Monday, February 1, 2010

Has Anyone Tried Murad?

I see that since I posted about my beloved ProactivProactiv, there have been ads about how Murad is better.  I was just wondering if anyone has tried the Murad system that is similar to the Proactiv system.  If you have tried Murad, what did you think?  Would you mind writing a mini review below for other readers? 

I started to order Murad rather than Proactiv.  I went to their site and saw that their 3-Piece Acne Complex System was also $29.99 a month.  However, for that price with Proactiv, I got 2 additional products to the basic cleaner, toner, and lotion.  The products were the oil control lotion and the oil free moisutre.  I wanted these products because my skin tends to be dryer in the winter and more oily in the summer.  (Like most of you with combination skin.)  I have not tried these products, but I feel they should work.  I plan to review them once I see how they are going to work for me.  I feel I did get more for my money with Proactiv though.

Since my opinion is my own and goes along with my skin and what works for me, I thought if anyone had any alternatives to Proactiv that have worked for them, we could use this as sort of a share time to inform others of what options are out there!  I only wish Proactiv would come out with an acne cleanser that would also help with wrinkles and complexion brightening.  They do have a brightening lotion, but it is a bit pricey to add to the $30 a month!  Murad has an Anti-Aging Acne System, BUT (and this is a HUGE but) it does not come in a system and each piece will set you back $30-$50 EACH!  I know for a FACT I can't afford that!  So, for me, I would LOVE Proactiv to come out with a line made for aging skin that could be ordered like their current sets.

I hope that anyone that has tried Murad will let us know what you think!  I didn't give in to the advertisements and went with something that I knows will work for me!  Sorry guys, I would have loved to review it for you all!  That's why I am looking for a little help!  Even if it is word of mouth from a friend!  Lets give everyone an alternative to Proactiv!  I feel that there are numerous options out there, you just have to find one that will work for your skin! 


CMK2 said...

It's the first I have heard if the product.. Wish I could help

Laura said...

What have you used that has worked for you then?

CMK2 said...

I have been using the new Loreal Go 360 Clean face wash and that is it! So far so good but you really have to be sure to moisturize after. And for my break outs. Still trying to find something good for it. I know I have not been eating right lately and have not had enough water so that is a huge part of mine. But I am looking in to the stuff you are talking about and a few others. So when I find something for my impossibly crazy combination skin I will let you know. But I lay money it will turn out to be something you have found that does it. Much love doll!