Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Im Back!

I finally got back from my quick trip to the beach! I had a pretty good time since I got to go to the CCO! I was so pumped and ended up staying in there for 2.5 hours filming and chatting with the ladies that work there! I got offered a job and had I had my daughter with me...I would've taken it and left this crap town behind! How I would love to take it...but I really don't want to live on that island...only one way out when there is a hurricane! AHHHH!!! Maybe the next CCO I go to will offer me a job...that one IS in a town I would live in! (And actually planning to move to!)

Anyway...they carry all sorts of brands in there all the way from Clinique, Estee Lauder, & Bobbi Origins & MAC...which is of course why I went! LOL! I had the best time hearing how the whole thing works and playing with all their stuff! I learned so much from the ladies that work in there about when stuff hits there stores, so I will plan my next trip around the schedule!

They had just started getting in products from MAC's Hello Kitty Collection and I was amazed at the prices! I ended up getting one of the blushes in Tippy...which I saw listed on eBay and the MUG forum for $30+!!! I got the thing...brand new, mind you...for $12.95! I stuck mostly to blushes getting a Flirt & Tease and Starknaked. I found a CreamColor Base in Pearl for $11 and walked out of there with a 219 for $16.95! I could have spend a friggin fortune in there!!! They just had so many things that I wanted!

I didn't end up with any new eyeshadows, because most of the ones they had, I already had or just really wasn't interested in. Most of those were just discontinued colors...nothing Limited Edition except for the Starflash Collection, which I already picked up on eBay. Their shadows were $10.50 each...and I have been getting them on eBay for cheaper, so I will just stick with that until my Pro card comes in...if it ever does! LOL!

I am going to start working on editing the footage that I shot. It is very choppy since I was trying to film only when there weren't people in there, but that was about impossible since it was Labor Day weekend and everyone and their momma was out shopping at the outlet mall that day! LOL! I didn't talk much in it either, so it will mostly be set to music and captioned, but you will at least get to see what all they had and how it was set up. (The parts that I did talk during, you really couldn't hear me because there were so many friggin women in there gushing about how cheap the MAC was! LOL!!!

Well, during my intro to the vid, I will go into greater detail about this particular shopping trip and I will also film a small haul for you guys...I say small because I just bought 5 items! (I did really good and didn't go over my budget! LOL! YAY!)

I hope you guys all had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend and I will let you know when the vids are posted and hook you up with some photos as well!!! Much love to you always! Take it easy and have a fantastical day! :)

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