Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm Accepted! Beauty Blog Love Link!

I was just accepted to be a part of this wonderful blog!  This, to me, is a wonderful way to share the love in a positive manner and to find new beauty blogs!  See below for a post from BBLL which is the intro to the blog!  There are already tons of great beauty bloggers already involved that you may not know about!  These people are very informative with their blogs and are very educated when it comes to beauty!  So, make sure to check out BBLL and see below for the intro post!  I will be posting soon, how you too can get involved in this wonderful website or you can go to the blog and check it out yourself!  You can click the icon link in the sidebar here in my blog any day, any time!

Love you guys!

An Introduction from Beauty Blog Love Link

As a beauty blogger, the single most frustrating thing that I'm faced with when it comes to communities is commitment. I'm not in this for money or fame; I don't want legal contracts or advertisers... I just want a network of independent bloggers who, like me, are doing it out of love! This was the idea behind Beauty Blog Link Love, and I hope that it can live up to your expectations.

BBLL is open to any beauty editors who have been blogging for at least six months and update with beauty-related material three times a week or more, or who have been blogging for at least four months and update with beauty-related posts five times a week or more. It will be kept contract- and advertisement-free* and serves the sole function of increasing traffic between blogs. If you would like to become part of the BBLL community, please see this post for instructions on how to join.

The current projection for Beauty Blog Link Love is to release a Link Love post every other Saturday. Once you've been accepted into the community you'll be added to the mailing list, so you'll receive an email asking for links every other Tuesday. You have until midnight Thursday to submit your links, and the finalized Link Love will be in your inboxes by Friday night.

So here's the disclaimer: we're not responsible for anything said or done in blogs that are part of the BBLL community, nor do we hold rights over any of it. All we're here to do is create Link Love posts every few weeks!

*by this we mean that BBLL itself will be free of ads (hence the fact that we're still on Blogger.) However, this does not necessarily apply to blogs within the BBLL network, though many of our bloggers do keep their blogs ad-free as well!

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