Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rant, Rant, Rant...BUT It's Still Cool!

What the CRAP!?  I got this new KILLER mini camcorder from my wonderful parents for Christmas...exactly what I wanted...the Sony Webbie HD.  I LOVE this thing!  It is so small, I can throw it in my purse with my camera too!  I do have a few things to rant about, if you didn't pick that up from the title of the post! 

First of all, the zoom is buggin me out a bit.  It works okay and it may just be me trying to get used to the thing, but it takes a minute to autofocus and tends to get a bit blurry if you zoom too close to things.  I had hoped for it to be better than it really is, but I guess for the price, it is okay.  This is just a starter camcorder of sorts.  I have my eye on my "big daddy"  camcorder that I will start saving for and maybe be able to get in a few years!  LOL!

It was pretty easy to figure out for the most part.  I was VERY happy about that.  BUT...and this is a BIG but....I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO UPLOAD THE VIDEOS TO MY COMPUTER TO EDIT!!  UGH....I am SO NOT technologically inclined.  I filmed 5 videos today for YouTube, since I have been slacking something fierce throughout the holidays!  I even filmed the giveaway/contest winner and wanted to edit and upload it tonight for you guys!  Well, I can't get the dang film off the camera! 

There was this silly software CD that came with it, so I went through and installed it and read through the guide.  I followed directions to a T and still, NOTHING!  I am on the verge of throwing my computer out the window...when I thought..."I will vent to my bloggers, get it out, and try again!"  LOL...hope you guys don't mind! 

SO, if any of you guys have this cute little camera and have any tips for uploading and editing using the oh so lame MovieMaker software, let me know!  I WOULD have my Adobe editing software right now if I hadn't had to put my car in the shop on New Years Eve and drop $350 on fixing it!  What the crap??  Well, at least the heat works now and we won't have to rely on blankets to keep us warm on these 16 degree mornings we are having! 

What are some of your technology from Christmas woes??  This has been just ONE of mine!  We won't talk about the MP3 player I got my daughter, the computer games Santa got for her that won't work without online registration (she is six, she doesn't need internet!), or the computer that keeps screwing up "all by itsself" according to my wonderful daughter!  LOL!  Maybe I should think twice about technology for Christmas next year!


toshiam said...

Sorry you are having so many problems! I don't have that camera so I can't give you any advice =(. I hope you get it figured out soon. I usually go back and forth with my technology problems. Luckily, I'm doing ok right now. My husband got me a new point and shoot for Christmas. I love it! It's the one I've been wanting. It's the Samsung with the small screen on the front. I'm still trying to learn everything on it.

Laura said...

It's cool! I got a converting progam, free, off the web. it is a pain to have to continuosly convert from MP4 to AVI and it takes forever, but it will work for now until I get the cash together for Adobe Elements! I am SO not a technology person, but once I get it, I have it! I just hope Elements isn't so difficult to figure out and hopefully it supports MP4 so I don't have to convert anymore! LOL!

CMK2 said...

I know aabout the frustrating feeling when it comes to something new. I have been having fun with the camera I have been borrowing but when it comes to he settings and the photo type I wanna take I have had to figure it out on my own. I might now someone with the adobe you are looking for if you would like me to check for you? I hope it does not get to much more frustrating for you and that is all works out in the end for you. Much love