Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have posted the Bare Minerals I have for sale on the Makeup Geek forum, since the lots didn't sell on eBay. I had hoped to get rid of it quickly, but it looks like I am going to do better selling individuals. I got all this makeup from my last wholesaler and am going to sell to you for what I got it for. I don't have the time to sell on eBay any longer and just hate to see great makeup go to waste!

If you find yourself not using mineral shadows/liners/blushes like these, just press them! Since I pressed mine, I use them a LOT more and even use them on clients like crazy! can split the pot with a friend and both get a pressed shadow out of them!

I love BE shadows/liners/blushes because they are so versitile! There is nothing you can't do with them! Use blushes for shadows, shadows for liners, liners for brow can do anything with them! I have even started mixing them to get new shades that I didn't have before!!!

So, go check out my sale on Makeup Geek! If you are interested, message me here or shoot me an email at (That is of course if you are not already a member of MUG yourself!) I would love to see all this go to good homes and get used and just think that this makeup would make fabulous Christmas gifts! They are NEW!!!! :)

Here is the link:

There are tons of photos and listings of the colors! I will happily swatch anything for anyone interested! Please note, I accept Paypal payments ONLY....NO EXCEPTIONS!

Thanks guys! Have a good one!

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