Saturday, January 15, 2011

Almost Back!

Wow!  It has really been a long time and I am working diligently to get everything back up and running here and on YouTube.    

I got a new computer and home network for Christmas so that is finally done.  I am at least connected now...slowly, but connected.  

Somehow, my email got hacked yesterday though!  Luckily, my free anti-virus software caught it before it did any harm though!  (Now, I'm a FIRM believer in anti-virus!  Its a small price to pay for the piece of mind!)  It didn't harm my computer but the hacker sent emails to everyone on my contact lists on both my makeup address and my personal address so I scrambled to contact everyone I could before they opened the email and ended up like my BFF, Mandy, with a crashed computer.  I feel SO bad about that too!  Crummy happened while she and I were on the phone together!  Now, she is without a computer until next month when she visits back home to get it fixed!  I'm sorry honey....AGAIN!!!  So, as you guessed it, I have a new email address and I have closed my old ones!  If you ever have a question or a reason to contact me, please do so through the new address above!  :)  I try and check my account at least every other day!

Were also in the middle of remodeling our house as well.  We had some damage to our roof that the insurance company decided deserved a new roof and a new interior ceiling!  YAY!  So, to get new walls to replace the old, 80s paneling throughout the living areas, we decided to do the majority of the work ourselves to really get the most out of our money!  Yes....I helped put the roof on this house, put up drywall, and primed until I am just sick of it!  This has been my past two weeks!  All of my makeup and craft room stuff got crammed in our guest room and we have been living out of our two rooms this entire time.  Were putting the living room back together tonight because my father in law is coming to pick up his trailer tomorrow.  I spent my morning unloading 6200 pounds of shingles, molding, old sheet rock and insulation at the dump!  How glamorous!  LOL!

So, you see...just with the little I have shared, I am sure you can all tell that I have been overly busy this past, well, month!  I am diligently working to try and get a space to begin videos again and get back to blogging on a regular basis.  I will probably only be doing basic things.  I don't have a great deal of cash right now to try new products because I am still on the job hunt.  I may also start a craft channel or blog as well....IF I can find the time that is!  (Note: If you have a job and hate it, don't just quit!  Start looking because even the crummy jobs are hard to come by!  My advice for the day!)  I will do all that I can though.  I really miss doing YouTube and I miss talking to you guys on here and via email everyday!  :)  If for some reason all my efforts don't work out and I am unable to make videos or blog for any reason, I will certainly let you all know!  However, that is not the plan at this point!

Thank you all for being so patient with me and still subscribing!  It means a lot to me to open my accounts after so long and see that people are still coming by and wanting to stay!  (Even if it is just a few, it means a lot to me!  I may not have a million subscribers like some, but the ones I have I will always cherish!)

Take care and I will hopefully have the moment to talk to you all again soon!  Once the first stage of this portion of remodeling is finished, I will take post some before and after pictures for you all to see!  :)  

Keep smiling!  :)


Jyoti Purba said...

Awesome blog! Im just new to this, I am your follower.
Just wondering if you check out my blog and become a follower?

That would be awesome! Thanks

LipstickUtopia x said...


Me too, I've only just started blogging and I'm following! I like the look of your blog!

Check mine out...?


RD Robertson said...

No problems my dear for the slower connection. We wish to see ou here. That;st the truth.