Thursday, April 22, 2010

NYX SALE: Only a Little More Waiting to Go!

Yep, you got it...NYX Cosmetics is having a sale STARTING SOON!  At 12pm PST you can click this link to get to the sale!  As always, you can get items up to 80% off so make sure to check it out!  I don't know if they are selling in sets like they sometimes do or if you are going to be able to purchase items seperately.  Either way, the prices are always phenomenal and you can really rack up for cheap! 

Make sure to hurry and get to shopping soon!  The sale ends Monday, May 3 at 12 pm PST.  These sales are always on a first come first serve basis and there are generally only limite quanitites of the products available!!

I am planning to get some lipsticks at least and maybe some eye shadows and glitter.  It all depends on the prices and what I am going to have to pay for shipping!  If you plan to shop this sale or do, share what you got in the comments below!  If you do a haul vid on your sale shopping, make sure to copy the link for us to check out! 

Happy shopping!!!

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