Friday, January 8, 2010

About My Other Love...Twilight

Many of you know I am one of the MANY grown women that is absolutely in love with the Twilight books and movies.  So much so that I have an app on my Google home page that posts a different quote from the book daily.  I thought, because most of these quotes are GREAT that I would start posting some of them for you guys here.  :)  I know, some of you may find this silly, but those of you that love this series as much as I do, will most likely find it fun!  :)  I am going to work on adding a gadget in the side bar that I will be posting these to as to not take up actual blog post space!  You know me, I generally only post one thing a day!  LOL! 

So, make sure to check out some of the new gadgets I have added and will be adding.  Most of them will involve makeup and beauty and some will just be for fun!  I am going to update now, so stay tuned for more!

OH!!!  ONE MORE THING!  My fav YouTuber, Beauty Blogger, Nat Neagle will be on BlogTV every Thrusday night at 9pm (eastern time, I believe)!  Make sure to check out Nat's Post announcing this new schedule!  She will be hosting giveaways and all sorts of new fun stuff on these airings, so make sure to tune in and take part!  If you create a BlogTV account, it will mean you can join rooms faster and make an account...its easy and super fun!  I will be starting BlogTV as well sometime this year!  I think it is super fun and a very easy way to ask your fav guru's questions!  :)


toshiam said...

Ah, Twilight. How I love it. The quote thing is interesting. I am looking forward to reading them!

CMK2 said...

I have tried to get into Twilight. It has been really hard for me to and it for some reason does not make it easier when my 11 year old niece is drooling over the movie. Makes me feel like I am a movie robber. Does that make any since? LOL! I am hooked on True Blood. It got me through the bed ridden pregnancy. And I have yet to miss any episodes of it. So can't wait til June for it to come back on

Laura said...

I need to update! LOL!

CMK...I am totally into true blood as well! LOVE it! I have not seen the last 4 episodes of the 2nd season yet tho! BOO! Can't wait to see them and see the new season! I didn't think I would like it at first, but I easily fell in love! I fell in love with twilight with the books, because in the books, I can make the characters any age I want! :) Makes a difference!