Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Follow-Up To Nat's Cyber Bullies Post

I just came to my blog to catch up on everyone's writings today and came across a post from one of my most beloved YouTuber's and Beauty Bloggers, Nat Neagle.  Nat's Cyber Bullies Post blew me away in more ways than one.  To discover that people, last night, were going over to Toni's (tknokitten) BlogTV and signing on, anonymously, just to bash her was baffling!  I agree with Nat when she says, "what is wrong with people?!"  I mean, seriously, I see all these horrible comments and terrible things these people say and I am shocked!  I am sure their mother's, father's, friends, ect, knew what they were doing!  Do these people find what they are writing, doing, saying funny?  Because, I SURE DON'T! 

I, like Nat, consider a great deal of the wonderful people on YouTube, BlogTV, and Bloggers to be my web friends and don't take kindly to the constant bashing these people take!  I, myself, have not been in front of the camera long enough to  feel the wrath of all these little trolls out there, but I have come across a handful of out of place comments on some of my videos.  You know, if I didn't have confidence in myself, or if I didn't think I could take harsh comments, because SOMEONE is always going to say something, I wouldn't be making these videos.  Neither would all of these other people that do it.  You silly trolls don't hurt our feelings, I guess we are all just wondering why the hell you do it?! 

Last night, when I was watching some YouTube, I came across xteener's video she made of a New Year's look.  Some jerk said something about her nostrils being uneven or looking odd, something like that, and that she needed to have that checked out!  What the crap?  Is that REALLY necessary?  I, like a few other of xteeners subs, stood up for her, and commented back to this jerk.  Obviously, there have been no replies from this wad (that doesn't even have a video OR a photo of him/herself up on their page) today when I signed on.  I simply asked the question, "What do you get out of picking on people on the net?"

Oh, if only we could tap into the minds of these people.  My personal thoughts are that they are jealous, bored, and can't get dates, so they spend their time picking on those they want or want to be, but can't have or will never be because of their ridgid outlook on life in general.  I couldn't understand bullies when I was in school, so I don't know why I think I would be able to understand them now.

So, to all you bullies out there that may stumble across this post, BACK OFF!  These women & men, myself included, work VERY hard to produce these videos, blogs, and blogtv spots for the people that truly want to learn and have fun.  We don't do it for you or for those of your kind.  I LOVE making videos and posting here on my blog.  I want to share my knowledge however small with the wonderful people that support me.  I will continue to stand up for those of my web friends as well.  These people are SO wonderful and they DON'T deserve your jerky attitudes!

TO NAT:  Thank you for writing this post.  I hate to see that you were promted however.  I don't feel that this should even have to be discussed!  You are one of the most kind, strong, and phenomenal people I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know!  I have learned and continue to learn from you daily.  I love ya girl!

TO TONI:  I know these jerk off's won't get you down and I personally hate to think that we have to share the air they breathe...maybe that is harsh, but what they do on a daily basis to one person or another, is above and beyond harsh!  You are a wonderful woman and I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos and being involved with the projects you put forth for us!  You have been and always will be one of my favorite guru's and I thank you!


toshiam said...

I agree. I don't think it's right for people to do that; no matter if they know them or not. If you have a problem with someone, tell them. Don't just sit there and talk about how they look or how they talk, etc. Props to you for mentioning it.

woodwinkedgirl said...

People were bashing Toni? What the hell! There is nothing to bash! Well, there never is anything to bash... I don't know if you visit makeup alley much, but the FOTD board is dealing with a similar drama. All you can really do is ignore them and don't give them the satisfaction of creating a stir.

Laura said...

Woodwinked...your kidding me! On MUA too? I mean, that is just crap! I would figure only constructive critisism would come out of there like MUG. Which, if there has been bad comments made on MUG, I have not seen them, thankfully! I don't want people to think I am giving them the satisfaction of talking about drama, my thing is, I just want to figure out what they are thinking, ya know?? I mean, I feel bad when I give someone constructive critisism, much less a mean comment! LOL! I just don't have the heart to much tell someone their eyeliner is slightly uneven and give them a tip to make it perfect every time!

Ugh, it just all bothers me. how do these folks sleep at night!? I know I wouldn't be able to and I would kick MY daughters' butt if I ever knew SHE was treating someone that way! The commetns made on BlogTV were over the top that her children were mentioned once (per Nat's post). THAT is just TOO much for me! There should be a site to be able to report cyber bullies, even a way to pull out these anonymous people, and have their internet rights restricted to where they are unable to comment! I know we can personally block users, but we can't block the anonymous people. And this is why most BlogTV's are closed to non registered users.

CMK2 said...

You know it makes me think of kids in the school yard. I remember days like that and to me being older I can't help but feel and think that those are the same people and they just never grew up and out of it. As I tell a lot of people who deal with bullies and rude A** people, Don't fret over them because Karma does work and what they have put out in the world will come back to them.

Anonymous said...

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