Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Much...

To report that is.  I have been extremely sick and am now without full time use of a computer...which is totally lame and VERY hard for me!  I treat my YouTube Channel & Blog as a second job and not being able to come and update or work on the two sites daily is starting to wear on me!  I am unsure of when I will be back up and running with a full time computer again, but until then, I will make sure to post as much as I can and upload when possible.  I am still continuing with the giveaway for this quarter.  Next quarter is pending at the moment.  I may not go on with next quarter's giveaway to give me some time to get a computer back in my hands.  That way, you guys are not getting the short end of the stick.  But, right now, that is not set in stone.

I hate that this has happened.  It is now the second time since I opened both of my sites, making it just as difficult as before to keep information flowing as usual.  Hopefully, updates are appreciated and hopefully you all understand where I am at the moment.  Once my tax return is in hand, I will hopefully get a hold of another computer and be back in business!  *fingers crossed on that one*

So, until next time, I wish you all well and I will do my very best to get something, of worth, posted here and on my channel for your viewing pleasure! 

I am looking for suggestions on laptops.  I would love a MAC, but yeah, that won't happen.  I am hoping to keep the set up under $600 or so.  I will need a sort of entertainment/editing capable computer as I am sure you have figured out! if any of you guys have any ideas on what I should look at...leave it in the comments below!  I always value suggestions of other consumers!

Much love always!

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toshiam said...

I'm sorry you are without a computer! I know I would die without mine, lol. Mine keeps me sane during the day, but I also use it for school. Are you wanting a desktop or a laptop? I highly recommend Dell for desktops and HP and Toshiba for laptops.