Saturday, September 12, 2009


If you are interested in the Bare Minerals I have for sale, and contact me via email or chat, please post your email address/contact information you prefer I use. I normally keep my computer turned on with the net going, so I may miss a chat requested message. If you do not get a response quickly, it means I am away from my computer and forgot to put up an away message. If this happens, just leave your email address and I will contact you. I unfortunatly cant text through a screen! This just happened a moment ago and I feel terrible that I can't get a hold of the interested person.

So, just make sure you hook me up with your email address and we can chat about what you are interested in! I have had some people show interest but no one has specified items as of yet, so get your requests in so you get exactly what you would like to have!

Since I lowered the price to $5 a jar, I can't offer much more of a discount. I can, however, offer free shipping or something of the sort! :) I hope everyone understands. I paid a dollar more per jar of makeup for these and don't want to loose a ton of money from deals. You guys let me know what you are interested in and we can get things going for ya! :)

Take care and thanks!

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