Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just A Little Bit Longer...

I do apologize for not being around you guys.  I was getting back in the groove just when a HUGE change in my life came about and I am now in the middle of a HUGE move.  I do not have regular computer access, which I am now in the process of getting worked on (litterally) and should have a new system up and running in a bit.  I may even have a borrowed or "rent to own" laptop from one of my greatest friends.  Either way, I will have SOMETHING to work on! 

Also, at the current time, I do not have any sort of studio to work in.  No where quiet I can work on my videos or spread out my makeup at all.  Sadly, most of my collection has been packed VERY carefully and relocated for the time being.  Today was the first day in about a week I even put on makeup!  (I know, I is really sad!)  All that is going on right now is working out for the best, but going pretty slow so I do not have a final date set on when everything will be back in order.  When I got laid off from my job, I really saw the light and really wanted to make some changes, so I AM!  :)  I KNOW I will be happier for it and just hope you all understand! 

I WILL pick up this blog and YouTube right where I left off and hopefully all the projects I had in the making will surface and come to light as well!  :)  For all of you that have been faithfully waiting for me, I truly appreciate all your support and I am still here waiting for the day everything is back up and running and my life is back in order enough to continue with my one true

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