Thursday, January 28, 2010

YAY For Benefit!

Yes, Benefit has totally redeemed themselves with me! 

I got an email from Sephora today about a Free Laura Mercier Smooth Focus Shine Control Powder sample with purchase, which looks very nice!  But this isn't what we are talking about is the product I discovered when I scrolled down through that email!  Benefit has a NEW EYE PRIMER!  Could this be why they discontinued my beloved F.Y...Eye?? 

The new product is called Stay, Don't Stray.  This is a primer for all around the eye meant for concealers and shadows...super cool!  I think this is a GREAT idea!  I don't know about the rest of you, but generally by the middle of the day, my under eye concealer is gone and my dark circles have reared their ugly head!  LOL...really, its NOT funny!

Reading about the product on Sephora's website, it says that it is a lightweight formula that will brighten the eye area, hydrate, and blend seamlessly to keep your eye makeup in place.  It comes in a universal nude shade, sort of like UDPP.  It says that it is packed full of vitamins and it paraben-free.

Of course, I scrolled down to check out cusomter reviews!  There seemed to be mixed emotions about the product.  But, the only cons I really found were about the pump packaging, not the product itself.  Reviews said that it dispensed too much product, however, it is rather easy to control a pump package just by using a lighter touch!

Everyone said it was crease resistant, but the formula seemed to dry rather quickly so you had to work fast to blend.  One person said she could put this all around her eye area and have no need for shadows or concealers it worked so well.  Overall, I feel that more people loved this product than not!

So, I am going to order it next week along with the Bare Escentuals Lashliner that I have been dying to try!  Of course, I will want to get free shipping, so I need some suggestions of another product I should get and review..;.any suggestions?  Anything that you guys saw, got and loved...or anything that you would like to see a review on???  Just let me know in the comments below!  ALSO...have any of you guys tried this??????


CMK2 said...

I hope it turns out to be as good as the one they discontinued. You will so have to do a review on it when it comes in for me. I can not wait I finally ordered online from NXY and it should be here soon. Thanks too you doll!!

toshiam said...

I saw that in the email, too. I would love a review on it because I'm thinking about ordering it. I'm starting to have problems with my UDPP and TFSI. The only thing I can get to work for me right now without creasing is paint pots. I can't think of anything I would like a review on right now. I would love to hear about the lashliner, though.

Laura said...

Hey gals! I will be ordering it! NO worries! I don't think I will be able to this week because of V-day coming up, but I will get it in ASAP! I am VERY interested in this one! I have a great deal of things I am working on reviews for, for YT, so keep an eye out for those. Such killer stuff has been hitting the market and I LOVE it! :)

OH, I will hopefully be getting the new Kat Von D palette with this primer as well!!! :) It was in today's Sephora email...gawgeous!