Thursday, April 29, 2010

GIANT Giveaway at Get Ready For Summer!

While perusing blog posts yesterday, I came across this one at Get Ready For Summer about a giveaway she is having!  As you can see by the photo above & the coordinating list below, there are a great deal of killer products you can win in this particular giveaway and there is something for everyone!  Check out the link and click to follow to participate in her giveaway!  What do you have to loose???  Good luck to all of you that enter! 
1. CHANEL PARTICULIERE 505 nail polish from Spring 2010 collection (Do I need to tell you it is SOLD OUT everywhere? ;))

2. THE BODY SHOP Neroli Jasmin shower gel & body lotion (both 50ml)
3. MAYBELLINE Dream Sunglow Bronzing Booster

5. CIATE : One Coat a Day (base polish), Hang Over Cure (treatment for cuticles), Super Sexy Dry (drying drops)

6. CALVIN KLEIN Ultimate edge Gel Eyeliner in shade 301 Cocoa Sheen (with mini brush)

7. H&M BRACELET (pink coral color with gold, perfect for spring/summer)

8. CIATE Pink Nail File

9. JILL SANDER SUN EDT 100ml (without alcohol, perfect for summer)

10. NYX LIPSTICKS in 3 colours: Electra, Indian Pink, Circle

11. NAIL ART FIMO fruits (3x10)


13. MORGAN STREET Lip Balm Chocolate Cake

14. 5 SHE STYLEZONE Nailpolishes

15. OPI nailpolish LA- PAZ-ITIVELY HOT normal version + MATTE version

16. THE BODY SHOP RASPBERRY Body Butter 200ml

17. FRUCTIS Elastic Power Fix Hairspray

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Battle of the Primers - Coming Soon & I Need YOUR Help!

Primers…there are a million of them out there from special eye primers to shadow sticks to eye liners that you can use. So, which one works the best!? I figured the best way to find out was to sort of have a tournament of primers! I am going to do this the obvious way…wear two different primers each day and see which one out does the other. Whichever primer has the best results that day, will move on to the next competitor the following day. I will move through each primer I have and even try and get my hands on some more! (I don’t know if I will have time to film or photograph applying each primer in the mornings (because it is CRAZY at my house in the am), so you will just have to trust me with this!

I am going to start this as soon as possible, so I would like a little help from you guys! I would like to know if there are any eye primers that you would like to be included in the competition specifically. I will most likely have to purchase any of the new primers that are out there. I would like to try and keep the cost of each primer around $20 or so. Also, if there are any specific match ups you would like me to do, like a Paint Pot against TFSI, let me know that as well. Otherwise, I will start with UDPP & a Paintpot and move through them that way.
Hopefully, this will put to rest any questions we may have when it comes to primers! I am hoping to find the best one for me, specifically, and if I can help you guys out along the way, I would love to! I am probably one of the best subjects to do this on considering I have the most watery eyes on the face of the planet, wear contacts, and am always putting drops in my eyes. So, if it is going to stay on me…it will stay on most anyone!

Give me some feedback you guys! I'd love to start the competition soon!  I am going to start rounding up some of the primers I don't have so make sure to comment on the ones that you would like to see so I can get those as well!  I was hoping this would at least give us something to do while I am on my forced YouTube hiatous.  Thanks!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


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Win a full set of ELLIS FAAS makeup, no strings attached, on beautywoome this month.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

NYX SALE: Only a Little More Waiting to Go!

Yep, you got it...NYX Cosmetics is having a sale STARTING SOON!  At 12pm PST you can click this link to get to the sale!  As always, you can get items up to 80% off so make sure to check it out!  I don't know if they are selling in sets like they sometimes do or if you are going to be able to purchase items seperately.  Either way, the prices are always phenomenal and you can really rack up for cheap! 

Make sure to hurry and get to shopping soon!  The sale ends Monday, May 3 at 12 pm PST.  These sales are always on a first come first serve basis and there are generally only limite quanitites of the products available!!

I am planning to get some lipsticks at least and maybe some eye shadows and glitter.  It all depends on the prices and what I am going to have to pay for shipping!  If you plan to shop this sale or do, share what you got in the comments below!  If you do a haul vid on your sale shopping, make sure to copy the link for us to check out! 

Happy shopping!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MAC Pret-A-Papier Products & Face Charts

I don't know about you guys, but for a while, I have been wearing a LOT of nudes & neutrals when it comes to my makeup.  Most of the magazine ads I have seen lately tend to be full of models wearing the nudes as well.  I know, you probably thing it gets boring for me, however, I generally use my lips as the canvas for color on my face.  (Sometimes my cheeks.)  But, I do make sure to wear some outlandish shade of lipcolor everyday so I still feel springy inside.  This is why I am in LOVE with the Pret-A-Papier.  The color is coming out in the lipsticks (and a couple of the shadows).  If you look at the face charts (below) you can see that the looks, for the most part, are nude/neutral. 

Here are some beautiful looks for you guys to try!  If you do, link me the pics or the video!  I would LOVE to check them out! 

**I know I generally don't post face charts and such, but I have them ALL.  If you are interested in particular collections face charts and would like me to post them, just let me know!  I will happily do so!  I also have charts from many other brands that I just started accumulating.  Is this something you guys would like to see on a regular basis?  I work SO hard on getting these charts together and keeping them organized, I hate not to share if you guys would like them!  Leave any comments on this topic in the comments below or you can email me, of course!**

***All information on the Pret-A-Papier Collection was gathered from the MAC Cosmetics website.***


Paint Pot $16.50:
Coral Crepe – Soft coral (Satin)
Groundwork – Mid-Tone neutral taupe (Satin)

Eye Shadow $14.50:
Tissueweight – Frosted pale peach (Frost)
Bamboo – Light beige with peach (Matte)
Cut To Fit – Frosted red bronze (Frost)
Gazette Grey – Dark green grey with gold pearl (Velvet)
Memorabilia – Dirty purple (Matte)

Studio Fix Lash $13.00

Chromagraphic Pencil $14.50:

Impeccable Brow Pencil $15.00:
Taupe – Mid-tone dirty taupe
Dirty Blonde – Cool light brown

Lipstick $14.00:
Archetype – Sheer light gold (Lustre)
Dressmaker, Dressmaker – Creamy light peach coral (Lustre)
Made To Order – Creamy midtone dirty coral (Lustre)
Kraft – Creamy midtone brown (Amplified)

Tinted Lipglass $14.00:
C-Thru – Peachy-beige with shimmer (Cream)
Fold and Tuck – Midtone bright coral w/soft pearl
Pret-a-Papier – Dark reddened brownze w/pearl

Powder Blush $18.50:
Instant Chic – Midtone muted coral (Sheertone)
Garb – Light golden suntan (Sheertone)

Mineralize Blush (Duo) $23.00:
Light Over Dark – Orange yellow mélange/deep brown

Nail Lacquer $12.00:
Brown Bag – Midtone warm dirty beige (Cream)
Originality – Sparkly copper bronze (Frost)


Brow: Enhance brows with Lingering Eye Brows.
Lid: Highlight under brows with Bamboo e/s. Apply Gazette Grey e/s on the eyelid. Contour the eye by blending Sumptuous Olive and Carbon e/s.
Liner: Define eyes with NW25/NC30 eye kohl. Blend Sumptuous Olive e/s through the lower lashes.
Lash: Apply Zoom Fast Black Lash through the lashes.
Cheeks: Blend Melba Powder Blush.
Lips: define lips with Chickory lip pencil and use l/s in Made to Order.

Brow: Define brows with Espresso e/s.
Lid: Highlight brow bone with Arena e/s. Apply Coral Crêpe Paint pot and Bamboo e/s over the eyelid. Use Cut to Fit e/s through the outer crease and apply Tissueweight e/s to the inner.
Liner: Define the upper lash line with Boot Black liquid eyeliner.
Lash: Finish the eyes with Plush lash in Plushblack on the lashes.
Cheeks: Use Light Over Dark Mineralize Blush.
Lips: Define and the lip with Oak lip pencil. Fill in lips with Archetype l/s and C-Thru lipglass.

Gazette Grey

Brow: Define brows with Taupe Impeccable Brow Pencil.
Lid: Highlight under brows with Blanc Type and Tissueweight e/s. Apply Tissueweight e/s over the lid and follow with Memorabilia e/s. Follow with Gazette Grey and Shadowy Lady e/s.
Liner: Define the upper lash line with Grey Utility PowerPoint eye pencil.
Lash: Apply Plush Lash Mascara in Plushblack through the lashes.
Cheeks: Apply Light Over Dark Mineralize blush under the cheeks.
Lips: Hydrate lips with Soothing Beige Tinted lip conditioner SPF15. Define the lip with Chicory lip pencil and fill with Archetype l/s. Follow with lipglass in C-Thru.

Fold and Tuck

Brow: Define brows by applying Dirty Blonde Impeccable Brow Pencil.
Lid: Highlight brow bone with Blanc Type e/s. Apply Coral Crepe Paint Pot to lid followed by Tissueweight e/s. Contour the eye with Gazette Grey followed by Bamboo e/s.
Liner: Apply Rapidblack Penultimate eye liner to the lashline.
Lash: Elongate and define lashes with Zoomblack Zoom Lash Mascara.
Cheeks: Apply Harmony Powder Blush.
Lips: contour the lip with Spice lip pencil before applying l/s in Dressmaker, Dressmaker. Finish with a dab of Fold and Tuck lipglass.

Made to Order

Brow: Define brows with Dirty Blonde Impeccable Brow Pencil.
Lid: Highlight browone with Blanc Type e/s. Apply e/s in Cut to Fit on the eyelid.
Liner: Define the upper lashline with Boot Black Liquid eye liner.
Lash: Apply Studio Fix Lash mascara in Black Fix on the lashes.
Cheeks: Contour cheeks with Instant Chic and Garb Sheertone Blushes.
Lips: Define the lip with Nightmoth lip pencil and fill with Made to Order lipstick. Top off look with Fold and Tuck lipglass.


Brow: Define brows with Dirty Blonde Impeccable Brow Pencil.
Lid: Blend Tissueweight and Memorabilia e/s on the browbone. Apply Cora Crepe Paint pot and Cut to Fit e/s over the eyelid.
Liner: Apply Blacktrack Fluidline through the upper waterline.
Lash: Finish the eyes with Zoom Fast Black Lash.
Cheeks: Sweep the cheeks with Light Over Dark Mineralize Blush.
Lips: Define the lip with Stripdown Lip Pencil. Apply Archetype l/s and follow with C-Thru lipglass.


Brow: Define brows with Saddle e/s.
Lid: Highlight browbone with Mylar e/s. Apply Tissueweight e/s over the eyelid. Contour with Saddle e/s.
Liner: Define the upper lashline with Boot Black liquid eye liner.
Lash: Define lashes with Dazzle lash mascara in Black Dazzle.
Cheeks: Dust Garb Sheertone Blush:
Lips: Line Lips with Chestnut Lip pencil and fill in using Kraft l/s. finish off by adding a coat of Prêt-A-Papier lipglass.


Brow: Fill in brows using Spiked eye brows.
Lid: Highlight under the browbone using Vanilla e/s. Neutralize the eyelid color by using Bare Study Paint Pot. Apply Tissueweight e/s to the eyelid. Add more definition to the eye with Tissueweight and Gazette Grey e/s.
Liner: Line the upper lashline with Blacktrack Fluidline.
Lash: Finish the eyes with Zoom Fast Black Lash.
Cheeks: Give cheeks color with Instant Chic Sheertone Blush.
Lips: Contour lips with Chicory lip pencil. Apply Made to Order l/s and follow with Fold and Tuck lipglass.

Items I MUST Own From This Collection

Chromagraphic Pencil in NC15/NW20
Paint Pot in Coral Crepe
Eye Shadows in Memorabilia, Gazette Grey, & Cut to Fit
Lipsticks in Archetype, Dressmaker, Dressmaker, & Made to Order
Lipglass in Fold & Tuck
Powder Blush in Instant Chic
Mineralize Blush in Light Over Dark
Nail Polish in Originality

I am sure not many of you will really enjoy this collection because it is so neutral and coral based.  But, I ADORE this new orange and coral trend that is happening right now!  I only wish they would have made fun new packaging for this collection like they did Liberty of London!  I suppose they used all their creative mojo on that collection! 

Let me know what you think of this new collection from MAC.  What do you love or hate about it?  Thoughts....opinions....I know you guys have tons of them!  Is there anything that you are going to run to your counter/store tomorrow and get right away?  Please let me know in the comments below!  And, don't forget, if you do a look based off one of the face charts above, send me the link to the pics and/or video!  I would love to see what you guys make of these looks with your colors or the colors fromt the collection.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Update...

For any of you that have lived without a computer after being connected at the hip to one for forever, you know how I am feeling right now.  For those of you that have not had to do without your pride and joy connection to the world...make sure to take care of what you have so you don't have to deal with what I am dealing with at the moment.  Yeah, you guessed right, I am STILL without a computer and it is seriously driving me bannanas!  I have tried every way I know how to weasle one out of my bro that has freakin 5 of the things, even had my boyfriend ask his brothers wife to give up the one she never uses.  No one feels sorry for me at all!  LOL!  My plan was to get a new computer with my tax money and that so did not go as planned!  The government decided to take most of my money away for a debt I didn't even know existed.  Nice. 

But, enough of my wallowing in self pity for a moment.  LOL!  I just wanted you to all know that I am still alive and still kickin with the makeup thing.  I am working really hard to save as much money as possible so I CAN get a computer SOON so I can get both my webistes back up and running.  For all of you that are still with me and waiting, I appreciate you all more than you know!  And, for all of you that have newly subbed to my YouTube account...well, that means more to me than ANYTHING!  It is so nice to get support even when you don't have the means to update on a regular basis. 

I seriously cannot wait to get things back up and running and hope to do so soon!!  I have a great deal of things planned and have been working on reviews and getting new ideas and a new direction for everyhting ready to go.  Once I have the computer, I will be able to construct all the new tabs I added here on my blog before all this happened.  I cannot wait to get some new material out there for you guys to enjoy!

So, again...for all of your support, I really thank you and hope you all stick around a bit longer to see where I go from here!  I LOVE the work I do here and on YouTube and plan to do it for a LONG time to come!  I view this as a bit of a vacation, if you will.  I will continue to update as much as possible and will continue to hand write blogs for now, to post later.  Until later comes, I hope you are all doing well and take care!  I love you all and miss you tons!!!

XOXO - Laura

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Update on Giveaway...Sorry It's SO Late!

I wrote this a week or so ago and still wanted to post it. I have not had access to a computer at all lately and hate that I have not been able to update you all regarding the giveaway and I know this update is terribly late, but here all the same. I have filmed the prize video and just have to get some time on a computer to edit and upload. I will post that for you guys with the date that I will do the drawing. Continue to comment on any post that I put up because EVERY comment counts as an entry up until the drawing. I know this is all screwed up, but I promised to go on with this giveaway even though I have no way to post very often. I hope you all understand what is going on and I truly am very sorry for all the trouble! Anyway…here is the update post that I wrote a couple of weeks ago for you guys….

I hate being so out of touch with you guys! I feel like I have been away from you all for a year or something! Being without a computer is starting to take its toll on me…yes, my name is Laura, and I am an internet and computer addict. I am NOT afraid to admit it because it just drives me crazy insane that I finally discover a creative outlet that I love and cannot work on anything at the moment. I always have to pray for a moment here or there at work to even update here at my blog. So, here is a couple of updates for you.

I have been writing blogs but have not been able to upload lately. These include some NOTD, EOTD, written reviews, etc. As soon as I get some time to get together photos and whatnot, I will post them for your reading pleasure.

The big news/update I need to put out there for you guys is regarding the quarterly giveaway that is set to end March 31st. Because some things have come up, I have not yet purchased the prize I want to get. I would like to extend this quarter’s giveaway on for a bit longer until I get the exact prizes I want to share with a lucky reader! I feel if I am going to give something away, it better be good! LOL! Once I have the prizes purchased, I will make a video that states the last day that comments will be eligible as entries. So, if you are not already subscribed to my YouTube channel, make sure to do so, so the comments you make will give you entries in the giveaway!

I hate to put you all off like this, but I have no choice. I have been working to put back as much money as possible every week to save for my laptop and I now treat that savings as a bill, so it comes before “fun” money. Also, I wanted this prize to be a bit bigger since I may not be holding a giveaway next quarter. I don’t know how soon I will have a computer, which makes it so difficult to communicate with you guys and respond to your comments in a timely fashion. I will let you all know if there will in fact be a giveaway next quarter, in the prize video I post (hopefully this weekend/beginning of next week).

I have a long list of “to do’s” for my YouTube channel and here for my blog. I have had multiple requests that I will address first. I just hope you all understand what is keeping me away. I am really starting to go into withdrawals! Things were going so well and leading into what I hope is going to be a long and prosperous tenure on Blogger and YouTube. I just hope these technical difficulties don’t hinder that from happening!

I hope you are all well and hope you won’t give up on me! Computers and programs are pricey when you work a crummy job like me! LOL! Well, the job isn’t so crummy, but the pay IS! Hahahaha! If any of you have any questions, please email me, as I may not have the time to always check the comments made here. I want to get to any specific questions as soon as possible and I can check my email at work. You can send requests to my email as well. I love hearing from you guys!!!

Take care!


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