Thursday, December 3, 2009


I know, I know...this layout is kinda boring, but it is the only thing I could get to work and work properly. The other layouts did not have the nav bar at the top and to me, that makes it a lot more difficult to follow a blog you want to keep up with. I suppose, keeping things simple, will make you life, and mine, a lot easier! Maybe later on down the line, I will decide to spend the cash and have someone design a really killer blog for me! (thanks for the name toshiam, btw!)

Alright, now that all the crazy stuff is over, things are going to get back to normal around here! I have a lot to tell you guys and stuff to show you and review! So, get ready to get back movin along properly!

Thanks for everyone being so patient with me while I figured this stuff out! I really appreciate it! I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will be back with you shortly!

Much love always!


toshiam said...

I like the simplicity of the layout. It's not distracting and easy to follow.

CMK2 said...

I have to agree with toshima. You can never go wrong with simple. Just glad you can get back on.

Laura said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence you guys! I really appreciate it! I am going to add a few more gadgets and maybe some interesting/inspiring pictures, but I like this and how it turned out! :)

Now, I just have to start working on responding to comments and writing them all down so I can work on getting them into the randomizer program. Not too much longer and we are going to choose a giveaway winner! Yay!