Monday, June 15, 2009

NOTD: Nail of the Day - Sally Hansen - Twisted Pink

So I have found my new fav pink polish! I picked this up at WalMart the other night when I was shopping for my daugher's birthday party stuff. I bought it sort of on a whim. I have been looking for a particular polish for weeks now, so I look at polish everywhere I go...generally ending up with one or two, not the one I was looking for! LOL! This one immediately caught my eye, which was suprising since it was on the bottom shelf!
I got it for only $2!!! That was the best part! I figured I would get it home and hate the color or it would take 52 coats to get it even or something. Boy was I wrong! Now, it did take 2 good, heavy coats to look like this, but the color was extremely true to the bottle! This photo really doesn't do the color justice! There is a small amount of reflects in it so, it catches the light and makes it shine. I catch myself, especially in the sunlight, looking at it and saying telling myself how pretty of a color it is!
I have only had it on for two days and I used a pretty heavy duty top coat, so I don't know about the chip factor as of yet. I will be back at work tomorrow, so that will be the true test since I have a lot of things to ship out of the warehouse! If I have any extreme issues, I will for sure let you know!
I will review this polish along with others on my YouTube channel VanitysEdge, so come by for a full report on my fav polishes for now!

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