Monday, February 22, 2010

New 15-Piece, Premium Brush Kit

Today Sigma has released their new 15 Piece Brush set on their website.  I hurried to check out the price and get ready to order so I didn't get left out of this set...again!  I know this will be a hot commodity considering the brushes in the kit. 

Sigma, for anyone that doesn't know, replicates MAC brushes (almost perfectly) and charges less for them.  This kit has replications of some LE brushes from MAC that are pretty hard to find which is why I think this kit will go fast!  Not to mention that it includes a full length SS217 which is comperable to the MAC 217...which has to be by far their best brush.  If you own ANY MAC brush, it is the 217.

In a hurry to get my order in this morning, I go to the site and find the new Premium Brush Kit (including roll).  It was pretty hard to get the site to work for me.  Understandably so, since everyone and their cousin is probably online at this very moment doing what I was trying to do....ORDER THIS KIT!  Well, I finally got to the page, scrolled down to purchase, thinking that this kit would be around the same price as the original kit and BAM...NOPE!  The original 12 Piece Kit (with roll) is $89...a FAR cry from the cost of the new 15 piece kit which is $149!!!  I left the site and didn't order them, because I had only allowed myself $100 for the purchase of it...BUMMER.

Don't get me wrong, I feel the brushes are worth it and I like Sigma and all, but since I have been having issues with some of the ones I purchased about a year ago (issues like horendous shedding, loss of shape, and bristle breakage with little use) I just don't find that around $9-$10 a brush is something I am going to go for at the moment.  I don't HAVE to have any brushes right now, but I would love to have these since I don't have the majority of them in MAC.  I would have loved to be one of the first people to do a review, but I just can't fit it into my budget right now.  :(

I am sure I will eventually get this kit, just not right now!  LOL...I have never been the one with the latest and greatest items/products...I won't start now!  Wish I could though, but I value the roof over my head and the car I drive!  Hehehe.

So, let me know what you think about the price increase on this kit.  Yes, I know you get three additional brushes and a new roll, but I just don't understand why it wasn't around $100 rather than $150!?  Once shipping is paid, we are probably looking at around $160-$175 depending on where you live.  do you plan to pick up this kit for yourself?  I think it is great for anyone that is an MUA.  Personally, I think if you are a person just starting out, you will want to grab up the 12-Piece kit instead of this one.

Let me know what you guys think about it!  :)


toshiam said...

I was wanting to get this set until I saw the price. That is CRAZY! I can't believe the price compared to the 12 piece set. I'm sure I'll purchase it at some point but after the hype has gone away.

Laura said...

I am with you! I know I want it REALLY bad, just so I don't have to purchase dupes of my mac brushes to be able to have 2 complete sets of brushes. I am just stunned by the price! I really wish their sales were a little better as well. You know they are making a fortune, so why not give a sale every six months that will sell a ton and get the company more fans?? I just dont understand some people and their business outlook.