on!!!  LOL!

LOVE YOU ALL...thank you and I will talk to you soon!  :)


woodwinkedgirl said...

Merry Christmas! remember back in the day when you would wake up super early out of pure excitement? and now....sleep is so precious I may have asked Santa for a nap.

toshiam said...

Merry Christmas! I hope you have a great day!

CMK2 said...

Merry Christmas love. I would have posted it yesterday but for some reason it would not show the comment button. But better late then never right. Much love doll