Friday, October 23, 2009

Follow up to MAC PRO rant...

Hey guys! I just wanted to write a little follow up to my Mac Pro rant from the other night. I had sent them an email right after I opened the letter, around 530pm. I really didn't expect a reply for a while. I mean, most companies rarely reply within a week, if they reply at all! I simply asked in the email what I did wrong, explained that that was the 2nd time I had sent the packet, and asked what I needed to fix to resubmit. Well, around 930pm (this is all CST) I went back to my computer to do some work and low and behold...there was an email from Mac Pro! I mean...WOW!!! Oh, and it wasn't just a generic email with generic information, it was one from an actual person!!!

So, they told me what I needed to do to fix my submission and told me to mail the packet to his attention in NY so I wouldn't have to wait on it to go to Canada. He said if it came straight to him, it would be reviewed quicker and the process wouldn't take as long since I have waited this long already! SO nice!!!

So, see, this is why I always choose to do business with this company and this is also why I exclusively use their products on 95% of my clients! Not only do you get phenomenal products, but this just shows me their service is all for the customer.

I do plan to resubmit my information as soon as I get a new letter of reccommendation and my new business cards. (Yay! I am getting new business cards! They have been it should only take a couple of weeks to get them here! Woohoo!!!) I am just hopeful that I can get the card. Like I replied to Peaches...I truly just want to have the opportunity to participate in the master classes! I feel you can never know too much about your trade/profession and continuing education, in any field, is the key to success. And, in our field, keeping up with the trends is the most important thing we need to do!

I still hope that MAC starts cracking down on people trying to get these cards for the hell of it. I don't find it fair, but hey, that's just my opinion! I mean, if everyone was intended to get the discounts, don't you think they would just sell all their products for that price and totally eliminate the Pro Card? Think about that one...

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