Thursday, June 18, 2009

Should I be proud of myself? You be the judge...

So, I have been super pumped about MAC's SUMO SALE Online ever since I opened my first email telling me about it! I have blogged reminding people, going to the site everyday for the past week planning what I was going to get and budgeting what I would need. Of course, as always, I waited until the last minute to go to the site and finalize my order. Somewhere between entering the eighth shadow and the fourth palette...I took a step back to analyze what I was really doing. Sure, 25% off is a great deal, especially when it comes to "we never put things on sale" MAC, but looking at my collection of not only MAC but all the other brands made me realize there were things at my vanity that I haven't even opened yet!
I tried to justify the purchase with many different points, the main one being the fact that I have been working on getting this freelance gig off the ground and I really need to make my kit more portable! Sure, that IS true, but right now, with the economy the way it is and the future cost of gas going up at the very least a buck a gallon, really doesn't leave much breathing room when it comes to the finances of a single mom!
So, rather than place the order, I closed the site, took a deep breath (I even shed a little tear), and smiled about my own self-control. I amazed myself, considering how weak I can become when it comes to makeup. Sure, I may regret passing up this deal when I am paying full price for all those items later on, but I also know that this week all my bills will get paid and I can even take a little money and have some fun with my daughter this weekend!
Although I am certainly not trying to gloat about my control, I truly am proud of myself! Especially since this is the very FIRST time I have had money and didn't spend it on a makeup sale! However, I am going to allow myself to buy some beauty products, but something that I have been wanting to try rather than things that I probably have dupes for in my vanity!! My budget simply needs a break for now from all the cosmetic craziness!! I reccommend you all try this type of control at least once. Then, the next time there is a killer sale, you can be excited knowing that this time, you don't have to show ANY self-control! :)

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Jessica said...

Sweets, go get yourself a MAC Pro card- all you need is a business card (which you'll need anyway) and one other form of proof that you're a MUA- go to the MAC Pro site and get the details. I would suggest sending your app in directly, the girls at the counter/store have been known to get snotty and "decline" applications (which they really don't have the right to do, they're really just supposed to take the app and send it to the company.)

It will definitely be worth it- but beware, it's so much easier to buy when you know you're getting 40% off!