Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What the hell, Mac Pro?

So, today, in the mail, I received an envelope from Mac Pro. I sent off a few months ago for my membership. The first time, my package was returned by the postal service. Apparently, there was something missing from the address. This time, it was Mac that sent it back...
I have been wanting to try and get my pro membership with Mac since I started my freelancing, but have held off thinking that I would never get it and it was probably a waste of time because I only worked part time doing this. Then, I really thought about it and after talking to a few other pros, decided I could greatly benefit from getting this membership. How wonderful it would be to not have to mix a million colors of foundation, pigments, or lipsticks to get the right color. How great would it be to just have on hand!? If I had a Pro card, it would be extremely easy to stock my kit with all the necessities I would need to do makeup for any person on any job.
So, I gathered what I thougth were all the proper materials, going over with other pros making sure I had the right things as to not waste Mac's time. I had my business card, well, my old one because I am trying to use those up before I have my new ones made, a copy of my license, a letter of reference from my best and most recurring client, my application, and my payment. Everything was signed and neat, ready to go. So, this is where I am stumped.
When I received the packet in the mail today from them, it included all the papers I sent them and a generic letter with a check list of reasons why one may not receive their pro card. The reason mine was sent back was because I didn't provide 2 forms of proof. Now, correct me if I am wrong, I had my letter and my business what was I missing?
It really makes me think that after all this time of people posting these videos on YouTube about how you can skip around the system and get a pro card, without being a MUA...Mac is now buckling down on who is going to receive a membership card from them. I may not do this as a full time job, I mean, I really wouldn't be able to survive in the town I live in if that was my soul source of income. There just are not enough jobs available! Most work I do is for free, just to get out into the community and surrounding areas! I HAVE to work a 9-5 to put food on the table.
I work very hard and have worked very hard to learn and to keep learning this art form. I am not the best by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel I am good enough for people to come back for more! So, I suppose what I am looking for from any of you guys is your opinion on the matter. Why do you guys think I didn't get it, how do you feel about non pros/individuals acquiring these cards only for personal use? Let me know what you think in the comments below! I want to know! AND, if any of you guys know what I did wrong...Please, enlighten me! I would love to know what I need to change so that I can reapply! I have a lot of BIG jobs coming up soon and honestly don't know how I am going to fund it! Agh!!!! LOL!
I tell ya, it has been a hell of a nightmare these past 3 months playing the waiting game to not get anywhere! So, if you are planning to apply for your Pro card, be ready for a wait and the possibility to be let down! Just keep your head up and keep trying, that is what I am going to do!


ƸӜƷ Ƥėąċħē§§ ƸӜƷ said...

Now that is a lot of crap! I have to admit, I was wondering myself if MAC would start to restrict Pro Cards after the influx of Youtubers getting cards so easily! Some deserving...others not so much. Personally, it think it did more harm than good for ppl to announce their getting a Pro Card publicly...but, that's my opinion.

I have had my License for more than 25 yrs & I have thought about getting my MAC Pro Card from time to time...honestly, I just never have as the closest Pro Store is 2+ hours away & that's just one would cost me much more in fuel for my car & tolls than any savings I would get from going there & getting a Pro discount.

I can't see why you were denied a Pro Card as you certainly had all the needed proof?!? Maybe you can wait a bit & give it another go...

Vanitys_Edge said...

I am DEF going to resend all the information. I received an answer back from an email I sent them inquiring about what I did wrong. The person said I just didn't have the letter on letterhead. THAT WAS ALL! Ugh...he told me to fix it, re fill out the app, and resend directly to him in his NY office so I wouldn't have to wait for the packet to go to Canada and again, wait over a month to hear something.

I know they are prob buckling down on acquiring these cards now. I have just recently started my freelancing (actually grew enough balls to just go for it! LOL) and my main purpose for wanting it is to have the opportunity to attend the master classes. I would give anything to be able to participate in one a month or something like that to futher my knowledge of our field.

I just hope when I send this again, the third time is a charm! LOL!