Saturday, January 23, 2010

Short Vlog: Salon Day/Haircut...Finally!

HEY YOU GUYS!!! I finally stopped talking about how bad I needed it and GOT MY HAIR CUT!!! I made a vid this time since so many people asked for it last time!! It isn't a dramatic change...but my stylist was in a hurry (go figure)!

I was trying to choose from photos and couldn't pick on one either! Let me know which photo you guys like best so when I go back next month, I can get a NEW style!

Love you guys!


toshiam said...

Your hair looks good like that! I think a few more choppy layers would be pretty for next time. I just got my hair cut before Christmas and cut a lot off of it. My hair was right past my shoulders and now the longest layer is right under my chin. I got the 'stacked' hair cut. It's time for a trim now.

CMK2 said...

I do love the hair cut! I think and agree with toshiam that a few more layers in it would be awesome. You made me want to go get my hear cut again. But trying really hard to get it long again

Laura said...

The more I have lived with it, the more I hate it and have found where he totally screwed it up. :( the layers are uneven and so is the length. I have to iron/curl it just right to get it to look even. I am going to spend the extra cash and go to Ulta's salon next. My issue seems to be that I am looking for a trendy cut and my guy just can't grasp this concept! grows, this is why we can afford to be trendy with it!!! Thanks guys!!!