Monday, July 27, 2009

Hershey - Our New Puppy!

This is our new puppy! His name is Sir Hershell or Hershey for short! He is a full blooded Havanese with championship you know he is just going to get even prettier! (Should I say that about a male dog!? LOL!) He came home Saturday and it just like having a baby in the house again and I love it! The people that bred him worked with him a great deal already so he is getting the pottying outside thing pretty good! (Thank the Lord!) These dogs are very smart and aim to please so we are going to teach him tricks and take him to obedience training as soon as he is old enough! He is already a spoiled mess! His "room" is bigger than mine was when I was little, but he is so worth it!

We are all rotating puppy duty right now...and of course, I get the late nights! He is so sweet when he gets up about 1130pm though...wanting to run around outside in the pitch black, thinking it is morning and time to play! Hahaha! He is so freaking adorable! I love it! :)

I know this is SO NOT makeup/beauty related...but I HAVE to share these things! This is a big deal with us since our Yorkie passed away a week and a half ago. (I know it was soon to get another one, but the house was SO quiet and we were all still talking to him like he was still there!) We just couldn't take it anymore! he is! The new addition! (He has some pretty big paws to fill!)

I posted a YouTube vid of some film I took of him this weekend! You can check that out here if you are interested --->

Later guys!

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