Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Update on Giveaway...Sorry It's SO Late!

I wrote this a week or so ago and still wanted to post it. I have not had access to a computer at all lately and hate that I have not been able to update you all regarding the giveaway and I know this update is terribly late, but here all the same. I have filmed the prize video and just have to get some time on a computer to edit and upload. I will post that for you guys with the date that I will do the drawing. Continue to comment on any post that I put up because EVERY comment counts as an entry up until the drawing. I know this is all screwed up, but I promised to go on with this giveaway even though I have no way to post very often. I hope you all understand what is going on and I truly am very sorry for all the trouble! Anyway…here is the update post that I wrote a couple of weeks ago for you guys….

I hate being so out of touch with you guys! I feel like I have been away from you all for a year or something! Being without a computer is starting to take its toll on me…yes, my name is Laura, and I am an internet and computer addict. I am NOT afraid to admit it because it just drives me crazy insane that I finally discover a creative outlet that I love and cannot work on anything at the moment. I always have to pray for a moment here or there at work to even update here at my blog. So, here is a couple of updates for you.

I have been writing blogs but have not been able to upload lately. These include some NOTD, EOTD, written reviews, etc. As soon as I get some time to get together photos and whatnot, I will post them for your reading pleasure.

The big news/update I need to put out there for you guys is regarding the quarterly giveaway that is set to end March 31st. Because some things have come up, I have not yet purchased the prize I want to get. I would like to extend this quarter’s giveaway on for a bit longer until I get the exact prizes I want to share with a lucky reader! I feel if I am going to give something away, it better be good! LOL! Once I have the prizes purchased, I will make a video that states the last day that comments will be eligible as entries. So, if you are not already subscribed to my YouTube channel, make sure to do so, so the comments you make will give you entries in the giveaway!

I hate to put you all off like this, but I have no choice. I have been working to put back as much money as possible every week to save for my laptop and I now treat that savings as a bill, so it comes before “fun” money. Also, I wanted this prize to be a bit bigger since I may not be holding a giveaway next quarter. I don’t know how soon I will have a computer, which makes it so difficult to communicate with you guys and respond to your comments in a timely fashion. I will let you all know if there will in fact be a giveaway next quarter, in the prize video I post (hopefully this weekend/beginning of next week).

I have a long list of “to do’s” for my YouTube channel and here for my blog. I have had multiple requests that I will address first. I just hope you all understand what is keeping me away. I am really starting to go into withdrawals! Things were going so well and leading into what I hope is going to be a long and prosperous tenure on Blogger and YouTube. I just hope these technical difficulties don’t hinder that from happening!

I hope you are all well and hope you won’t give up on me! Computers and programs are pricey when you work a crummy job like me! LOL! Well, the job isn’t so crummy, but the pay IS! Hahahaha! If any of you have any questions, please email me, as I may not have the time to always check the comments made here. I want to get to any specific questions as soon as possible and I can check my email at work. You can send requests to my email as well. I love hearing from you guys!!!

Take care!

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toshiam said...

Glad to see you post! I've been checking every day. I know what you mean about not having access to a computer. It drives me crazy, too. I'm glad all is well with you and hope to see you back soon!