Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Quarterly Contest - Giveaway Rules


This giveaway is going to be a comment giveaway. All rules are posted below. I LOVE my subs and followers SO much!! I would like to do these giveaways at least quarterly so I can SHOW my love! Of course, that will all depend on how this giveaway goes!

1. You must be a follower of this blog AND a sub to my channel ( to participate. Some posts may be referencing a video or asking for feedback on a video, which is why you need to be a sub there as well! Most of you are already, so you are set!!! New followers always welcome! I WILL be checking!

2. YOU MUST BE 13 OR OLDER TO PARTICIPATE. UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE WILL REQUIRE PARENTAL PERMISSION TO PARTICIPATE AND RECEIVE PRIZE. This is so no parent thinks I am some crazy woman just randomly sending their kid something in the mail. The prize WILL be addressed to the parent or gaurdian in addition to the winner if he/she is under 18. Parental consent must be emailed to me PRIOR to making comments! Have your parent or gaurdian email me at so you are able to participate.

3. You MUST comment on posts to be entered in drawing. The more you comment, the more times you are entered. Only ONE comment per post, please.

4. Comment CANNOT simply be enter me or anything of the sort. I want to hear your thoughts on posts, so take a minute and read the content and give your opinion, view, or thoughts on what was written. Any other comment will be a disqualified entry.

5. Some posts may ask for specific comment content, so pay close attention!!!!!!!

6. Contest giveaway will run each quarter for three months.  As long as you are consistantly commenting, you will not miss a giveaway period.  If I decide to change how long each giveaway runs, you will all be notified in plenty of time to get your entries in. 

7. Comments on this post not eligible. The comment portion here will be reserved strictly for questions only!

8. I will number each comment, starting with the first comment on the first post from that quarter.  Each user's comment will be numbered and those numbers/comments entered into  This will give us a random winner and that is what we are going picking and choosing!  :)  So, you see, the more you comment, the better the odds of you picking up the prize!! 

9. DUH, my bad!!! This giveaway IS open internationally!!!

These are the basic rules. Pretty plain and simple. Please check back regularly for any updates. Normally, when someone asks a question, it will spark something that needs to be included! These updates will be listed with a date next to them and I will do my best to insert a seperate post of the update. Also, read the comments section. Someone may ask the same question you have and the answer may already be there as well. I WILL answer the questions as a comment.

Once I have photos of the prizes, I will post those. The number of winners will be dependant on how much stuff I have stock piled for prizes!

Please, don't hesitate to ask any questions! I am never too busy to answer questions!! And remember to check back for any updates and comment, comment, comment! This is just my way of thanking everyone that takes the time to come to my blog, read, and participate! As always, I take requests for post subjects! If you have a request, I am certainly open to hearing it! Thank you so much you guys! I love you so much and hope you all have fun with this!!

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Sweet said...

I would like to enter the contest of makeup and hair care products