Sunday, November 1, 2009

What a Night: Halloween Night Details and Introduction of Giveaway!

Well, for now, the excitement is over. :( Our halloween was fabulous though! We all had the best time regardless of not having sleep at all this week! Hahaha! We got up Saturday and still had to finish our haunted garage, finish my daughters costume, and cook chili. (My mom always makes chili on Halloween...its kind of her start to the fall and winter months.) So, we got up aroun 6 and started to scurry.

I finished up my daughters black cat costume which turned out GREAT! It turned out to be a lot easier than I thought it would be too! She saw a book that my mom had that was photos from the musical Cats on broadway. She fell in love with the costume. I am a terrible painter, so rather than painting the unitard, I decided to use fur. That way, she would be warmer too! I just made some leg warmers and arm warmers out of it then, attached some to the body and voila...DONE! We picked up a cat set with a tail, bowtie and ears, so you know I had to do up the bowtie colar! I sewed on sequins and bells to make it look like one of those bling-bling cat collars that I love so much! Hahaha!

I wanted to paint her face SO bad! I found a killer pic of a child with her face painted like a cat and it was phenomenal how they did it so I worked at tryin to convince her all month to let me. She went back and forth about it, but eventually said she wanted a mask. Rather than getting to the day of and her changing her mind about face painting and having to scurry for a mask, I just got it. Well, she was in such a friggin hurry that she didn't even wear the ears, walked out with out her tail, and refused to wear the mask for anything but this picture! LOL! Kids!!! But, she looked absolutely adorable and had the time of her life! This was the first year that she would go to people's doors by herself and I felt a little sad. I mean...she just seems to not need me much anymore!!! LOL!!!

So, when I was little, my mom always haunted our porch or garage for the occassion! Every year she did a different scene and on Halloween night, there would litterally be van loads of kids/people coming to see what she had done! Needless to say, every year she out did herself! I think I was around age 10 when she stopped doing it because she got a new job and just didn't have the energy. Well, I convinced her that we should do it this year since my daugher and little bro were both going to be there for the first year together in 5 years. We def didnt' give ourselves enough time to work on it so we spent most nights up super late working away, but it came out perfectly and everyone loved it!

We got so many different complements from people saying our sound system and effects were superb (which it was just a boom box in the back and a sound effect box in the front...its all about placement) to people thinking we were ready for hollywood! LOL! Seriously, who would have thought a few masks, costumes, and the right lighting could be so impressive. I must say, it turned out better than we thought it would! When I took the kids out trick or treating, every other person and kid I past were talking about it whether they were saying they had to go see it or they couldn't believe how great and scary it was!
I did take some video during the day and my mom's friend took some at night with his good camera, so I am going to get that from him and post both videos on my YouTube channel. When I get the links ready, I will post them here! I also have more pics and I will include them in a slide show. I just wish I could have got high speed pics of it at night! That is what makes it all come together is the darkness with all the geled lights placed just right! Ambiance is everything!!! LOL!!!

Now....on to me! Hehehe! I decided to be the wicked witch this year. I wanted to be something ugly! After all, its halloween, plus, I knew it would be really cute with my daughter being a black cat! I haven't dressed up for halloween in years so I knew I really needed to do something that would catch some looks...good or bad...I didn't care!
My mom played the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz with a touring company she worked with when I was little. I never got to see the play because when they came to my school...I woke up sick! (That's my luck!) So, I found her costume, hat and used the same makeup technique she did with her makeup. I was a little disappointed because I didn't have enough time to do everything I wanted to do. I didn't get to start working on myself until aroun 430 and this is a pretty involved process. Plus, I had to stop a million times to do something for my daughter! Hehehe! Well, once she got dressed, she was sitting on go and every 5 minutes someone would call up the stairs..."ARE YOU READY...YET!???!!!???" It drove me BANANAS!!! So, I just got it all on and skipped all the extra contouring, lashes and extra drawn in wrinkles I had planned. Kind of a bummer, but it still turned out okay...I think!
Needless to say, we had a blast on Halloween! We scored tons of candy, scared some kids to tears, and celebrated like we used to! I seriously love halloween! It is like my Christmas! I know, I know, that is weird...but it is just so much fun! I just wish there weren't so many people out there that ruined it for everyone else. I mean, there just weren't as many people out in our neighborhood and that was because most people in our neighborhood turn their lights off these days! Seriously, we walked 6 streets and the kids only got candy from about 25 houses total. That is unreal! I remember when I was little that if we went to that many streets, we had bags and bags of candy that lasted the entire year!!! LOL!!! It just makes me sad that there are just that many crazies out there that screw this fun night up for all the children! Sorry about the just bums me out.

Let me know what you guys think of the pics or your halloween experience in the comments below!!! The more you comment in the weeks to come, the better your chances of winning my comment giveaway coming up! The more you participate, the more times your user name will be entered in the pot!! This is the best way I can come up with to know that the people that actually read and participate in the blog are going to be the one(s) that end up getting the prize! I will release further information about this giveaway, including the prize(s), in the days to come! All comments, starting today (Nov. 3rd) will be entered. Please note that the content of the comment has to be something relating to the blog and not just one that says enter me or something like that....those comments will not be entered in the drawing. Also, YOU MUST BE A FOLLOWER OF THIS BLOG & A SUB TO MY CHANNEL ( TO PARTICIPATE! OPEN TO FOLLOWERS AGE 13 AND UP. UNDER 18 REQUIRES PARENTAL PERMISSION TO RECEIVE PRIZE! PLEASE CHECK NEXT POST FOR ALL ADDITIONAL INFORMATION! RULES & PRIZES SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
Come on guys!! Let the comments begin!!!


toshiam said...

I absolutely LOVE your costume! The face looks so real! I wish I had the talent to pull that off. Your daughter's costume was cute. My daughter was a witch for Halloween. She wouldn't let me paint her face, though.

Pia vK said...

I live in Australia so we don't celebrate Halloween but I love looking at Halloween costumes/makeup. It looks like so much fun!

kempkat79 said...

I have to agree that Halloween is just not what it used to be. We only had 4 trick or treaters the whole night. I so remember the pillow cases full of candy when I came home. And when it comes to putting make-up on kids it was a struggle to just put black on the nose of my daughter and whiskers to go with her lion costume. I absolutely love your costume make-up though. I know you said you didn't get to finish it but I loved it and think it turned out great along with the haunted garage. If I had one I think I would so have to keep up with the jones's there.