Sunday, January 17, 2010

Glamour Doll Eyes Swatches & First Impression

Glamour Doll Eyes had a $1 sample sale before Christmas, so I decided to partake in the opportunity to try these phenomenal shadows I have heard SO much about! I was super pumped to get the package in the mail, I was opening the envelope while I was walking the dog! LOL! I ordered 11 colors and she sent to additional samples for a total of 13 new and unusual colors to try!

Now, I know, you say…”These came before Christmas??” Yes, I know, I am a little behind on all the things I have planned, but working to get everything out there to you guys quickly! (The whole video camera thing was a set back!) But, I sat down tonight and did swatches for you guys. I apologize for not having color swatches in daylight. If I get some spare time tomorrow, I will hook some up for you guys to see! BUT, these photos are pretty accurate depictions of the colors. I will do my absolute best to describe them, but these colors are SO complex I may leave something out of the descriptions! LOL…this is why I know I am going to LOVE Glamour Doll Eyes!

*The top swatches in the photos are all applied dry, over a primer and the bottom swatch is applied wet, using MAC Mixing Medium, over a primer.

Summer Skies – This was the first color I tried, in a going out look and I got TONS of complements on that makeup! (I am going to try and recreate it for YouTube.) This is a deep plum color with TONS of multi-hued shimmers in it.

Trend Setter – The green glitter in this color makes for a fantastic accent. The deep green undertone gives you the option to use this in your crease or on your lid for a punch of fun in your look!

Grease Lightening – I was unsure about this one at first, but I am now in love! It really looks like grease! LOL…but in a good way! The gold shimmers add interest but the charcoal grey undertone makes it

Lovers Lane – BRAVO for this color! It is terribly difficult to find such a deep, scarlet shimmer color that is actually opaque. Wet or dry, this color applies gorgeous and even. The shimmer is not overpowering so the pigmentation is the star.

Katie’s Storm – I like this one wet better than dry personally. Dry, it would be fine layered over a matte shade or maybe even used as a highlight. I like the fact that it is a grey with shimmer and not just a straight light silver.

Makin’ A Scene – I LOVE this one! Again, you could layer this, sheer, over another color (paint, shadow stick, etc) or apply it wet for a bold statement color in a fun, going out look!

Flashdance! – This was a color sent in addition to the ones I ordered and I am in love with it! It is a VERY different blue and sort of reminds me of the oh, so clear ocean water in the tropics!

Olivia Green – I am wondering about this one. It is a matte, green. I don’t know if I would, personally, use it on its own, or if I would mix it with another color. First impression for me, I don’t like it, but I am sure once I play around with it a bit more, I will begin to love it more. I think it would be great applied wet on a person with a darker skin tone or ethnic skin tones.

Gold Digger – Another color sent in addition to my original order and I love it too! I am favoring golds, tans, and browns lately, so I know I will run out of this one FAST! Not much to describe besides the fact that it is very pigmented and applies easily.

Immature – Woo!!! This one is different for sure! It is a gorgeous green with multi hued glimmers. I can’t wait to play around with this one!

Skinny Jeans – SUPER different color! The look doesn’t change much when it is applied wet, so that is super cool. I love that the glimmers are a great deal lighter than the base of the color. I think it makes it all the more interesting!

Shamrock – What more can you say about this one? I think it totally reminds me of a Leprechaun!

Jealousy – Green with envy for sure! It looks a little like Trendsetter to me, but the glimmers are more yellow/gold than green.

I will be working on some looks using these colors for you guys! I know there are tons of look videos out there using them and you all probably know all about these shadows. If you don’t, you should! Make sure to visit Glamour Doll Eyes and buy up some to try for yourself! The products are great and well worth the money you spend on them! Vanessa really thinks outside of the box when she creates these colors and I am looking forward to getting my hands on the new colors she is releasing!

Have you guys tried any of these shadows??  What are your favorites from GDE??


woodwinkedgirl said...

thanks so much for taking the time to post swatches! These are really gorgeous colors...especially the red. idk if you have heritage rouge pigment by mac, but it sort of reminds me of that.

CMK2 said...

Seeing the swatches on you, I have to say they look like some awesome colors that I would wear. I am going to have to look in to those more. Let me know what you think of it I would really like to know about the way it wears.

toshiam said...

Thanks for the swatches! I have been debating on buy samples and now I think I will have to try some.