Friday, September 25, 2009

Halloween Requests and Ideas...

Let me have em! I think I have some good ideas goin, but I would love to hear what you guys have to say! Some people have given me some great ideas that I am running with but I would love to hear more! Of course, I may not get to do them all next year, but I am keeping the list in my work notebook, so I can have them to start on next halloween as well!

So, what are you interested in seeing or being?? I would love to come up with an inexpensive way to hook your makeup up! In my tutorials, I am going to be using grease paints from the halloween store, maybe some pigment samples and eyeshadows that you will probably have in your own collection! I will more than likely not touch any of the expensive ben nye, kryolan, or MUFE palettes, just so you can see that you can get killer results out of that $7 paint palette! I will give you my tips and tricks to making it all long lasting and the best ways to remove all this gunk and make your skin happy again after being so mean to it that day/night! LOL!

I have some great things on the horizon, but if you have some better ideas...I am all for hearing them!!!

OH-spread the word! I will be sponsoring a contest for you guys to say thanks for everyone that has given me my start here at blogspot and also at youtube. Participants will have to be subscribers at as well as followers here at! (You will find out why closer to time when I release the rules vid!) I am so happy that you guys decided to follow, sub and watch that I just want to give something back to you guys of course! I am in the process of gathering all my fav things for the prizes and working on the theme and rules. Since I am pretty busy at work as well as with all the Halloween tutorials and decorating I am doing, it will probably be sometime in come back for updates! :)

Thanks yas bunches! :)

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