Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haulin, Haulin, Haulin

So....I went over to Walgreens yesterday per a lot of fellow MUGs advice! Seems they had a great deal of items on sale/clearance! I wish I would have had enough money to get everything that I truly wanted! LOL....always happens that way! Some of the products on super sale were Revlon Colorstay, HIP Paints, Sally Hansen, and Tons More! Loreal also has a new lipstick out as well as a new liqid liner (Stiletto!). I picked up as much as I could but still had wants! (What else is new?!?) I had some drugstore review requests on MUG and got some of those items in addition to the ones I just wanted.

So, this is just a heads up that I will be doing a haul video, hopefully this afternoon. I am wearing some of the products today so I can get some reviews together! Photos are coming soon as well!

I am super pumped about getting back into drugstore brands! I have been attached to my counter/highend items for so long, I really didn't truly know what was out there! I have learned a lot along the way and enjoy everyone that has been a huge part of steering me in the right direction as to what the real women out there are interested in seeing! Thanks to all of you fellow MUGs, blog followers, Tweets, & Subs!!!

I also want to take the time to THANK YOU LADIES THAT ARE FOLLOWING MY BLOG! You guys have been very nice and I hope that I can help you out with reviews, photos and whatever else you would like to see or hear me talk about! Comment or email me for requests, interests, or general comments! ( I love to hear anything you guys would like to say!!!

Also....make sure to follow me on Twitter! @VanitysEdge I love is so much easier than any other friend sites I have ever been involved with!!! You can send me requests there! Yay!!!


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