Monday, January 11, 2010

10 FREE Products From ELF for 2010!

I got this coupon code and had to share since it was already entered at Coupon Chief.  (Bummer!)  If you are interested in getting your own Coupon Chief gadget or if you are interested in my remarks about this money saving website, make sure to check out my post about the site.  Anyway...lets get on to the goods!

I especially wanted to share this code with you guys because if you are anything like me, you LOVE FREE STUFF and ELF has some killer FREE stuff for you now!  With any $20 purchase from the site, you can enter the code 2010 at checkout to receive these TEN products with your purchase!  I have listed them all here and also posted the photo from my email for you guys!  :)

1. ELF Eyelash Curler - I have one of these and it is phenomenal!  It is easy on your lashes and doesn't pull your lids!  It seems as if it is going to hold up pretty well regardless if I am tough on it or not!  It was well worth the buck I paid for it!  LOL!

2. Eyelid Primer - I have heard nothing but great things about this product and everyone should own some sort of primer for their lids!  If you have never used one, oh, what a difference they make!

3. Eye Color in Drama - If you are on a budget, ELF shadows are great to use!  They are well pigmented and go on smooth! 

4. Dramatic False Lashes - Their lashes are comperable to Revlon Lashes in my opinion.

5. Eye Shadow Brush - Even though I have yet to get myself some of their brushes, I have a plan to grab up some and do some reviews on them.  I have heard some fantastic things about the ELF brushes...especially the price!

6. Glitter Liquid Eyeliner - Who doesn't love glitter??  LOL!

7. Black Brightening Eyeliner - A product I have yet to try, or heard a review it will be cool to get to try it for free!

8. Smudge Eye Sponge - Sometimes these little guys work better than a smudge my opinion a bit harder to clean, but something great to try out!

9. Regular & Waterproof Mascara - This is a double ended product which makes it great for MUA's or a great item for the everyday girl to throw in her bag!  Two products in one!

10. Black Liquid Eyeliner - Another ELF product I have been meaning to try!  Although I don't wear liquid eyeliner that much myself, I LOVE putting it on other people!  I think it is SO gorgous and if what I have heard about this one is is a great addition to your makeup bag!

So, there you have it...10 $1 items for FREE with the coupon code 2010 used at checkout.  AND, with all the great prices on ELF stuff there are, it is something that is hard to pass up!  You can get an entire box of products from this site for next to nothing and satisfy your need for new products without spending a lot!  Plus, ELF is a great place for the everyday woman or girls just getting into makeup to shop!  The choices are endless and their studio line will make you feel like a Pro yourself!

I hope you guys have a chance to utilize this code!  I know I am going to considering the package includes a great deal of items I have been meaning to try for a while! 

If you do happen to order, let us know what you got below!  Then, when everything arrives, let us know what you thougth of the products I have yet to try above!  If you don't want to write it here, email your review to me and I will happily post fact, I would LOVE to post it! 

Happy shopping you guys!  Now, GO....SAVE some $$$$!!!


toshiam said...

I received that code, too. I have some of their eyeshadows and the ones I have aren't bad at all. I also have the dramatic lashes. I already have long lashes so I use them to add some fullness. The only brushes I like from ELF are the eyeshadow and blending brush. I haven't tried the studio line yet but I have heard they are pretty good. Also, your local Dollar General may carry ELF products, mine does.

CMK2 said...

I am going to have to dig in my wallet for this one. I would love to try some of their products considering I have never used them before and this would be a great reason to try it. Thanks so much Vanity!

Laura said...

Toshiam: Unfortunatly, my local dollar general doesn't sell the elf stuff, but sometimes, Ross has the sets for $4 which is super cool! You really should try the studio line when you can! I LOVE it! And the price is just right! I am working on a great deal of reviews on those products and looking to get some more for more reviews!
CMK2: ELF has some great stuff...especially their studio line. The prices are killer and the quality is great for the price! I will be posting some reviews for you guys here and on YouTube soon! :) I feel I have used all these products enough and know enough about them to give an accurate review! :)

Lisa said...

I received my package today! Sadly I didn't get the 10 free items :(