Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gearing Up For Halloween...

Needless to say, things are crazy hectic around my house this week! Not only am I constructing my daughters cat costume from scratch (it is going to look like the cats from Cats-Broadway), we are haunting our garage for the kids in the neighborhood. I forgot how much work goes into making haunted scenes and houses…not to mention all the stuff you have to have that you wouldn’t normally think about needing! If I have been to Walmart/Target once this week, I have been a thousand times!! Were talking everything from masks, to glow sticks, to duct tape, to pool noodles (I will explain that one later! LOL!)…we have spent a small fortune!
I am going to make sure to take some film of the garage for you guys to see on my YouTube channel as well as my look for Halloween. I may even do a vid on how I am making my daughters costume in case any of you guys are interested. Making costumes is NOTHING like making regular clothes. Keep in mind…they are normally just worn once or twice (unless you are doing a play).

I feel terrible because I have flaked pretty bad on Halloween looks. I feel as though I owe you all an apology for not posting like I hoped I would. Everytime I thought of a great thing to do, I would pull up YouTube and someone would have already done it. My thing about it is that I don’t want to run something in the ground or make it come across as if I am copying another guru. That isn’t cool. I am going to be posting my makeup. I am going to do a practice run probably Thursday night or Friday and get it posted prior to Saturday in the event any of you guys wanting to be a witch would like to use my little tricks. You, more than likely, will have all the extra items lying around your house!

Since I didn’t do any Halloween looks, there are a few things that I am going to do after Halloween prior to posting my contest/giveaway. (Speaking of, I really hoped to get to 200 subs for the contest prior to posting, so spread the word!!!) I have some sort of editorial/character type looks that I would love to do! I am thinking about doing one or two a month rather than just regular ole looks all the time. I just want to mix it up a bit and have some fun! Why do people think you can only play around with character makeup just at Halloween?? This way…if you see something you like, you can play throughout the year to pick up all the right components for the makeup and costume and be more than ready for the big day! OR, if you are involved in any sort of production and need help, I would happily do a look for that! I majored in theatre and have grown up around the art, so I have a working knowledge of things like this in addition to characters, so on and so forth.

Again, if you see any photos that you think would spark my inspiration that is lacking, feel free to email them to me at! I would LOVE to see some new stuff! Oh, and I would LOVE to get my inspiration back!!

Thanks to all you guys that have clicked to follow and even you guys that are taking time out to simply read my posts! I really appreciate it! BUT, if you are here just reading, make sure to click to follow so you can be involved in my blog giveaway! I am going to post details soon, so keep an eye out for that and make sure to visit here everyday!!!

Love you guys!!! Talk to you all soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What do you guys think??

So, I want to do some new things with my blog that you guys will enjoy. That means, I need your input! I would like to write about and post about things you guys are interested in! :) I see so many people posting their LOTD, hauls, outfits of the day/week, shopping excursions, so on and so forth.

What is it you like about your favorite blogs? What makes you check out the content daily? I know I love to see outfits of the day and LOTD. They always jumpstart my mind into how I could take one component from those looks and make it my own.

Right now, my inspiration is severely lacking. All I can think is the weather has something to do with this issue. I absolutely hate the cold weather and I am a total summer baby! Generally during this time of year, I never want to get out and all I want to do is read, watch movies, or...sleep! LOL! This is why I am turning to you guys to see what it is you guys are thinking you would like to see!

So, let me know in the comments below or email me at If you have any killer inspiration photos that you think will jumpstart my enthusiasm again, I would love to take a look at them. Google images have been my friend lately as well as MAC face charts. If you do have a photo you think would help my slump, send it to the email above!

I also want to thank you all for following my blog. I know there are only 18 of you, but seriously, that is more I ever thought I would have! :) So, thanks a million! I am about ready to post the giveaway, so keep your eyes peeled for that and spread the word! :)

Love you guys!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Follow up to MAC PRO rant...

Hey guys! I just wanted to write a little follow up to my Mac Pro rant from the other night. I had sent them an email right after I opened the letter, around 530pm. I really didn't expect a reply for a while. I mean, most companies rarely reply within a week, if they reply at all! I simply asked in the email what I did wrong, explained that that was the 2nd time I had sent the packet, and asked what I needed to fix to resubmit. Well, around 930pm (this is all CST) I went back to my computer to do some work and low and behold...there was an email from Mac Pro! I mean...WOW!!! Oh, and it wasn't just a generic email with generic information, it was one from an actual person!!!

So, they told me what I needed to do to fix my submission and told me to mail the packet to his attention in NY so I wouldn't have to wait on it to go to Canada. He said if it came straight to him, it would be reviewed quicker and the process wouldn't take as long since I have waited this long already! SO nice!!!

So, see, this is why I always choose to do business with this company and this is also why I exclusively use their products on 95% of my clients! Not only do you get phenomenal products, but this just shows me their service is all for the customer.

I do plan to resubmit my information as soon as I get a new letter of reccommendation and my new business cards. (Yay! I am getting new business cards! They have been it should only take a couple of weeks to get them here! Woohoo!!!) I am just hopeful that I can get the card. Like I replied to Peaches...I truly just want to have the opportunity to participate in the master classes! I feel you can never know too much about your trade/profession and continuing education, in any field, is the key to success. And, in our field, keeping up with the trends is the most important thing we need to do!

I still hope that MAC starts cracking down on people trying to get these cards for the hell of it. I don't find it fair, but hey, that's just my opinion! I mean, if everyone was intended to get the discounts, don't you think they would just sell all their products for that price and totally eliminate the Pro Card? Think about that one...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What the hell, Mac Pro?

So, today, in the mail, I received an envelope from Mac Pro. I sent off a few months ago for my membership. The first time, my package was returned by the postal service. Apparently, there was something missing from the address. This time, it was Mac that sent it back...
I have been wanting to try and get my pro membership with Mac since I started my freelancing, but have held off thinking that I would never get it and it was probably a waste of time because I only worked part time doing this. Then, I really thought about it and after talking to a few other pros, decided I could greatly benefit from getting this membership. How wonderful it would be to not have to mix a million colors of foundation, pigments, or lipsticks to get the right color. How great would it be to just have on hand!? If I had a Pro card, it would be extremely easy to stock my kit with all the necessities I would need to do makeup for any person on any job.
So, I gathered what I thougth were all the proper materials, going over with other pros making sure I had the right things as to not waste Mac's time. I had my business card, well, my old one because I am trying to use those up before I have my new ones made, a copy of my license, a letter of reference from my best and most recurring client, my application, and my payment. Everything was signed and neat, ready to go. So, this is where I am stumped.
When I received the packet in the mail today from them, it included all the papers I sent them and a generic letter with a check list of reasons why one may not receive their pro card. The reason mine was sent back was because I didn't provide 2 forms of proof. Now, correct me if I am wrong, I had my letter and my business what was I missing?
It really makes me think that after all this time of people posting these videos on YouTube about how you can skip around the system and get a pro card, without being a MUA...Mac is now buckling down on who is going to receive a membership card from them. I may not do this as a full time job, I mean, I really wouldn't be able to survive in the town I live in if that was my soul source of income. There just are not enough jobs available! Most work I do is for free, just to get out into the community and surrounding areas! I HAVE to work a 9-5 to put food on the table.
I work very hard and have worked very hard to learn and to keep learning this art form. I am not the best by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel I am good enough for people to come back for more! So, I suppose what I am looking for from any of you guys is your opinion on the matter. Why do you guys think I didn't get it, how do you feel about non pros/individuals acquiring these cards only for personal use? Let me know what you think in the comments below! I want to know! AND, if any of you guys know what I did wrong...Please, enlighten me! I would love to know what I need to change so that I can reapply! I have a lot of BIG jobs coming up soon and honestly don't know how I am going to fund it! Agh!!!! LOL!
I tell ya, it has been a hell of a nightmare these past 3 months playing the waiting game to not get anywhere! So, if you are planning to apply for your Pro card, be ready for a wait and the possibility to be let down! Just keep your head up and keep trying, that is what I am going to do!

Monday, October 19, 2009

How to get rid of oily skin, you ask??

I posted a new video on YouTube that will address this concern of ours, so make sure to go check it out!

You won't be using makeup of any sort, no mattifiers or blot powders. Just all natural and cheap ingredients go into this quick tip for my Beauty Secrets Series for you guys!

Click the link below and go check it out!!! Plus, if you haven't subscribed already, click the yellow box to do so for more quick tips and a contest that is coming soon!!! :)

Benefit Friends and Family Online Sale

Hey everyone!

In addition to the Sephora Friends and Family Sale, I just found out about the Online Sale Benefit is having as well!!! To receive 20% off your online order at, just enter the coupon code FRIEND09!

This code is good until Saturday, October 31st!

This is a killer deal, especially for all of you that adore Benefit products as much as I do!!! I can't wait to get a few more things I have been meaning to try!! Woohoo!!!

Sephora Friends & Family Online Sale!

I wanted to share the Sephora Friends and Family Online Sale code with you!


This sale runs today, October 19th, thru November 2nd! With this code entered at check out, you will recieve 20% off your entire order! Plus, you will receive free shipping on order if you spend over $50!

So, make sure to hit to place an order and take advantage of these great savings! But, keep in mind...this sale is online only!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Planning a Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been MIA, again, for a while! Things have got crazy at work and I am working 2 jobs. Man, I really wish I could clone myself! It would make keeping up with everything a lot easier! LOL...

Anyway! I have a few things planned here for my blog and on my YouTube channel. I am going to get a contest together for after halloween. I was going to have one before halloween, but there are TONS of people holding contests right now, so I don't want you guys to be overly busy with all the contests you would like to enter! I am also working on getting all the prizes together and they are going to be make sure to go sub to my channel if you haven't already!

In correlation to the contest on YouTube, I am going to have a giveaway here on my blog for anyone that doesn't like to do videos or anything like that. BUT, you have to be a make sure to spread the word!!! The prizes for the giveaway are going to be super killer as well and def something you guys would love to have in your collections, so click to follow!!!!

In the mean time, I am getting all my halloween looks finished up and ready to film. I have got just about everything I need and have practiced to make sure I have them how I want you guys to see those will be coming up soon as well!

There will also be additonal beauty secrets that I will be posting!! I have got some from some of my subs on YouTube so I am adding those to the list as well!!!

I will be posting a great deal on YouTube this weekend as I have taken the opportunity of my daughter being out of town all weekend to just devote this time to all of you guys!!! I hit 100 subs so I am super pumped and look forward to adding more subs daily so i want to hook you all up with some killer vids and posts!

As always, if you have any quesitons or comments...LEAVE THEM or you can email me at! I love to hear from all of you!!!

I can't wait until this weekend and hope you guys enjoy everything I have in store!

Much love always and I will see you all very soon!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Natural Browns - Products from Updates Video Look

Requested by: southrnhippychk - Ah who am I kidding...she isn't just any subscriber...she is my Best Friend for life that moved to ALASKA of all places and just left me all by myself! BOO!!! LOL, just kidding...I'm cool! I do miss her tho and it is super killer to know she really is watching! :) Love you honey! on to the for real post!

One of my girlfriends/subs asked what I was wearing on my face in my recent Updates video ( ) so, I thought this would be the perfect video to start listing the products I am wearing! I will do my best to have the products posted after every video. If I am wearing a similar look to a previous video, I will give you the link to the post with the correct product listing! J

Keep in mind, I don’t mind you asking what I am wearing in the comments section or message portion on YouTube! I LOVE seeing what you guys thing or what you have to say!!! I just figure this will be easiest if you would like to see the entire list! J

**Right now, my foundation/priming routine is about the same every day. Sometimes there are deviations but I will always make sure I note any changes to the same ole thing! LOL! I won’t list those products every time, but I will outline them here for you to reference! J I will be doing a video on my new foundation routine sometime in the VERY near future for you guys!

On to the goods!

Foundation/Priming Routine

Chanel Eyeshadow base – Rose on entire eye
Benefit Erase Paste – beneath the eye to conceal circles/bags
Benefit Powderflage – to set erase paste & brighten under eye area
ELF Brow Kit – uhhh, duh, brows! LOL!
Clubman Mustache Wax – Brow Set
Rimmel Face Primer
Loreal Tru Match Foundation Compact N3
Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation – Over tru match to even out color
Boi-ing Concealer Light – for redness around nose and mouth, erase lips
ELF Complexion Perfection Powder – all over set
Rimmel Bronzer Sun Bronze – Contour cheeks & add all over color
MAC Cream Color Base Pearl – cheek bones & line down nose
Sonia Kashuk LE Highlight Powder – Pink Sands to set the Pearl Base

**Now…this is everything color-wise that I used on my face and eyes. This is the good stuff! LOL!!!

Face & Eye Colors:

MAC Stark Naked Blush
Revlon Mousse Shadow Brown Suede – all over lid blended into crease
MAC e/s Seedling – blended from crease midway up to brow
MAC e/s Nylon – brow highlight blended into Seedling also used to set Pixie Cream Shadow (below)
MAC e/s Glamour Check – Blended into crease and outer “v” area in.
Wet N Wild Idol Eyes Cr̬me Shadow Pencil 130 Pixie Рlined under lower lashes, around tear duct area blended inward
MAC Powerpoint Liner Industry – Tightline upper and lower water line, smudge into lash line upper/lower
MAC Dazzlelash Mascara Dazzleblack
MAC Viva Glam V l/s
MAC Flourabundance Lipglass

And of course, brushes, qtips, round mu sponge, & triangle mu sponge.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below, email me at, or you can message/comment via

Thanks for coming by you guys! I will have a new post for ya soon! ;)