Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reveiw: Dove Skin Vitalizer

I did a full YouTube review and demonstration on this product! You can see the video by clicking here Make sure to Rate, Comment, & Subscribe! (If you didn’t already know, I will have a contest coming soon for all my active subs! Yay!)

I picked this product up at WalMart after finding a coupon in the paper for $3.75 off!! In addition to this coupon, I found another coupon to get the refills for the vitalizer $1 off! The total purchase on these two items was around $10!! Woohoo! (Oh, and the batteries ARE included in this deal!) I was initially going to get the Neutrogena Wave, per some fellow MUGs suggestions/requests, but couldn’t pass up this deal! (I do plan to get the Wave to compare the two, however.)

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! The Dove Skin Vitalizer is a vibrating, massaging facial cleaning device that is like some of the other products of the same on the market today. Of course, I would KILL to be able to afford the Clairsonic, but just don’t see that in my immediate future…or my future at all for that matter! LOL! I will continue to ask for It for Christmas and my birthday, but that is my only hope since I remain on a strict beauty budget!

Back to the product, sorry! Needless to say, I think this is a killer product, especially for the price! Without the coupons, the Vitalizer is $9.97 and the refills are $3.47 at Wal-Mart. The gadget itself comes with 6 refill pillows and the refill pack includes 14. The pillows are dual sided, one side being a gentle cleansing texture while the other is a gentle exfoliator. Great thing about it is…you CAN use it every day if you would like or just include it in your “deep cleaning” days!
The morning after I used the Vitalizer for the first time, I woke up and my skin was SUPER soft and any signs of breakout/redness had been reduced! (This is what sold me!) The gentle, one speed, vibrating motion is almost addictive! I could wash my face for hours with this thing! I find it relaxes and calms me right before bed making it a perfect addition to my nighttime skincare routine. I use it just about every morning as well, since it is completely waterproof/shower safe!

Like I said, I will get the Neturogena Wave to compare the two products, but I feel that they are separate products that will stand alone, possibly. After all, Neutrogena targets people with acne-prone, combination skin while Dove sells its products with its claims of being super gentle, which they are! I am still drawn to the Wave since there are a variety of refill pads available for different skin types and since I am prone to breakouts…still…I would love to have it on hand during the worst time of the month! LOL! I will, however, reach for my Dove Skin Vitalizer any time I want a great feeling, clean face!

Make sure to go check out this product if it is in your beauty budget!

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