Saturday, December 5, 2009

Did you miss out too??

I have been pretty bummed since I missed out on the majority of the limited edition items I longed for from MAC.  I had SO badly wanted the majority of the Style Black collection and the liners from the "MAC" collection...even a few Style Warriors items!  But, I suppose that is how LE items go, they only produce/release so many for sale on a first come, first serve basis.  If you get them...KILLER, if you don't...BOO for you!  Well, like many of you, I am on a strict budget when it comes to makeup.  The majority of stuff I get these days are from me selling my stash or swapping with people.  Just because I am on a budget, doesn't mean I can't look!!

So, last night, I was browsing around the net and decided to hit Nordstrom's MAC site just to see if they had any exclusives I didn't know about.  I got there to find, they still had the Kohl Power Pencils in of those products I REALLY wanted but missed out on!  Well, that got me to thinking, if they had this product, what other ones did they have that I didn't get??  Well, I found TONS of products that I thought I would end up paying big bucks for in a couple of months when people that bought 5 back ups decide they really don't need that many of one item! 

Low and behold, I am NOT going to have to deal with these crazy women that go to the counter/store and buy 7 of one eye shadow, 4 quads, and 9 lip sticks in the same color because they just LOVE the color and HAVE to be able to have access to it for the rest of their lives.  They never think that they will NEVER use all that product because their vanities are like mine and are full of a million and ONE other items longing for use!!!!!!!!  Okay...sorry for that rant and sorry if you are one of those women/men that do go to the counter and do that!  LOL!  I DON'T BLAME YOU!  I would probably do the same exact thing if I had the cash to do so!  Hell, I can't even pick up ONE item on a whim most weeks!  LOL!  What really gets me about people doing this is that when they decide that they DONT need that many tubes of lipstick in the same color and it is time to sell/swap, they mark the price up to $10-$20 over retail!  I know it is discontinued you guys, but really...I don't want a liner that is going to cost me $30 when I can most likely get something similar in another brand!

So......what this post was getting at before my crazy views got in the way, was that Nordstrom and all of these other department stores that house MAC counters, get these same products!  Just because you local counter doesn't have something, doesn't mean that the online store doesn't as well!!  GO CHECK OUT THESE SITES!!!  You will probably get just about everything you have been looking for!  Nordstrom still had collections all the way back to Makeup Art and there were not many colors sold out of the most popular things!

There you go!  Go shop and find all the things you have been wanting OR you could be the savior of Christmas and get your best girlfriend that eye shadow that she just barely missed out on getting and was so sad about!  :)  Just a thought!

**Dillards MAC Counter online is another place you could go look.  However, most people will go here when their local counter is sold out.  There are, I believe, more Dillard's than Nordstrom stores in the US.  They didn't have as great of choices on the LE items.

***Keep in mind when shopping at Nordstrom online, you will have to pay shipping.  There was a code for free shipping over $100, which can be pretty easy to do when buying MAC!  I was going to only get two of the Kohl Power pencils and the shipping was going to be $8.  That IS one thing to consider!  Just an FYI!


toshiam said...

We don't have a MAC store around here so all we have is a Dillard's counter. There is not a Nordstrom anywhere around me. I have given up on trying to find LE items because I never have the money to buy them as soon as they come out. Our Dillard's counter is either sold out or does not carry a good selection. I just hope that I get lucky when I go searching.

CMK2 said...

You are so great when it comes to your run-off reviews. I just want you to know how much I enjoy them.

Laura said...


Toshiam....go to the online stores. You will find more stock there including LE. I know you will end up paying shipping, but sometimes it is worth it in the end before paying out the butt on eBay or a sale/swap site! :)