Sunday, June 14, 2009

Review: Maybelline Lash Stiletto (YT)

So, I picked up Maybelline's Lash Stiletto mascara yesterday when I was out. I have heard a few people talk about this mascara on Youtube and wanted to see what the hype was all about! I am starting to get a bit upset about having to throw out high-end mascaras after 3 months when they are not all used up yet! Sometimes, I just stick them in my drawer and hold on to them for no reason! I mean, $15-$20 for a mascara, I don't use it very quick, and it just goes in the trash! I HATE NOT USING UP PRODUCT! I will scrape bottles clean, combine them, whatever I have to do to get my money's worth out of them!

I have been buying various mascaras lately, searching for a drug store fav! I THINK I HAVE FOUND IT! Lash Stiletto is awesome! The brush is skinny, but has a lot of thin bristles that grab a hold of your lashes making them longer...IN JUST ONE COAT! When you pull it out of the tube, there is not a huge amount glopped on the end and it goes on smooth as silk!

Now, 2 drawbacks in my opinion about this formula STINKS! I mean, as in smell stinks! It will knock you down its so bad! I haven't yet pinpointed the smell but it is really bad! Even 10 minutes after application, I could still smell it...argh. Point isn't very volumizing in one coat. To get the volume you want for a more dramatic effect, you really have to apply 2 or 3 coats. See...they weren't that bad!

All in all, LOVE this mascara! I am going to get another one to put in my kit for sure! I will just make sure to warn my clients about the smell and maybe even add a gas mask to my kit, just in case! LOL! ( really isn't that bad! I can overlook a smell for a killer product!) Go pick this one up! I only paid $7 for it at Wal-Mart! (I have seen them for less on eBay, so check that out as well!) I will be doing a full review soon on YouTube so go check that out! - Comment - Rate - Subscribe!


Naturally.Natalie said...

I have spent a long time trying to find a favorite drugstore mascara too! Haven't tried the stilletto one yet though. The best by far I have found is Almay One coat nourishing Mascara (lengthening) in a white tube with silver top. It's not a fancy, maybe 6-7$ just a nice full brush and good formula. Doesn't smell either, lol!

Vanitys_Edge said...

I will have to try that one! After all, I will need a new tube in three months! You should try this one! I can overlook the smell for the ease of use and the look it provides! Thanks a bunch for your comment and the suggestion! Let me find any others you are interested in seeing a review on! I'll be happy to do it! :)