Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Little Gem That I Rediscovered!

I have found a little gem that I have truly fallen in love with! My adoration for lip glosses, is extreme and it is a rare occurance that I stumble across one that I absolutely fall in love with. When the MAC Dazzleglasses came out, I was in awe of the finish and colors. I purchased Get Rich Quick and have used the hell out of it…until now!
I ended up purchasing a lot of the Smashbox Sunset Boulevard Lip Gloss Pots for about $5 on eBay! It was a killer deal and I was super stoked about them at the time. I used Hot a couple of times but they all ended up in the back of my drawer and I ended up putting Sexy on eBay for sale with a lot of other Smashbox products that had sat on my vanity unused.
When I started cleaning out and reorganizing, I found them again and started using them again! I love these glosses! They are super pigmented and they have a pretty good staying power. The color that I have absolutely fallen in love with is Simmer! It is SO gorgeous and I am addicted to this gloss! I love the look of it and the coloring is perfect for everyday use! Simmer is a champagne color with a sort of pink undertone. There is a slight gold shimmer to the color as well that catches the light just right making your lips look fuller and plumper! The formulation is a tad on the sticky side, but I like that in a gloss. Sticky glosses seem to stay better than silky ones and they are generally more pigmented as well! Overall, this color gets a 10 from me! It looks fabulous alone or over top of a nude lip…just a great all around color for ALL skin tones!
If you don’t own this, you should! I don’t leave home without this puppy! In fact, it is sitting on my desk right now, so I can reapply quickly when needed! LOL! The only thing that I don’t like about it, and it is just one thing, is….the packaging. It is in a pot so it really isn’t something I can put in my pocket and apply without a mirror. I have to make sure to have my lip brush with me at all times, which is kinda lame. I wish it was offered in a tube with a wand or as a stick or something…anything other than a pot! I don’t like sticking my fingers in products, in the event I want to use them on a client and having to put your finger in a gloss pot…is just plain yucky! Your finger ends up all sticky and a paper towel, tissue, or wipe is needed to fix this problem!
But, because I love Smashbox and I LOVE this color and gloss, I stick with it and carry a lipbrush or disposable wand with me. The color is just that great! If you are interested in purchasing this color for yourself, you can search “Smashbox Simmer Lip Gloss” on eBay and get it on auction for anywhere between $5 and $15 (the higher number being for multiples), or you can visit this link to purchase it from, on sale for $8!!! Go check it out if you are a gloss junkie like me…I really don’t think you will be disappointed!

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