Monday, May 17, 2010

Great Markdowns @ CVS

Saturday afternoon, my daughter and I went into CVS to pick up some sodas that were on special this week.  I hadn't PLANNED on going NEAR the beauty wall, but a bright neon sign caught my attention so, of course, I HAD to go over and check it out!  The store had marked down some of their most phenomenal (and expensive, I might add) beauty products from every brand.  I believe they do this at the end of every spring season, but I was taken aback at some of the items I found.  Of course, I didn't purchase everything I wanted to, but since I am currently unemployed from what my family deems a "normal job", impulse shopping in high dollar amounts is pretty much out for me.  However, I knew that I could get away with a few things since the markdowns were for 50% & 75% off! 

Every brand had SOMETHING on clearance including Rimmel, Wet N Wild, Revlon, Sally Hansen, name it!  There were mascaras, eye shadow palettes, nail polish, I mean it was endless the bargains laid out before me.  This was very difficult for me, if you know me, since I am the queen of sale shopping!  I passed over H.I.P. shadow sticks and pigments, kohl pencils, summer polishes, and shadows I had been wanting to try for ages and only took home two items.  I know, I know, I was a good girl, I should be proud and hold my head up high! 

I generally begin in most places at the polishes and CVS carries Seche Vite, which I needed more top coat anyway so that was a necessary buy.  They had marked every Seche Vite product down to 50% off which made base coats $3.50 and the quick dry top coat that I needed $4.50.  This price is cheaper than I would have been able to get it at Sally's with my Beauty Club Card.  I should've got TWO!

I also picked up a Loreal Infallable of those items I have been wanting to try for ages, but the $12 price tag kept me from doing so.  I'm sorry, I just don't spend that kind of cash on drugstore products and NEVER WILL.  More power to those of you that do, but if I know I can spend $2 on a MAC l/s, than I am going that route.  But, I got this one for 75% off which made it about $3!  Yeah, I can live with that.  AND it turns out it is GREAT!  The color really lasts and the conditioning top coat doesn't give you glassy lips which I really  prefer with my no makeup makeup looks on the weekends.  I picked this l/s up in the color Walnut, number 87, which I swatched for you below!  (I know its not the greatest pic, but of course the color swatch is on the right and the coditioning top coat is on the left.  The top coat looks super shiney in the pic but it really isn't.  It does have a little shimmer, but not too much so any age group will look great wearing it and be comfortable!)  I am in love with this color and the formula is great, in my opinion.  I also like the packaging in that you have  a built in mirror for on the go touch ups and both tubes each have a cozy spot chance to lose either in the black hole of your bag!  LOL!  But, I still won't pay $12 for it (sorry Loreal, that's just a little rich for my blood considering this is a DRUGSTORE).  I WILL pick up more if I see them on clearance or on BOGO though.

My suggestion to you guys if you dig the drugstore makeup selection, is to check out your local CVS and see if they have the same markdowns going on right now!  The prices are only good while the products last, which won't be long!  They are also running some buy one, get on 1/2 off sales this week so make sure to check out their weekly ad online and let us know what YOU come home with in the comments below!


Joy Rothke said...

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Vanity's Edge - Laura said...

@Joy Rothke, I apologize that you had trouble viewing the text. I use different font colors on my blog page (especially since the background is black) so the words will stand out more and there is more of a distinction between posts on the main page. I had no idea that in Google Reader that the font color transferred. I will do my best to choose fonts that will no longer create issues with viewing via Reader. Thanks for reading and thanks for your comment! Have a wonderful day! :)