Thursday, January 21, 2010

Audrey Kitching...What A Makeup Inspiration Is She??

I am just now learning about this gorgeous, pink haired chick.  She is obviously pretty edgy.  Put in YouTube terms, a comparisson would bring me to think of MonroeMisfitMakeup!  Personally, this is the type of beauty that should be strutting the runways!

I honestly don't completely know who she is.  Her face was brought up on Glamour Magazine's website in the makeup tips section.  When I Googled her name, it said she is a "Model, Hairdresser, and 'Scenequeen'".  She dated Travis Richter and Brenden Urie and is working on a project called Trashy Life with, friend, Zui Suicide.  Zui is one of the models for the suicide girls.  The Urban Dictionary also said she was on MTV's True Life??  Honestly, I don't know...just repeating what I have read quickly this morning.  If any of you guys know about her and the things she has done, PLEASE let me know! 

I personally think that she is iconic!  Her hair is ALWAYS different and her makeup spectacular!  I am going to do some further study on her makeup and try out a look of hers sometime in the near future!  In the meantime, I am going to figure out exactly who she is!

CMK2:  I know you are into the Suicide Girls introduced me to you know who she is and what she is all about??  Personally, I think this chick should have her own line of SOMETHING!!!  LOL!


CMK2 said...

Yeah I was looking at doing a shoot before I got prego. Might still do it later. But I agree she rocks out with her socks out when it comes to her own style to inspire. I have to say though she is one of those up coming to the new, She is finally getting around in the cyber world that helped her launch thanks to myspace and youtube. She will most defiantly give you some new stuff.

toshiam said...

I don't know anything about her but she is gorgeous. I love the Suicide Girls.

Laura said...

She IS fab and I can't wait to see what else she comes up with!

woodwinkedgirl said...

I agree! she is definitely good inspiration for well as most suicide girls photography. It's an excellent source of creative inspiration.