Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beauty Tips From Glamour!

I picked up the latest issue of Glamour Magaizne only because Katy Perry was on the front.  I LOVE her!  I think she is so beautiful and different!  Her style is over the top in most instances, but gorgeous!  However, I am not talking about Kay, I am talking about the magazine...back on point.

I had steered away from this magazine once I got in my 20's and started falling in love with InStyle Magazine.  Personally, I feel InStyle is much better when it comes to fashion, beauty tips, and new products.  Glamour has definitely captured my attention this month...well, mainly their website

I originally went to the website to check out a one week cleanse and follow-up diet article that was in this months issue.  (I am really looking forward to trying it!  If you are interested in doing the same, you can visit for information on the cleanse & diet and how to sign up to start!  I will keep you guys posted on when I start and my progress!)  I was stopped dead in my tracks when the words "MAKEUP TIPS" caught my eye!  Why wouldn't I go explore!?  LOL!  Right now, they have about 60+ makeup tips on their blog.   Not only makeup tips, but fashion, hair, nails, and anything else beauty related!  It is awesome!

I don't know if these are things that have come up in their issues or if they are all just random postings for the site only.  You know, I really don't care!  I sat up until 2am this morning reading post after post and I really did learn some new things!  PLUS, there are phenomenal pictures attached to each of them of stars!  I am always looking for inspirational makeup photos of stars, but generally cannot find shots that show the makeup well enough for me to be able to replicate it properly.  Here, you will come across full face photos and even some that are close up shots of eyes only on the makeup portion and even multiple view shots on the hair portion of the 'blog'.  (These are the photos I love!)  I plan to present some of my favorite tips/tricks for you guys in some of my videos and even here for you guys to enjoy without spending hours to find them! 

Going to this site really drove it home that even after I have gone through a magazine, cover to cover, there is ALWAYS going to be a ton more on thier site!  I am going to have to go explore Instyle's site more now!  LOL!

So, if you are interested, make sure to go check out the Glamour Blog on their website,  I KNOW you will learn at least ONE thing after leaving!


toshiam said...

Thanks! I will have to go have a look around. I'm with you though. I stopped reading glamour and went to instyle.

CMK2 said...

You Rock as always.. I traded my beauty mags for parent mags. Get my beauty tips from you. Much love

Laura said...

I think InStyle is just better all around when it comes to beauty and fashion. Glamour is still all about sex. LOL...nothing wrong with that if you AREN'T wanting beauty tips! LOL! Since they have their site set up in categories, you can totally overlook the stuff you don't want! I have been on their site more and more lately and have found the chick that writes the blogs in the beauty section is phenomenal! She always has great pics which will give you killer ideas for mu/hair looks and she works to get exact product listings and such. I really like it MUCH better than the mag itself! Cheaper too!!! LOL! OH, and you can sub to their emails in the beauty section and get the blogs delivered to your in box!!!