Monday, January 11, 2010

Huge Savings with

I tell ya, since discovering this website, I have been more than pleased with the results.  Coupon Chief has on more than one occassion been able to knock a few dollars off my online purchases whether the savings be in the form of percentages off or shipping savings, this site makes it more worth while to shop online!

Most people choose to shop online because of how convenient it is, well, now my reasoning is the savings!  Everyday I get emails from different sites with coupon codes I am able to use to save a few dollars on my purchases but now that I have involved myself with Coupon Chief, I have can save beyond the companies I have email subscriptions to.

For instance, the other day I was making a purchase from Target online for my company.  I was just about to click confirm check-out when I remembered how much Coupon Chief has saved me in the past with one little search.  So, I went to the site, entered into the search box and bam...I got a coupon code for 10% off and free shipping on my entire purchase!  Saving money on purchases always earns me a few brownie points with the bossman, so that was a plus as well!

Getting involved is easy too!  All you do is go to the Coupon Chief website, create a log in and profile, and you are ready to start saving!  I generally don't promote sites like this, always wondering if they are legit, but this one is!  Now, businesses do enter their own coupon codes and users can enter them as well.  The more YOU enter, the more you can make!  Make, you can earn a percentage of each purchase that utilizes the coupon codes you enter on this site, thus in turn giving you more money to shop with in the future!  And, we all know that is important for us makeup addicts!  LOL! 

This site is tremendously easy to use and I LOVE participating in it!  As you can see in the sidebar here of my blog, you can create your own gadget full of the coupon codes you enter!  This gadget will automatically update with each code you enter.  I thought it would be a great way for me to share all the coupon codes with you guys that once took up an entire blog post!  All you do is click on the code you want to use and you are directed to that site and ready to save!

There are a few catches such as if you don't enter an expiration date on the code you enter, it will remain on your list of entered codes, which means that all codes you click on may have already expired.  I have found a great deal of the sites that issue coupon codes don't attach an expiration to them, making it difficult to know exactly when they are going to expire.  Also, any one coupon code can only be entered once.  You may acquire a code, try to enter it and it already be entered into the site.  My suggestion, make sure you get over there to enter your find quickly!  That way, you are able to reap the benefits of the codes being on your blog or webpage.

Personally, I have yet to make any money from the codes I have posted through Coupon Chief, but that is not why I post them.  I post them so everyone can use them, especailly you guys!  I don't have to make money at this and if you guys begin to have a hard time utilizing the codes posted in my gadget, just let me know and I will help you!  You are all always welcome to contact me via email anytime you would like to ask any questions you need!  That is why I am here of course!

I hope you guys at least go and check out the site!  I think you will enjoy it if you are one that shops online on a regular basis!  I know it will aid you in saving tons of cash in the long run!  If you have any issues using the site, or need a nudge in the right direction just let me know!  Just make sure you create a log in id so you can reap the rewards of posting your codes online as well!  :)

Thanks for coming by today you guys!  I really appreciate all the love and support you guys show me!  Much love to you all! 


toshiam said...

Thanks! I will check it out. I find myself doing more online shopping these days and would love to save as much money as I can.

CMK2 said...

You know I am starting to love these posts on the savings. It helps remind me to check and see is I can save... Thanks doll

Laura said...

You guys are more than welcome! I want EVERYONE to save as much as they can whenever they can!! :) I will keep the savings coming your way! :)