Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Just Can't Live Without It...Seriously

At the beginning of December, I got extremely stressed out what with all the festivities and all the things that had to be done for Christmas.  I don't see how some people can be totally carefree at holiday time!  Stress generally shows on me in more ways than one...acne being the MAJOR sign.  This is what happened in December. 

In our mall, they set up an automated kiosk.  I saw it when I was out shopping a few weeks prior to my skin "come-apart".  I was SO sick of my skin looking horrible, which in turn ALWAYS makes your makeup look horrible, that I took the last $40 I had in my pocket that week and hit that little kiosk in the mall.  I just got the basic, 30-day kit which set me back $30.  (Hey, at least I still had some money for gas!  LOL!)  It was a small price to pay compared to the multiple drugstore products I had been trying at $6-$10 each bottle! 

As you probably guessed, by the post title, it worked like a charm with a few tiny exceptions.  I really wish I would have taken before and after pics!  My skin was by no means perfect, but it looked a hell of a lot better than it had, which was great!  Just in time for Christmas time filming and photos!  For the entire month of December, my skin was not a worry for me.  My makeup was always flawless looking, no dryness or chapping to worry with even with the cold temps, and most of all, my confidence level was through the roof!

Now, all that has gone downhill.  After the financial hit my bank account took from Christmas, I have not had the money to just order the Proactiv Kit Online and set up auto-delivery for it.  So, I have been without my top beauty product for about 10 days now and it REALLY shows.  The first day after using one of the products I had shoved asside to make room for Proactiv, I noticed a DISTINCT difference!  Today is worst than all the previous days combined.  One entire side of my face is completely broken out from nose to ear, eye to chin.  The product that I started using when the Proactiv ran out was one, that I forgot, dried out my skin, which was why I had originally discontinued its use!  You guessed right again, my ENTIRE face is dry as a bone no matter how much or how great of a moisturizer I use!  Which, right again, makes my makeup cake up and flake off.  I honestly can't believe how bad this is now!  It all causes me to have a hard time looking people in the eye at work and with such a face to face job, I can't escape face time with people!  I am 28 years old and I have worse acne now than I did when I was a teen! 

At first, my mother said it was because I was wearing makeup again, but after hearing the steps I take to remove and the fact that I let my face rest on the weekends she changed her tune.  We are in agreement that it is in fact stress related, well, and the fact that I DON'T drink enough water!  (Terrible, I know!)  The fact that my skin IS so bad, stresses me out even more and kicks my confidence in the gut! 

So, tomorrow, I am biting the bullet and ordering the Proactiv Plus Deluxe System and putting it on auto-delivery so I don't have to deal with this anymore!  I used Proactiv in college and had great results the more and more I used it.  Then, I wasn't methodical about when and how often I used it either.  I just used it here and there and still got killer results.  I just know when I am using it month after month, I will be able to get my skin back in great shape and just have to worry about what the hell I am going to do about these wrinkles!  To me, that is a welcomed issue to deal with!

This time, no matter how embarrassed I am, I am going to take before and after photos.  Some with makeup and some without, so you can see just what I have been talking about.  I will also do a monthly review on my results including photos.  I will work to do these reviews/updates on the same day every month to acurately track progress.  I would have to say that I reccommend this product for anyone that has been battling acne like I have my entire life.  Even if it is something new for you.  Proactiv is not a fad, it really does work for most people that use it.  They do have different sized kits and some that cost less.  I figure I am doing this as something great for myself and my confidence so I am going to splurge and work the $30-$35 in per month and not complain!  Next pay check, I will be getting the Proactiv Makeup Set that includes the foundation, loose powder, and concealer!

Have any of you guys used Proactiv or have you/are you battling with these same issues?  Tell us your story below and what you have done to deal with it!

Oooo, I may have to give a Proativ 30-Day set as a comment contest/giveaway prize!!!  COMMENT to get your name in the hat for quarterly drawings for great prizes!!


Amanda said...

I heard that stopping the use of Proactiv has a bad affect on your Skin. As a way of your Skin going through "withdrawals". I heard of someone stopping it and his skin was worse than ever before.

CMK2 said...

I have thought about using proactive myself but the money is 1 part where it gets me and 2 what Amanda said above. I have heard from a couple of people the same thing, That after they had to go without it they broke out worse then before and it has made it where they have to continue using it. So right now for me the cons are out weighing the pros

Laura said...

I totally understand the whole withdrawl thing right now. However, when I stopped using it in college, I had no issues. I slowly stopped using it though, didn't just throw it away one day. That seemed to work. :) I have looked at other skincare lines out there and this one is cheaper than most I have looked into. The only reason I am going for the $30/mo kit is because I want to try the two additional products that come with it. AND, it is cheaper getting them in the kit than seperately. (They are $20+ each alone.) It is a price to pay, but however silly it may sound, I can't put a price on my confidence. I suppose the only reason I stick with this one is because it is something I know will work so I feel I won't be wasting my money. I do see all sides so everyone is personal.

What do you guys use that seems to work??

toshiam said...

I have been wondering about proactive. My skin is not horrible but loves to act up on me. I get breakouts mainly in around my chin and jawline. The rest of my face is mainly blackheads (yuck!). I'm still trying to find something to work. I have combination skin. My t-zone has issues, haha. It's oily and dry at the same time. I'm not sure how that makes sense but that is what happens. I'm having a hard time with the dryness no matter how much moisturizer I use. My foundation is starting to look cakey around the dry areas. I would love to see how it works out for you. I have been thinking about it for a few months.