Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thanks to my fellow MUGs, I was just informed of this phenomenal website all you Twilight lovers need to visit! It is! And, yes, you guessed is Twilight makeup! The site is up and running and products range in price from $9-$30 so there is something for everyone! There are palettes that coordinate with all the female characters, a Volturi line that is royal to say the least, and gorgeous colors that will pull you in with one click! If you are as much of a lover of these books and movies as I am, you will stop reading now and go to the site...its okay, I understand! LOL!

Once I make my purchases, I will post photos, but please excuse me if I don't post swatches! These are items that I just may want to keep in the packaging! :) LOL....Im a dork!

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